A Guide to Creating Another World – 102

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Time for the Gift

After the paladin’s oath, I stored Mizzet who decided to follow me and finally ready to embark on my journey to the future a hundred years later.

Finally, after greeting the Argus, the Sword Saint, the attendants, and the King as well, and deepening my friendship with them, the moment of forced logout finally arrived.

[We’ve kept you waiting. Then, we are going to execute the time transfer. In the meantime, it will take some time for the world to be maintained for the transfer to ‘Story Mode – Chapter 2’. Please note that you cannot access the world through your virtual character during this time.]

It’s not like I don’t think about it, but it must be because the past has changed and the future needs to be fixed.

After all, it seems to have avoided the [Creation Breakdown]

After a momentary feeling of floating, I noticed that I had returned to my house due to a forced logout.

“So, I’m back? ……”

I immediately checked the app and the story mode screen only had the text [Currently under maintenance] on it.

Sure enough, I couldn’t play right away.

The world map was also banned, and almost all other items were functionally disabled.

However, there was only one function, and I found that the [Log] function was still active, so I decided to chase down the log to see what was going on in the world.

“Wow, that Argus guy has done a lot of things since then. He’s been recognized by the app as the world’s number one sage.”

In the logs, it was stated that Sage Argus was the first human to successfully fix the misuse miasma, and he became known as such, and has become an important figure among human beings.

Surely that’s impressive.

After all, that Sage not ordinary person.

Excluding all the factors such as occupation correction, his specifications as a human were overwhelming.

Also, after that incident, it seemed that he had lived a happy life with his childhood sweetheart.

If that’s a story, it’s called a happy ending.

That’s great, Argus.

Then, as I kept reading [the log], a message appeared on the screen when I reached the end.

[For you, as the excellent God of Creation who ended Chapter 1, the App offers a gift. There are several alternate options for the gift, and you can only choose one this time, so please choose carefully.]

What is it, a gift? It smells like an apology for taking too long to maintain.

Well, if I can receive it for free, why not?

So, what was the gift, exactly?

I tapped my phone screen to urge me to continue.
After a short wait, a list of candidates appeared.
So that’s what I wanted to choose from.

[List of gifts].

– 1. The right to ask a question (once only).
– 2. An experience bonus for the character (50 points for the basic job level).
– 3. Ultimate weapon without dependent on creation mode (immortality attribute).

“Whoa, this is going to hit the trouble again.”

It’s hard to choose.

Needless to say about two of three gifts, even eliminating of one was very difficult.

Honestly, about the right to ask question about anything, there is one thing I would really like to ask.

After an hour or so of agonising, I ended up choosing “Gift 1”.

After all, I can probably choose the others if I pass chapters 2 and 3, and this comes from the mysterious sense of the game player’s point of view that it is the theory to take in order.

If this is an occasion for the game would trap the player, then it’s not surprising that the uniqueness of the app would make it irreversible.

But this app, for all its unfriendliness, has definitely never trapped me.

So in the first place, whichever one I choose, it makes no difference, I suppose.

In the end it was supposed to be a gift.

It wouldn’t have been an obstacle with or without it, it would have been an added bonus, so I felt the wisest decision would have been to not second-guess it and choose what I cared about most.

Without hesitation, I clicked on ‘Gift 1’.

[A gift response was received. Then please fill in one question in the input field here. Please note that for two or three questions that overlap, only one of them will be answered at random]

“I see. Etto, this is for the question ……

I entered it in the input field like this.

[Question: I want to know the reason why I was chosen by this app]

There was only this one sentence.
It was the thing I cared most about.
From the beginning it was hard to imagine this app ever falling into the hands of someone else.

If an app like this were to be released indiscriminately in large numbers, it would have been a mess full of creator god players who would have destroyed the balance of power in the world.

It is not a dimension such as Onmyoji and superanaturalist.

Even I, who had only been playing for about half a month, had this rate of growth, and if it was run by people who were better at leveling up and playing games, it would surely produce infinitely stronger players.

But in reality that is not the case.
In other words, there are very few people who have this app, or I am the only one.

After a while, I got a response back from app.

[Answer the question: The reasons why you were selected for this app are as follows]

Well, let’s see?

[The specific reason is that, as a result of repeatedly performing various simulations of the entire human race on Earth as a creator god, you have the highest suitability value. This suitability value is not the result theory of how high or low your ability is as a human, but how good a result you can come up with from the standpoint of a creator god.]

I would not ask at what point he used the entire human race for the simulation.

It’s useless to complain about what the developers of this application have done.

But still, the result theory.

Well, I don’t understand at all.

First of all, I’m not a special person, I’m just a normal uncle.

I’ve achieved this by accident because of my adaptability as a creator god, which means that the compatibility is very good?

[Your characteristics are possible. The simulations show that there is an unstable and some uncertainties in your mind. To some extent, the tendency to go with the flow of others is a contributing factor.]

It sucks, but I can’t argue with it.
I admit I’m indecisive and often like to hug the lap.

But isn’t that a flaw?

I don’t see the reason for purposely seeing it as a reason.

[But uncertainty is not necessarily a bad thing, and my side gives the matter high marks. Despite the fact that only 0.002% of humans would have been able to get through Chapter 1, you did an excellent job of getting out of the situation without any sacrifice. This is definitely not something that can be achieved by ability and luck alone. This is what the world is looking for, the possibility of being a creator god (player)].

The app that was displayed in this way ended with the phrase [This is the end of the answer], and then suddenly there was no response at all.

…… So that’s it.

In other words, “Since you’ve been chosen, do as you please”, I understand.

It doesn’t matter if there is a reason or not.
I’m glad to see that my doubts have been resolved.

Well, it’s good to have enquired!

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