I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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At the start the MC is shown to be a semi-beta type character, having killed three unconcious people to lvl up and so to survive a fight, all three are kind of bad guys, one being a criminal and two being adventurors starting to do bad deeds. The MC shows no remorse in killing them even though they haven’t really done much at all, they are then killed so he can win against their boss who he is about to kill but decides not to after being convinced he’s worth more money if they turn him in alive. Showing that the MC has a cold side to him, but this is the only time.

After this he becomes a real pushover with the big turning point being around ch 50 at which point two girls tries to scam him, fails tries to scam him again, and after which he is forced to help them (for free) which the now beta MC accepts even though he doesn’t want to because????

In comes my least favorite character, who he is then later on forced to accept as his companion even though he states he doesn’t like her. Later on she becomes accepted, because MC at one time finds her body attractive and after that she is accepted into “harem” so now MC is beta who thinks with lower part, reverse growth as person check.

Get’s forced to help catgirl to get ingredients for wine for no reward check, learns he has to risk his and his companions lives to fight a dragon during said quest check, actually puts his foot down and refuses great! Next chapter changes his mind cause least likeable character is friends with cats, and MC decides he wants to do whatever he wanna do “growth moment” = MC starts doing whatever other people tells him to do and loses all will check.

Oh and all the chapters here were pointless since he never had to fight in the first place since the ending is that he just grows the needed material in his secret base.

After this is the moment when MC goes full beta, and you never go full beta.

MC is attacked by pirates who wants everything he owns, MC defeats them and is then given the guilt trip cause the pirates were rookie pirates that just decided to become pirates cause it’s such a cushy life being a pirate. So now MC is forced to help the fishermen turned pirates to get a semi-cushy life instead of finding his missing companions. Since you know helping criminals is what a good guy would do. MC also justifies this when asked why he would help them that now that he’s strong he feels that he must now help the public.

Yeah cause rewarding people for doing crimnal acts is helping the public! Shush you who don’t agree:D.


Table of Content

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