A Guide to Creating Another World – 103

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Side Story: For the future

After Saito had been forcibly logged out and repatriated to his room, the two men stood in the ruins of the Royal Castle, which had been reduced to rubble by the duel with the Demon King.

“He’s gone.”


“There’s a lot of work ahead. After all, the suppression of the subhumans at one time had caused relations between the two to deteriorate considerably. I’m sure people who can’t accept this peace will eventually appear as well.”


The sword saint spoke to his comrade who was looking into the distance.

However, the person being spoken to nodded unfazed at this.

Argus was understanding.

But there was no time for discouraging words; in return for the kindness of the God of Creation who had created this opportunity, no matter how difficult it was, this time it had to be done by human hands.

“…… But in the end, it will be done, right? After all, it is you. You’ve never failed to do what you said you would do.”

“Of course, who do you think I am. Even without the power of the God of Creation, there is nothing impossible ahead of us. If you ask why ……”

–Because our friend thinks we’re okay, so he’s entrusting us with the future of the continent.

The man who will one day be known as the world’s number one sage, so concluded Argus Lockhart.

And so, as if waiting for the conversation to end, a man descended from the sky.

The man had dragon like wings on his back and two horns on his forehead.

The man, who at first glance looked like a dragon, stood in front of the two men, touching the remains of the demon king, which had been turned to dust with his hands, closing his eyes as if in prayer and muttering something.

“… I see. You were able to touch the love of our father at the end.”

The decaying flesh of the demon king.
It seems that something has been read in the residue contained in that ash.

Then the ash touched by the man’s hand glowed and drifted away as if sucked into the sky.

“Hey, who are you? …… The interdimensional level of combat power that could not be hidden to the extreme, and the wings that flew freely through the sky. You’re a dragon person, aren’t you?”

“…… Sword Saint, wait. I’m afraid that man is not the enemy. Although I admit that he is an incomprehensible being.”

Although he was wary of the presence that he hadn’t detected until now, he was not an enemy based on his experience.

After all, if they are to speak of incomprehensible, Kenji Galhart they met at the beginning was a hundred times more mysterious.

There is no need to be shaken by such a level of thing anymore.

For some time after that, he kept watching and observing the other party, feel quite satisfied, the man looked back at them.

“…… The fight up to a moment ago had been a good one. Even though it was with the help of my father’s power, I have to express my heartfelt thanks to you who saved my compatriots.”

The man bowed gracefully and thanked the two men. There was no hint of pretense in that demeanour, he seemed very sincere.

However from the absence of any sense of hostility, it was clear that the gesture was really just a gesture of thanks.

“So, who are you? I can tell you’re not an enemy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t let my guard down.”

“I am, who am I? If you were a Sage who had been in contact with Father for a long time, wouldn’t you have noticed? I do not think you are such a foolish being.”

A grunt rumbled Argus’ throat.

It was true that one could narrow down to a few candidates for the hypothesis.

But, if that hypothesis was true, then this being in front of him was-.

“You’re Dragon God, aren’t you? ……

“Good answer. Not bad for a sage Argus, very good speculation.”

“…… is it really so? So, what does the dragon god want from us? He’s not just here to say thank you, is he?”

The question was here.

It was unusual for Dragon God, who was considered the strongest sub-god in the world, to show up so easily.

So there should be some sort of purpose, but in the present circumstances the crucial part was unclear.

“No, it’s no big deal. I’m very interested in those of you who have Father’s approval on this occasion. I intend to be of a little help before I show up like this.”

“What ……?”

Ignoring the astonished Argus, the Dragon God continued.

“Although a great problem has been solved by your hands, this continent is still vast. There are still tiny remnants of the demon race, as well as areas where the Demon King’s influence is strong under the direct ministry of the Demon God. …… Wouldn’t you like to be disturbed by them and ruin everything? …… That’s why I came this way. However, I should not do it directly.”

That’s right, in short, the proposal of the Dragon God is to provide an escort to the Sage who are prepared to act for the future, so as not to be disturbed by excess.

As he said, even if he didn’t interfere directly, as long as the Dragon God and his dependents were around to keep a close watch with both eyes, it would become difficult for the Demon God forces to act.

The future will be created by human hands, but in order to make that future more stable, the power will be lent for a short period of time.

“That is the agreement….Does the thank you just now refer to this?”

“Yes. I’m sure you understand quickly. …… And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t like people meddling in my father’s problems. You don’t have to think of it as a favor, just use the power of my family to your heart’s content.”

“… I see. Then let’s to do that.”

The dragon god smiled back at Argus, who was grinning boldly.

The two were unexpectedly in tune with each other.

Just how would the meeting of these two bring about a change in the future a hundred years later?

That was something even the creator gods of this world did not know, but even so one thing was clear.

It is that no matter how things change, the story of the journey taken by the world’s number one Sage of this era, Argus Lockhart, will come to a happy ending.

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