Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: I’m Just a Child from a Common Family, but I Cultivate a Bit Faster!

The entire process took only a moment.

In the eyes of everyone, the incredibly powerful old man was effortlessly handled by Lin Beifan, just as easily as dealing with a dog.

Due to the astonishing speed of the events, the entire court was left stunned.

“The enigmatic and formidable expert… is it really over just like that?”

“The Prime Minister handled him in just two moves?”

It wasn’t until Lin Beifan spoke that everyone regained their composure.

“This person has been incapacitated. Put him in the dungeon! Without my permission, no one is allowed to approach him, let alone release him!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The palace guards stepped forward to carry the unconscious old man away.

As they looked up at the figure in the sky, their feelings were mixed with reverence and fear.

At this moment, Lin Beifan spoke again, as if passing judgment: “Furthermore, the Emperor of Great Xia dared to send someone to assassinate me and Her Majesty, an unforgivable crime! After the wedding, I will personally go to the Imperial City of Great Xia to take his head!”

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

With such an unparalleled powerhouse targeting him, the Emperor of Great Xia was done for, and so was Great Xia itself!

Unless they could find a Supreme Grandmaster who could contend with Lin Beifan and was willing to help, otherwise, they were undoubtedly doomed!

But the opportunity was so slim!

If Lin Beifan knew what everyone was thinking, he would tell them that it wasn’t just slim; there was simply no chance.

The other two Supreme Grandmasters in the world were his friends, and who would go against him?

At this moment, Lin Beifan slowly descended from the sky, his clothes untouched by dust, without a single wrinkle, and his smile unchanged on his face.

But the people were looking at the person before them, feeling both familiar and unfamiliar.

The Little Princess stammered, “Y-y-you… Are you really Lin Beifan?”

“As sure as can be!” Lin Beifan laughed.

The little princess tilted her head, “But how did you suddenly become so powerful, powerful to the point… I don’t even recognize you!”

“I’ve always been this way; I just didn’t show it,” Lin Beifan laughed again.

“Then… then will you still treat me the same way as before?” The little princess was a bit anxious.

“What do you think?” Lin Beifan reached out and pinched the little princess’s cheek playfully, finding it amusing.

“Ugh, you’re so annoying, always pinching my cheeks!” The little princess rolled her eyes but was secretly delighted. Lin Beifan hadn’t changed a bit.


“Young Master!”


Li Shi Shi, Mo Rushuang, and other women rushed up. Lin Beifan apologized, saying, “Shi Shi, Rushuang… I didn’t intend to hide this from you, but I had no choice. I’ll explain everything to you later, and I hope you’ll understand!”

“Husband, rest assured, I understand,” Li Shi Shi smiled gently, understanding his situation.

“Young Master, I know you’re someone with important responsibilities, and you must have had a good reason for not telling us. You go ahead and do what you need to; you don’t have to worry about us,” Mo Rushuang also understood and empathized.

“Strategist, you made it so hard for us with your secrecy, keeping us in the dark all this time. I was worried about you. I can forgive you for now, but I have one request, and you must agree to it.”

“What request?” Lin Beifan asked curiously.

“Ziyue Empress said, leaning close to Lin Beifan’s ear, whispering, “I’ve heard that the speed of a Supreme Grandmaster is incredibly fast, crossing vast distances in the blink of an eye. If you still consider me your woman, promise me that you’ll come to Slanted Moon every week to contribute to the continuation of the Slanted Moon bloodline!”

Lin Beifan was speechless.

This woman was still thinking about that!

Well, considering she’s my woman, I’ll reluctantly agree!

At this moment, Sword Immortal, Saber Saint, and others approached.

Sword Immortal sheathed his sword and said with a bitter smile, “In truth, we should have realized it earlier! How could someone who could sit down and discuss martial arts and exchange experiences with us be an ordinary person? Without a terrifying level of cultivation, you couldn’t have guided us!”

Saber Saint, holding his blade, also smiled wryly, “It’s really dark under the lamppost! My friend, three years ago, when we met that young grandmaster on the outskirts of the capital, that should have been you, right?”

A venerable master humbly and respectfully said, “Your Highness, two years ago, the senior grandmaster we encountered outside the capital, that should have been you too?”

Night Fragrance took out an ordinary-looking small knife and said, “Prime Minister, the powerful senior behind this knife, that’s you too, right?”

Lin Beifan smiled faintly, “That’s right, it’s all me!”

Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief, unraveling the mystery that had puzzled them.

But when they looked at Lin Beifan, their eyes held a mix of amazement and astonishment. After all, a Supreme Grandmaster in his early twenties was a phenomenon that couldn’t be found even in the past 5,000 years!

He truly deserved the title of the ultimate phenomenon!

Lin Beifan modestly said, “Please don’t look at me like this, everyone. I’m just a child from a common family, but my cultivation speed happens to be a bit faster. There’s nothing strange about it!”

Everyone was speechless!

This wasn’t just a bit faster; it was significantly faster!

They were considered outstanding figures of their time, but compared to Lin Beifan, they were nothing. What was even more frustrating was that he not only had exceptional martial talent but also a high level of literacy, making him a true genius in both martial and literary arts.

It seemed like the heavens favored him greatly. Why were all the world’s blessings bestowed upon him?

“It’s really you!” Saber Saint smiled wryly. “You can certainly hide well! If I had your strength, I would have made myself known to the world long ago! Without that old man, you might never have revealed yourself! Little brother, I have no requests. After the wedding, we must have a serious discussion about martial arts. This time, it won’t just be talk; it’ll be a real fight!”

“That’s right! This time, we must discuss heroism through swordplay,” Sword Immortal said loudly.

“Anytime you’re ready!” Lin Beifan teased. “As long as you’re not afraid of your bottoms hurting!”

Saber Saint and Sword Immortal remembered their humiliating defeat from three years ago, and their bottoms still faintly ached. They blushed and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t back down!”

“In that case, I want to participate in this delightful event as well,” Spear God chimed in.

“Your Highness, we also wish to learn from you,” the three imperial Grandmasters said unanimously.

“May the Buddha bless us! Disciple also wishes to learn from you. Please grant us this favor,” the old monk said.

They exchanged glances and burst into laughter. Friendship among men was this simple and pure.

After the exchange, everyone dispersed. Lin Beifan walked towards the Empress, continuing the interrupted wedding ceremony.

On the way, everyone who saw him was filled with awe. Lin Beifan was not only one of the most influential figures in the world today but also the most powerful. His two identities merged into one, making him incredibly impressive. Previously, they had thought that only a man as exceptional as Lin Beifan was worthy of the Empress. Now, they realized that only a woman as extraordinary as the Empress, with unparalleled beauty and ruling the world, was worthy of Lin Beifan.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Lin Beifan finally reached the Empress. As he looked at the stunning woman before him, he unexpectedly felt a trace of unease.

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