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Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 65

Commission Investigation 2

When I came back from Japan, as expected, this youkai had eaten all of onigiri.

She was sleeping with a good smile on her face and a grain of rice on her cheek after having devoured a dozen onigiri.

She had spent two days worth of food in just ten hours, what was she going to do if I didn’t come back?

“I’m back.”


Though sleepy-eyed, she answered, get up slowly and somewhat languidly.

Upon closer inspection, I found Momiji’s hand held a hair ornament and wristband with a unique ethnic design of this world, a strange carved wooden doll and a half-eaten fruit, which she picked up from somewhere.

…… No, what happened during the short time I was gone.

“What’s going on with you?”

“Oh this? This was given to me when I help a fallen girl, and this was given to me when I listen to the old woman story, and this was given to me by a beastman who put a faith in my tails…”

“Ah, I see. I see.”

It seems like she went out while I was gone, and in a short period of time, various stories unfolded.

Perhaps thanks to this cheerful personality and otherworldly stance, she didn’t have to hide and interact with people without fear, so she had fun.

He gave a girl who had fallen an onigiri from a convenience store to restore her, and was treated kindly by a beastman who put a faith in Momiji as a Celestial Beastman, how could she play all over the town in such a short time?

Is she a wild cat?

No, she’s a wild fox.

But it’s not a bad thing to do something that’s mostly about helping people, so I’ll just pat her on head and praise her for a job well done, I guess.

Then I put the crap she harvested in 10 hours into dimensional storage and went to bed for tomorrow’s commission investigation.

It’s unclear whether tomorrow will be an immediate demon investigation in cooperation with the adventurer group or a pretend subjugating the fire dragon.

It’s just that it’ll turn into a battle, at least.

Then after making tools in the temple for some time and welcoming the morning after resting, while putting on the equipment made in the temple, there was a knock on the door of the room.

“Yo, are you ready?”

“Huh? Ah, Aaron. I’m almost done with the preparations. All we need to do is just wait for Momiji to get dressed, so we’re almost there.”

“Wait, you’re not ready yet? What the hell are you doing?”

Still with a sleepy feeling, Momiji said “Ah~” and “Hmm~” while slowly putting on the equipment. It seems that cooperating with the adventurer’s action time, waking her up earlier than usual worked.

Although the preparations were about to end, but it’s useless to rush Momiji, which have lost her sense of urgency, or even her wildness, since she came to this world.

I’m sorry for Bella, who is probably in a hurry, but the only thing that can be done is to ask her to wait.

“Shut up, Bella. Don’t tell that kid what to do.”

“Uh …….I… I know.”

“I’m sorry, Kenji. Our team is a mish-mash of people, but above all, the members are too personable and not easy to unify.”

Aaron admonished Bella with what could be described as unusual eyesight.

But he was able to restrain that strong-headed Bella with just one word.

After all, this elven lady is the daughter of a famous High Elf of Living Legend, so she should have more than enough to speak out.

I learned through the conversation I had just had that this man at least had a higher status, or more authority.

The other party seems to be doubting me, but I also have my doubts about who Aaron is.

But at least I know that he’s on our side now, and that he’s a great asset in solving the problems of the demon race and getting achievements.

After a while, Momiji was ready and about to depart, when this time it was Dadan who came to the conversation.

“Excuse me, kid, I have to go first. I need to prepare some materials to fool their eyes as part of our mission to defeat the fire dragon. Then, I’ll leave it to you, Argon.”

“Remember my pseudonym, Dadan. It’s Aaron.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s what it’s called. Well, Aaron, i’ll send it over later.”

Don’t call yourself a pseudonym.

There’s no intention of hiding your eccentricity anymore ah, this bearded man.

But the loss of one high-rangking adventurer, or rather the loss of the vanguard, it hurts a bit.

It’s true that we didn’t have to take on the reckless challenge of challenging the fire dragon, but at least with only two rearguards, me as the middle guard, and the youkai running and hiding, the balance is not good enough against the demon race.

What should I do?

“I can understand your concern, but even without Dadan, me and Bella can still fight well enough. It’s true there’s nothing we can do against the Demon King class, but if the opponent is just a lower level Demon, I can suppress at least 10 of them with my power. And considering Bella’s cover, doubling is also fine.”

