Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 6

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Evolving Creatures part 2

The functions of the [Oracle] were intriguing, but for now, I was going to focus on the final evolution that I’d been curious about from earlier.

The [Life Evolution] still contained new information.

[Dragon God]

He is a dragon god and a sub-god who has received strong blessings from the god of creation.

He has the strongest power as an individual among all living creatures.

Hmmm, he seemed to be a god on this planet.

He wasn’t a real god, but he was still a god of this planet. As long as he was described as a sub-god, he must be able to use his special powers.

Since I haven’t found any records of humans up to now, I thought he might be the ancestor of the humans on this planet. But it didn’t seem right.

Let’s just look forward to the future.

Next, let’s look into the oracle.


You can send a message to a creature with strong mana blessings.

“…What, that’s it? Or rather, what is the message?

If you look closely, the oracle column had a notepad-like feature.

So you want me to use this to control my phone’s keyboard and send a message?


Could this game have an AI or something?

No, even if it was an AI, what should I do with it?

For now, I was going to write the oracle and send a message to test things out.

“Well……… Well………for now, it’s ‘Hello, can you hear me?’ …………………………………………………………………………………………..Send!”

When I sent the oracle, or rather the message to the dragon god, the dragon god on the screen shook with a jolt.

He looked around.

“Oh, there are a reaction. But it’s a terribly realistic reaction, interesting. I’m curious about your reaction, and let’s play with it some more.”

I got carried away and tried to send a text message, “Please take care of the world from now on” and “One day, I want to create a human being! They were probably quite weak compared to dragons, so don’t just wipe them out” and so on.

Each time I did, the dragon god nodded yes, and with a serious face he told the dragons around him what was going on.

After all, this was a game, and I didn’t think even a little bit of what I was saying was getting through, but it was still interesting that they were responding.

The production company that thought of this feature was very good at what they do.

The actions of the Dragon God and his followers, who were told about the oracle, were also good, and everyone was listening to the oracle.

With that, the assembly of the dragons ended without incident, and they returned to their respective dwellings.

It looked like the festival was about to dismiss.

Well, for now, it seemed we’d cleared the event, so let’s skip it again.

Even if you look at this primal world, it’s just the same thing over and over again, so I skip it without hesitation.

[Start skipping, please wait a moment. ─ ─ 10 minutes left until the next event]

“Ten minutes. This time it’s short.”

There’s not much time left until the next event, so I wasn’t going to take a bath, but instead I was going to make a cup of noodles. Do the meal first.

I boiled water to make the cup noodles while watching my smartphone, and beyond imagination, various creatures had been born since the birth of the Dragon God.

Since the skip was quite fast, you can only grasp the situation by following the log, but in short, first the life from the sea ascends to land. It gradually became mammals and even gave birth to ape-like primitive human.

Finally, the birth of mankind was imminent.

In to this, there were also huge sea creatures, insects, and dragons, the distant descendants of highly ancient dragons. There were even various creatures such as wyvern-like that seemed even more degraded.

Finally, a fantasy world was beginning to take shape.

And just as I finished my cup of noodles, the skip ended and the message I’d been waiting for appeared.

[The ape are about to branch out and evolve into the human race! Do you want to give them mana?]

“Oh yeah!”

The humans had finally born!

My expectations were high since it took a whole day!

Tomorrow was Saturday, so as long as I didn’t suddenly had to work on a holiday, I can play all day long, and my creative juices were flowing! To an unmistakable degree.

When I checked the [Life Evolution] section with enthusiasm, I found that the various familiar fantasy races were arrayed.


Standard human-type life forms.

Less influenced by mana and less powerful, but due to their weakness, they are most superior in fertility and wisdom.


A human-type life form with a high affinity for plants.

High mana influence among the human race, but their powers are much weaker than those of the human type.

Their reproductive power is low.

[Beastman race]

A human type of life form with animal-like characteristics.

They are even less influenced by mana than the human race.

However, their strength is stronger than that of the human type, and their fertility is high.


A human-type life form with a high affinity for minerals.

Mana influences are standard among human types, and their strength is strong.

Fertility is standard.

In addition to that all kinds of races become created at once, and there is a wide variety of them.

In order for them to be born, they need the environment and mana that corresponds to their race, but fortunately, this world has a variety of natural environments and its resources of mana are abundant.

Or rather, for some reason, since the Dragon God was born, new mana has been manufactured continuously, and although it’s only a small amount, the resources of [Mana] It’s increasing.

The stock of mana was enough to create an entire human species and it didn’t hurt or itch.

Since the final evolutionary forms were recorded as having a very strong Mana, so perhaps, because of the birth of the World Tree and the Dragon God, the creation of Mana was there was progress on it. And that in turn led to evolution.

I was curious as to what final form of humanity exists.

While I was looking forward to the creation of future planet, I have also decided to create all the human species that I see before me.

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Table of Content