Interlude II

Posted by Kangmin release on May 27th, 2020

Imperial Calendar – Year 89/9. East of Kirukurusu.

In a remote area, there was a small town surrounded by an estuary. Huntis and the rest Irregulars belong to Unit 00, it can be said that they are located in a small town on the border of the Fass Empire.

“Those guys really are bad.”

Huntis murmured in a boring expression put his luggage down.

Some people in the town witnessed a wyrm known as subspecies of dragon. Since the local knights and mercenaries could not solve the problem, they asked for help from the Kirukurusu knight order.

However, the Kirukurusu Knights Order sent all their forces to fight dragons that appear there in southern mountains.The Knights are currently unable to easily dispatch the troops, so they sought help at the Materia Academy.


This is how Unit 00 was chosen.

However, just when they greeted by Mayor and Captain Knights stationed in the town, and left the Mayor’s office. They heard such a conversation from closed room.

“Captain, why did they send knight apprentices? You should know how powerful this monster is, right?”

“Yes ……. But they made an exception for them, they have the same combat power as a Regular Knight ……”

“No matter what you say, they are still a group of children. And there are only five people. In this way, it will only create more casualties. The residents have been in this state of being locked in the city for a gew days and unable to leave the walls of city….”

Huntis’s mood worsened upon hearing that conversation. It seems that rumors of Unit 00 have not reached this region.

“It can’t help. Anyway, as long as we do our job properly, people won’t complain about it again,” Reece Comforted Huntis.


Mustoria touched his forehead. He seemed accidentally hit the lintel when entering the door. But comparing to his Iron-Forehead, the condition of the lintel is more worrying.

“I have never been in an open-air bath before.”

Saya and Arurena’s voice could be heard throughout the corridor.

“Me neither. It must be fun.”

“Really? …… It has been a long journey, so I will enjoy this day”

“I agree!”

They both opened the door.

Huntis had a serious expression. In a low voice Reece and Musturia wondered:

“Hey, did you hear? Open-air bath… What will we do?”

“Do what?”

Reece tilted his head to express his doubt. Huntis dumbfounded, said:

“It is not necessary for me to say it. A great poet says: “To peek or not to peek, that is the great dilemma.””

“I have never heard such poetry …”

Mustoria muttered as he crossed his arms.

“No, there is no poetry like that … I don’t want to partake.”

“Really? That’s an open-air bathouse you know? When else can we peek like this? This is a rare opportunity!”

“Huntis, until now you are a fresh fruit, but I see that you are already rotting.”

Reece stared at him, Huntis with a shy glance just swallowed his saliva, and then looked at Mustoria for help

“Don’t stare at me with that kind of look. Hey, Mus! Don’t you really want to see it? It’s great opportunity to see naked body of Areruna.”

“Ahhh, her naked body…”

Mustoria’s face began to turn red.

“…… I want to see”

A red liquid began to come out of his large nose.

“Hey, your nose is bleeding. I see you are imagining many things”

“I’m just excited!”

“Welll~~ As captain,

Rees, This is the dream hope and youth of our man. You have not deprived it of its power anyway! ”

“Well ~ ~ As captain, I should stop you this time ……”

“Reece, this is dream of every ‘Man’ in their youth. Every single man want to do it!”


“…… You will like it. You just haven’t tried.

Reese was struck by the enthusiasm of the two, he had to reluctantly agree.

“Haaa … whatever you want. But make sure you don’t get caught.”

“Okay, let’s go, Mus!”


Huntis and Mustoria went out with all their energy towards the open-air bathroom.

The open-air bath was built at the rear of the hotel next to the forest.

Huntis and Mustoria were crossing the forest, little by little they approached the bath.

However, when they reached the bath, they saw an unexpected obstacle.

“Damn! They’re protected by a fence”

“S-Shit ……”

The fence is higher than expected. Even those who want to climb cannot find a place to put their hands and feet.

(We must hold on to the top of the fence ……)

Although that might work, taking a closer look at the top of the fence, there were sharp glass. This trick will not work.

“Huntis …”

Mustoria went to the fence and squatted down.

“Do you want me to get on?”

Mustoria with determination nodded.

“Well, we’ll change later.”

Huntis agreed, then climbed onto Mustoria’s shoulders.

Mustoria easily stood up, finally, Huntis’s face over the fence.

Huntis’s eyes sought the figure of two girls, he could not see well due to the steam that formed

(They are there……!)

He unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Located in the center, near the bathrooms there is a rock rising out of the water, there you could see two girls soaking their feet in water, they were sitting on the rock.

There is no doubt that the black-haired one is Saya.

Her white skin and black hair fit perfectly, she had a s*xy look.

Because he was too excited, he started bleeding from the nose.

(A little bit more! A little bit more!)

Huntis’s heart did not stop beating rapidly.

Seeing her beautiful face a little reddish, it made Huntis’s heart shake violently.

Then, looking lower —— There was lump on her chest.

They were breasts to be proud of, it was elegant enough to make people think that even in the Empire there are few people with such beauty.

(Mission accomplished……)

* Slap *

Huntis’s feet seemed to be shaking. Apparently Huntis’s nosebleed was starting to reach Mustoria’s shoulders.

So by going down to Huntis and cleaning the bleeding, he then said:

“This is great. But Arurena I couldn’t see her.”


Mustoria put on a shocked expression, Huntis almost started laughing. It seems his goal is to look at Arurena. At that moment, a voice came from the bathroom.

“Fuuu. Washing long hair is a problem. I wish I had hair like yours, Saya”

“I jus cut my hair short because it would hinder the swing of sword. I would like to always have long hair. Your hair is very beautiful, Arurena, it’s a pity to cut it short.”

“Really? I would like to think that Saya’s hair is even more beautiful. You are slim and beautiful, you have no flaws.”

They seemed to be spending too much time because of washing their hair. Mustoria upon hearing their conversation, his breathing became very fast.

Hintis must realize his dream, Huntis lowered his back to him.

“Come up.”

Mustoria took a step on Huntis’s shoulder. He casually weighs over a hundred kilograms of pure muscle, he is very heavy. But Huntis’s effort made his confidence still remain. Mustoria’s huge body was lifted up.

“Done, Mus. Do you see anything ……?”

*Bushiooo ~ ~ ~ ~! ?*

At that moment the sound of something coming out at full pressure was heard. Mustoria’s huge body began to tremble.

Huntis quickly supported him and put him down.

“Hey, hey! Are you okay, Mus?”

“Ah, ah, ah ……”

Mustoria made an almost inaudible moan. Looking closely, a lot of blood had come out of his nose.

“Yes, yes, you did! You have succeeded!”

Huntis saying this, Mustoria smiling, raising his thumb up.

This caused their friendship between men to deepen further.

But suddenly, on the other side of the fence, there was a commotion.

“Did you hear something !?”

“I’ve heard it too! Who is it !? Blood? What’s going on!? Is it coming from there !?”

“Hell, we must escape, Mus!”

“Hurry up!”

The “Men” quickly fled.