Uh, really?

Demon race I’ve only seen that miasma elf, and even now I’m just the right opponent for a one-on-one. It’s crazy for these two to fight 20 just one on one.

Judging from this man’s character, he won’t make any unnecessary pretense, so I think I can trust him.

“Eh? That’s a relief.”

“However, the problem is that we don’t know which one is a human and which one is a demon. Although we’re going to go directly to the client right now, we can’t figure this out even with our preliminary investigation. From the ledgers that recorded people entering and leaving the town, I found out the background information of the nobles that the client came into contact with, as well as the incoming and outgoing goods bought and sold by the merchants of this city. And then…..”

“Wait, wait, wait…”

It’s still going on!

From then on, the man with the beard talked about the various investigations he had conducted within a short period of time since his visit to the town.

However, he may have become bothered by the fact that it’s not easy to explain, and the explanations are gradually becoming less and less clear.

“What a pain in the ass. Hey, Bella, you take over.”

“What? Don’t be silly. I wonder what’s wrong with you! By the way, did you do something like this before you joined us!”

I feel sorry for Bella on this matter.

While I know the scruffy bearded man is no ordinary person, at this point, it doesn’t mean combat or anything like that anymore, it’s a whole other level of awesomeness.

And he seemed to understand that Bella couldn’t take over. Although reluctant, he sorted it out along the way.

Probably originally did more than was said.

If the man didn’t feel that it bothering, it might have taken all day just to report time and Momiji would have fallen asleep again.

Because by the looks of it, he’s obviously breaking off the explanation.

Or rather, if it’s stated to that extent, it might be impossible to understand it.

“Well, to sum up…we’ve investigated everything, including his childhood relationships, but we haven’t found anything. That’s all. That’s why I can confidently say that the only demon race is the client himself …….Well, for a demon race that is good at hiding, finding just one of them can be considered a win!”

That’s what Aaron who entered the summation phase said, but it is strange when he even knows the backstory of the nobles, which a single adventurer would not normally know in the first place.

I’m not sure what kind of method would be necessary to make such a thing possible, but I have a mysterious confidence that this bearded man will make it.


“Oh, I can understand that, but…”

Miasma is misuse of mana.

If miasma exists, as soon as I get close I can immediately recognize which one is a demon and which one isn’t.

It has nothing to do with investigation or anything like that at all.

But when I said that, Aaron and Bella looked up at the sky with expressions that seemed inexplicably stunned.

“Seriously, this kid ……”

“I knew he’s a mystery, but I can’t see the bottom of this kid: Who are you really? I don’t believe it.”

No, well, that’s because it’s a super rare ability.

By the way, other than me, I think someone like Dragon God also able to detect it.

And also the races that are received strong divine blessing, they probably could do it.

For example, Bella’s mother, Lara Shatira, is also an individual whose evolution was directly performed by me, so I think she has that ability.

But anyways, this way the biggest problem is solved, all that’s left is to launch a special attack on the client.

Geez, stopping the ritual might be surprisingly simple than expected!

Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

Isekai Souzou no Susume ~Smartphone App de Wakusei wo Tsukkushiteshimatta Ore wa Kami Tonari Sekai wo Meguru~

A Guide To How To Create Another World, Isekai Sozo no Susu-me ~ Sumahoapuri de Wakusei o Tsukutte Shimatta Ore wa Kami to Nari Sekai o Meguru, 異世界創造のすゝめ~スマホアプリで惑星を創ってしまった俺は神となり世界を巡る~
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A certain middle-aged man, Saito Kenji installed a mysterious smartphone app “Guide to Creating Another World”. It was a game in which you could freely manipulate planets, lives, tribes, eras, and all sorts of other things. However, as a result of being transferred to the world on the screen through a new function, he found himself able to travel back and forth to Japan! You can explore and time travel in other world, and the different abilities you get can be used either way, and use dimensional storage. And you can take things and people with you as much as you want…! “Hmm, this is an adventure you have to have, isn’t it?" I’m busy resolving problems in two worlds, and leveling up in between. Occasionally, he gives an oracle to cause the other world to shake violently, or tames a nine-tailed girl with tuna mayo–? The life of an Ex-salaryman with an “anything goes” God life START!


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