Invincibility starts with taking NPCs through the download – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – That Notorious Man!

“Full Service Announcement: the [Nine Continents] game will completely shut down the server in 30 minutes, and the countdown will begin!”

When this notice was sent out, it doesn’t know how many players lost their voice in pain. The game has been running for seven years, which does not know how many people’s youth and memories have been carried in it. And now hear to shut down the service, people would be willing to play the game until the end.

[Nine Continents] is a consciousness simulation game, which belongs to fantasy cultivation. To put it bluntly, it is the same as the online games described in web novels. In the present 9012, such games abound. Although Nine Continents has been in operation for a long time, it has gradually lost its appeal and its decline is normal in this era of blooming online games.

Now the notice has been out, although helpless, but for most people, all they can do is to accompany the game to finish this last journey.

And right now, there was only one person who looked full of resentment!

It’s Yang Lin!

He was a professional gamer, and because of that, he didn’t have any particular feelings towards the game. There is a reason why the resentment is quite deep!

“Stop him, stop him now!”

[Wind and Snow City], the main city of the [Nine Continents] game, at the moment just as the city was closing, when those NPCs send batches of players out of the main city, Yang Lin acted abnormally, holding a long spear and rushing in towards the inner city.

Numerous NPC city defense disciples went forward to stop him, but unfortunately, this person was too strong, plus the main city was about to close, and the NPC city defense disciples were more scattered, so there was basically no one to plunder his edge at the moment.

“All of you, get out of the way!”

Yang Lin’s long spear was amazing, charging all the way, simply invincible! As a seven-year professional player, whether it was in terms of rank or various martial heart techniques, that was naturally first class exceptional.

The sudden appearance of such a situation right now even left the remaining players who were heading towards the door dumbfounded.

“Look, isn’t that the infamous PK King, what’s he charging towards the inner city for?!”

“What else? He definitely want to have a sense of existence at the last moment. This kind of person is simply a shame of the game!”

“No, just by his existence, everyone in the major sects is at risk, and the original All-Service Wanted didn’t even kill him, it’s so infuriating!”

Such an action caused the remaining countless players to talk about it. But one thing has to be admitted, that man, once single-handedly nightmare of the entire Nine Continents.

Even if the service is closed immediately, half of the posts on the official website are about this “legendary” man.

He was strong!

How many sects of Immortals had joined forces to crush him in the first place, but instead of being able to kill him, they had ended up breaking the foundations of their sects because of him!

As for his reputation, sorry. It’s the kind of thing that’s rotten in the past.

He was able to toss countless players to their death for a single treasure, and within the entire service, it doesn’t know how many players hated him to the bone. Even now on the PK list, his PK value was at the top of the list, three thousand times higher than the second place!

Let’s forget about that for now and talk about the current.

If it were a normal day, with the NPC city guard disciples tightly guarded, Yang Lin would naturally not dare to be so reckless, but the game was about to close down, and there was one thing he felt he had to do!

And because of his charge, the war drums in the city are beginning to beat!

Then on the road to the Hall of [Wind and Snow], all kinds of city defense NPCs flew out to kill them all, but unfortunately, then Yang Lin was really not enough in front of this old bird.

He was like a god of war, but anyone who got in the way, all turned into white light and turned into a data stream.

Closer, closer, closer to the [Hall of Wind and Snow]!

“Whoever comes, take one step further and kill them on sight!”

One of the disciples guarding the nearby [Hall of Wind and Snow] had just finished shouting when he suddenly only noticed a blur, and in the next moment, Yang Lin’s entire body had appeared behind the group of guards.

“Just you all want to stop me, naive!”

The long spear was powerful, sweeping across a thousand troops, only a moment’s worth of white light surged, and in just a moment’s time, the thirty super disciples guarding in front of the [Hall of Wind and Snow] all turned into white light and returned to the data stream.

Looking at the closed doors of the [Hall of Wind and Snow], Yang Lin’s teeth were chattering as he brought up his big foot and kicked, and with a clatter, the doors of the hall split apart!

Such a move caused the entire petite body of a weak woman standing in the center of the main hall to tremble.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.There was also a veil on her face, leaving only a pair of clear and bright eyes on the outside, which made her even more intriguing to the imagination and made people feel the urge to lift the veil and take a look at her stunning beauty.

However, Yang Lin didn’t have such interest. NPCs were just NPCs, just a bunch of data streams.He naturally had his purpose in coming here!

“Well, I found you, and you sure are still there!”

Yang Lin’s gaze locked onto the woman and his eyes were filled with resentment.

