Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Dragon King: Today, no one can save Lin Beifan! Not even Jesus, I tell you!


In the trading room of Dragon Fang Capital’s headquarters, joyful laughter echoed. Zhaotian held a glass of champagne, laughing heartily, “Lin Beifan must not have expected that in just a moment, soybean prices would plummet by 7%! He must be utterly bewildered, haha!”

“A 7% drop in prices means he’s losing at least 700-800 million! I can imagine his face turning pale and green, looking completely foolish, haha!”

“Congratulations, Dragon King! Congratulations, Dragon King!” the people in black cheered in unison.

“Congratulations indeed! Now, keep pushing it down for me, let’s hit the limit down, and make sure he has no chance of recovery!” Dragon King said fiercely, enjoying the sight of the bright green screen.

“Yes, Dragon King!” everyone exerted themselves to the fullest.

On the other side, Lin Beifan also watched the green screen with pleasure.

Because for every point it goes green, he earns ten points.

“President Lin, should we close our positions now?” someone asked. Lin Beifan shook his head calmly and confidently, “No rush, let it drop a bit more! I have a feeling today will be like yesterday, hitting the limit up again after this drop! Once it drops below 9%, we’ll close our positions.”

“Yes, President Lin!”

Everyone was very excited, keeping a close eye on the screen. At that moment, Lin Beifan noticed someone sneaking away and called out, “Hey, where are you going?”

Wu Ge stopped his sneaky steps, turned around, and smiled, “I want to put this bottle back!”

“Don’t hurry to leave!” Lin Beifan quickly approached Wu Ge, pulling him back and saying, “This is the exciting part. You shouldn’t miss it. You can leave after watching it!”

Wu Ge was anxious, “But…”

“You see, another thrilling twist is happening.” Just as he finished speaking, the screen refreshed, and soybean prices dropped another 1%!

Refreshed again, and another 1% drop!

Lin Beifan laughed heartily, “See, my friend, wasn’t I right? It’s dropped to 9% in the blink of an eye!”

Wu Ge managed a forced smile, “Yes, you were right!”

In his heart, he clenched his teeth, filled with words of anger.

Dragon King, you’re truly a damn marvel!

Is your brain a cesspool? You’ve once again pissed away the cash to Lin Beifan!

I’ve never seen someone as foolish as you! I’m itching to stab you right this damn instant!

“President Lin, can we close our positions now?” someone asked. “Sure, let’s close them all, no need to squeeze out the last penny!” Lin Beifan smiled.

At the Dragon Fang Capital headquarters,

“Dragon King, there are many large long positions in the market, driving up soybean prices!”

“No matter how many positions there are, swallow them all and then crash it!” Dragon King Zhaotian said arrogantly, “Today, no one can save Lin Beifan! Not even Jesus, I tell you!”

“Yes, Dragon King!”

As a result, the positions that Lin Beifan had opened were closed by Dragon King Zhaotian.

“Oh yeah!”

The entire trading room at Lin’s Investment Company erupted in cheers.

“Today, we’ve earned another billion!”

“It’s really so lucky, isn’t it?”

“I thought we were going to lose, but it turned around!”

“God bless! God bless!”

Only Wu Ge was left, looking bewildered at the big screen.

It showed that it had already hit the limit down!

Lin Beifan had also closed all his positions!

Everything was over, with no chance of recovery! Lin Beifan, the arch-nemesis, had once again earned over ten billion!

Right under his nose, he made over ten billion!

Suddenly, he clutched his chest, feeling a pain as if his old illness had relapsed, his heart hurting…

“Hey, buddy, what’s wrong with you? You don’t look too good…” Lin Beifan asked with concern.

Wu Ge, pale-faced, said, “The soybean price fluctuations were too fast, it dropped by 10% in the blink of an eye, it’s too thrilling, too crazy, I couldn’t handle it!”

Lin Beifan laughed heartily, “Indeed, it’s very thrilling! If I hadn’t pressed the wrong key, I might have lost over ten billion! Truly, the heavens are watching over me! But I think there must be someone who’s crying from their losses, right?”

Wu Ge earnestly nodded.

Indeed, there was someone! He was a complete idiot!

A distant relative of a fool!

At the Dragon Fang Capital headquarters, there was also laughter and joy.

“Comfortable! Enjoyable! Satisfying!”

Dragon King Zhaotian looked at the soybean futures that had already hit the limit down, closed his eyes, and thoroughly enjoyed the moment, saying, “Lin Beifan must be in deep trouble now, right? He bought 200,000 lots of soybeans, and I bet his margin account has already been liquidated, haha!”

“I dare say his complexion must be quite colorful right now! White with a touch of green, green with a hint of purple, like a paint palette, haha!”

“Congratulations, Dragon King! Congratulations, Dragon King!” the people in black cheered in unison.

“Congratulations! Bring out my cherished 1982 champagne; let’s celebrate this rare moment together!”

“Thank you, Dragon King!” the people in black said in unison.

Satisfied, Zhaotian nodded and eagerly said, “Now, quickly contact Wu Ge. I want to know the latest news! If we can get a picture of Lin Beifan’s expression after losing money, that would be even better, haha!”

“Alright, I’ll contact him myself. Give me the phone!”

At this moment, Wu Ge had just left the trading room and received a text message from the person in black.

“How’s it going? Lin Beifan must be in deep trouble now, right? Tell me how much he’s lost, and if you can send me a picture of his expression after losing money, that would be even better!”

He even sent an arrogant emoji.

“Ah…” Wu Ge was once again provoked.

His pent-up anger finally found an outlet.

(Wu Ge to Zhaotian) Wu Ge: You’re really something!

Person in Black: ???

Wu Ge: You’re polishing that rusty turd of a sword when you should be wielding the damn master blade (you moron), you’re drooling over that lousy silver when you should be snatching the golden glory (you imbecile), you’re nothing but a colossal, brainless jerk! A jerk! A damn gigantic jerk!

Person in Black: Why are you cursing?

Wu Ge: Why shouldn’t I curse someone like you, a dumbass? Shouldn’t I?

Person in Black: ???

Wu Ge: I not only want to curse but also curse your entire family!

Wu Ge: Jerk!

Wu Ge: Jerk!!

Wu Ge: Jerk!!!|

Person in Black: ….

Dragon King Zhaotian’s originally good mood was completely ruined!

With a dark face, he handed the phone back, saying, “This Wu Ge must have been bitten by a mosquito or something, gone crazy! You guys better curse him back until he loses power!”

“Yes, Dragon King!” And so, the war of insults continued vigorously.

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