Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Senior Brother, You’ve Been Sold and Are Even Counting the Money for Him!

Who did this?

This question really struck a chord with the protagonist Xiao Chen’s heartache!

He had thought that after being reborn, with the advantage of foresight, he would be able to reverse his tragic situation!

Who would have expected that just as he was about to achieve success and advance, he would die prematurely? His ambitions and bright future were unexpectedly crushed by a fat lady weighing over 200 pounds!

Can someone please tell me, why?

Of course, the fat lady’s actions were unintentional.

As a broad-minded protagonist-level character, Xiao Chen wouldn’t shift the blame onto random people.

So, he put all the blame on…

“Lin Beifan! It’s all because of him!!!” Xiao Chen gritted his teeth.

Zhao Siming was taken aback. “Lin Beifan? The one who called me? What does he have to do with this? The doctor told me that he brought you here and even paid your medical expenses in advance! Good people like him are rare in society!”

Xiao Chen gave Zhao Siming a glare, annoyed. Senior brother, you’ve really been sold and are counting the money for him!

In the previous life, you were manipulated and ended up unemployed, eventually having to leave the Song Hospital and live a destitute life.

But senior brother, I don’t blame you!

Because I’ve been reborn, but you haven’t. You don’t know about his cunning and deviousness!

This guy’s scheming runs deep!

Despite having many abilities and great power, he chooses to pretend to be ignorant and a prodigal. When everyone becomes complacent and lowers their guard, he strikes like lightning to suppress them!

What’s even more terrifying is that his methods are extremely sophisticated.

He doesn’t play dirty tricks, only strategic maneuvers!

He always positions himself on the moral high ground to deal with you, leaving you completely defeated!

At that time, besides Xiao Chen, there were several close friends and brothers, all of whom were completely destroyed by him!

Not only was their careers ruined!

The woman also ran away with the other person!

Looking back now, my heart still aches!

“Senior brother, don’t be deceived by the other person’s appearance! Go and inquire, he is the young master of the Lin family, a useless and extravagant second-generation rich! How could such a person be a good person?”

Zhao Siming questioned, “Is it true… like this?”

“Of course it’s true, why would I deceive you, senior brother? This person is utterly despicable, oozing with wickedness!” Protagonist Xiao Chen said bitterly, “But now, it’s too early to talk about these things. You will naturally understand in the future! Just believe that I would never deceive you, senior brother!”

Zhao Siming nodded.

“Enough of these unpleasant matters! Senior brother, the reason I called you here this time is not only to recognize the sect but also to hope that you can personally treat the injuries on my body!”

Protagonist Xiao Chen sighed, “As you can see, I have three broken ribs now. It will take at least two months to fully recover, and I can’t wait that long! I hope you can use the miraculous Guigu Divine Needle on me and let me recover as soon as possible!”

“Haha! Junior brother, you’ve found the right person this time! As long as senior brother takes action, I guarantee that within a week, you’ll be healed and full of vigor!” Zhao Siming burst into laughter.

Xiao Chen was overjoyed, “Senior brother, could it be that your Guigu Divine Needle has already reached the 7th needle?”

Zhao Siming smiled and nodded, ecstatically saying, “Our Guigu Divine Needle has nine needles! The first needle relieves pain, the second needle dispels cold, the third needle reduces fever, the fourth needle stops bleeding, the fifth needle generates flesh, the sixth needle soothes the organs, the seventh needle mends bones, the eighth needle brings back the soul, and the ninth needle snatches lives from the King of Hell!”

“Although this senior brother’s talent is not as good as yours, through day and night cultivation, I have made significant progress. Recently, I’ve reached the 7th needle – mending bones! When bones are broken, it speeds up recovery! Normally, it takes 100 days for injured tendons and bones to heal, but under my silver needle, you’ll recover in less than a week!”

Xiao Chen exclaimed, “Haha! Senior brother, you’re truly amazing. Please help me treat my injuries!”

In his heart, he secretly thought, Lin Beifan, just you wait!

After I recover, I’ll settle the score with you!

“Junior brother, wait a moment. I’ll treat your injuries right away!”

With that, Zhao Siming pulled out a silver needle from his bag.

Then, he heated it up with fire and solemnly said, “Junior brother, it might hurt a bit, bear with it!”

Xiao Chen nodded, his gaze filled with determination. “Senior brother, come on. I endured the pain last night. This little bit of pain is nothing!”

“Alright, here I go. Pay attention!”

Saying that, he picked up the disinfected silver needle and stabbed it towards Xiao Chen’s chest.

But even after two attempts, he couldn’t pierce through.

“Junior brother, could it be that you have cultivated inner strength?”

Xiao Chen shook his head. “Where would I have the time for that? If I had cultivated inner strength, I wouldn’t have ended up like this! I don’t know what’s wrong, but my skin has become unusually tough! Senior brother, put more force into it!”


Zhao Siming exerted force with a stab.

The skin didn’t break, but the silver needle bent.

“It’s alright, I’ll change it!”

He stabbed again with force.

The skin still didn’t break, and the silver needle bent again.

“I’ll try a thicker one, let me stab!”

And so, he tried one needle after another.

The silver needles all broke, without even a scratch on the skin.

“Hey! I refuse to believe this!”

Zhao Siming grabbed the last silver needle, squatted on the bed, and exerted all his strength for the stab.

But then his foot slipped, and he fell down, losing the silver needle.

Concerned, Xiao Chen asked, “Senior brother, what happened?”

Zhao Siming’s face turned pale. “It went in!”

“But…why don’t I feel anything?”

“It went into my flesh…ouch, it hurts so much! Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…”

Protagonist Xiao Chen: “…”

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