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Isekai Ryouridou (WN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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I really hoped this site can give the option of 4.5 star.
Anyway, good laid back story about cooking in the different world. If you’re looking for bad ass MC that can overpower anything, this is not for you as the MC doesn’t know how to fight. He sure knows how to cook though.
Story is almost perfect, but the plot is still a bit lacking for me. I mean sure forest tribe thinks about survival the most, but thinking they’ve never thought about making the food tasty for the next 80

years is unbelievable. Not to mention only taking the legs of the game they kill because the other meat is ‘stinky’ kind of defeat the whole survival point. If they really focused on only survival they would have find a way to reduce the smell so that more meat can be obtained. <
Table of Content

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