“Who are you and why are you being so rude, didn’t you hear that the [Nine Continents] are already about to close?”

The woman was frightened by Yang Lin’s fierce gaze and took a few steps back one after another, the panic within her beautiful eyes unexplainable.

“If I remember correctly, your real name is Phantom Dream right? Lord Phantom Dream, you’re really a noblewoman who has forgotten many things. In the past seven years, I have not taken care of you less!”

“What the hell are you …… talking about, I …… I don’t understand ……”

Phantom Dream was so scared that she was about to cry out, how could she not hear the shouting and fighting outside just now, the lack of movement now only meant one thing, there would be no one to protect her anymore, at least not for a while.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand, but I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been putting up with you for a long time!”

Yang Lin waved the spear in his hand, then strode towards Phantom Dream.

“I have no quarrel with you, so why did you …… you want to trouble me at the last moment?”

Phantom Dream retreated quickly, but Yang Lin advanced even faster, and in just an instant, her slender neck was already caught by Yang Lin’s large hands.

“Cough, let go …… cough, let go of me ……”

“Do you want really to know? In that case, I might tell you!” Yang Lin said furiously, “If I remember correctly, you’re the equivalent of the spokesperson for this [Nine Continents], right?!”

“It’s …… it’s ……” Phantom Dream was truly terrified.

“That’s right, who issued the main quest to collect the nine lost artifacts of the [Nine Continents] in the first place? And what about the mysterious things that can happen if you collect the nine artifacts? If I remember correctly, the source of this main line is what appeared in your place, right?!”

“What the hell do you want to …… want to do ……”

“What do I want to do, you actually have the nerve to ask me what I want to do, I’ve worked hard to gather the four great artifacts of the four continents. Where are the remaining five continents? The game has closed down, but the remaining five Continent hasn’t even released a map. Is this deliberately playing me?!”

“I didn’t …… have anything to do with these things, and even if you’re angry you don’t …… shouldn’t be looking for me……”

“Yes, yes, it’s all the fault of the Nine Continents program, one of my grievances, but it’s you who’s most hated! You’re the NPC in charge of this game’s gacha, right, so why are you messing with me alone?!”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying at all.”

“Don’t understand? If you don’t understand I’ll make you understand!”

Yang Lin raged, “In these seven years, I’ve drawn a total of 1,321 times gacha altogether. Do you think it’s easy for me draw a lottery with experience value? That is all my painstaking effort! But you, every time you give me the most rubbish secret books, equipment and magic treasures, other people once two times ten times can draw the ultimate divine weapon, the ultimate secret books, the ultimate heart method, I damned more than a thousand times ah, more than a thousand times you do not understand! Look at my current equipment, martial skills and heart techniques and such, all obtained from others, do you know how painful it is for me to be a professional player!”

“That’s not my fault, it’s all …… your own fault,” looking at Yang Lin’s scary appearance, Phantom Dream was shaking all over, tears were now coming out, “There are hidden settings in the game, the PK value is tooIf …… is too high it will reduce your luck, and your luck has been …… always negative tens of thousands, how can you draw good things ……”

“Don’t try to deny it, it’s obvious that you’re looking at me to deliberately make me draw the rags, and now you have the audacity to find some hidden excuse!”

As Yang Lin was saying that, he suddenly saw the ring on Phantom Dream’s hand and thought of something, “Right, I remember that all the items seem to have been taken from your ring, and the game is closed down anyway, so give me the ring!”

“No, you can’t have the ring!” Phantom Dream struggled hard, the ring clasped tightly in his hand, allowing Yang Lin to die with no effort to let go.

“Let go of your hand!”

“I won’t let it go, no matter what!”

It was obvious that she was completely scared to the point of dead, but Phantom Dream’s protection of the ring was completely beyond Yang Lin’s expectations.

At a certain moment, Yang Lin wondered when NPCs had become so emotionally rich. But right now he was more concerned about the ring in Phantom Dream’s hand, as an NPC, the game was about to shut down, what was the point of protecting a ring like that?

The more she desperately protecting it, the more Yang Lin felt that there was something odd about it, how could she not get the ring in her hands. It was in the midst of the scramble that the game’s all-services announcement came once again.

“Service-wide announcement, the countdown to the Nine Continents game server shutdown has begun, 10, 9, 8 ……”

After hearing 3-2-1, everything in front of him began to slowly turn white into a stream of data, and Yang Lin thought he would be forced offline and wake up in front of login screen, but it was after his vision returned that he was completely dumbfounded.

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Table of Content