Interlude 1

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Interlude 1.

Imperial Calendar – Year 89/8 month. Huntis and the others were attacked by a Demon in the streets of the city.


Huntis screamed, he ran away at full speed leaving dust wherever he went.

As he ran, his “Anima” was gathering in his right hand, then a red pattern appeared —— Huntis used his Heraldic Art

P urgatory

which manifested itself.

He stomped on the ground, and then he jumped. The force as he fell below, caused his ally to be summoned. A Sword came out of the flames —— This is Huntis’s Heraldic Armament, .

The demon’s body was cut, at the same time it also suffered large burns. His screams were of pain, the size of this demon was at least five meters, he is a Grade 3 Demon —— Cerberos.

But just before cutting it again, the right head pulled out its huge fangs and angrily attacked Huntis.

However, Huntis was able to protect himself from the attack.

By jumping two meters more than the Demon, Mustoria used his Heraldic Armament, this time I ask for help from the Heraldic Spirit of the

N omu

earth, so this manifested itself in the form of

T earthquake shield —— , with this he was able to resist the Demon’s sharp teeth.

“Ghuo ~!”

The Demon roared, this monster is incredibly strong, even with its mouth it was able to suppress Mustoria’s attack.

At that moment, Mustoria jumped over the huge Demon.


Someone who had two swords in his hands, asked for help from the Heraldic Spirit (Ondine)

L iriodeagua

—— The Heraldic Armament “began to dance in the air.

The sword covered by water, constantly began to cut the Demon’s skin.

But the Demon’s middle head roared. Then a green and yellow Heraldic Armament was used.

Huntis and the others watched.

This is a third level Heraldic Art



There are many demons who can use a Magic Charm without saying a word. Instead, they require special concentration. Heads roared at each other.

The two heads had moved again.

At the same time they released a Breath of Fire on us.

The flames were very strong, that Breath of Fire burned everything in its path. Huntis and the others who went to the Vanguard had changed to an attack formation.

“—— The Army would only be a hindrance, all they do is use the healing spells!”

Nearby, someone was saying an Enchantment.

At that moment, Huntis and the others split up.

S and From the Back, Arurena used her Art

l p h

Heraldry. This is a third Heraldic Art

Level Storm —— .

The wind violently suppressed the flames.

“You saved us!”

“You’re welcome”

Cerberos is a problem, its three heads are independent, so they can act on their own. In addition to measuring five meters, one of this Demon’s heads can use a third level Heraldry Art, so it seems that his Spell specializes in healing. That head must be the first to be defeated, but due to the protection of the other two heads at its sides, it will be difficult to attack. .

——In addition, someone appeared.

Huntis could see that a flash passed over his head.

The center head was impacted, large amounts of blood began to spread. The huge Demon roared, and looked at the sky.

He is not only the Team captain, but he is also the strongest of the five —— Reece.

He appeared from the back of where Arurena was, he was in a building next to the plaza.

In his hand, Reece was holding his

R and i

Heraldic Armament. He had a pistol-type sword —— . Above the head, a snake-shaped light took the shape of a ring.

Reece began firing constantly, each impact hitting the center head.

Each of his attacks is a third level Heraldic Art. The central head of the Demon was completely destroyed, his brain had been pulverized.

Victory was more than immediately.

The huge Demon then fell to the ground. At that moment screams of joy could be heard.

“The Devil has been defeated!”

“Who’s that Onii-chan !? He’s really strong!”

“He is great!”

People responded with applause after being afraid of the Devil.


The young Knight observed the citizens of the Northern city Kirukurusu. All the citizens had a look of amazement and admiration.

The beautiful plaza was now littered with rubble from damaged buildings and remains of the Demon’s body, making this look somewhat sad.

But considering the Demon’s size, the total damage is surprisingly small.

They were grateful. They did not expect a Knights Unit to be able to deal with a Demon.

“Who are ……? You don’t look like normal Knights ……”

Some young people were muttering, so someone replied:

“Don’t you know? This group of people are not Knights yet, they are in a Knights Academy”

“Eh? Then ……”

The young men were surprised and opened their eyes even wider and looked in their direction.

They are an exception, their powers are equal to or even stronger than that of a Knight, so Matter Knights Academy created a special Unit with the strongest people.

They are commonly known as the “Los

Unit 0 0

Irregular ”

The formation of this Unit only takes a short period of four months, but its reputation extended to the outskirts of Kirukurusu.

“Today we did a great job. Cheers!”

“Health!” “Health!” “(Hum Hum)” “Oh! Fried chicken!”

The sound of crashing glass sounded throughout the restaurant.

“Wuaaaa ~ ~ Sure enough, eat after

getting the victory is the best ~! ”

Huntis after taking a breath, went back to drinking. Another person next to him reluctantly replied.

“Stop, you already look like an old man. Besides, why are you getting drunk on juice?”

“W-Anyway. I must enjoy this victory! Yes, Waitress, another drink!”

While Saya complained, Huntis ordered another drink.

Upon returning from Kirukurusu, Huntis and the other “Irregulars” went to celebrate their victory in a restaurant.

They entered a restaurant called “GekoGeko Restaurant” although it has a funny name, its food is very tasty, most of the students and Instructors spend it here.

“Although I’ve already said it, Reece’s attack was incredible”

Obviously they weren’t drinking alcohol, but Huntis’s face was red, he had gotten drunk from the environment so he began to constantly praise Reece.

“I didn’t do anything. This was all thanks to you lending me your strength”

Reece replied modestly, raising his left hand.

The back of his hand was lighting up —— Reece was watching him— – It’s his Heraldic Art.

Heraldic Art emits that brilliance, followed by its manifestation.

A snake-shaped light appeared. Saya tapped him lightly as he approached his meal.

His Heraldic Art had materialized, so Huntis said:

“No, no, just by using your Heraldic Art you took care of everything”

It is common for the Heraldic Spirit to float freely, as Heraldic Art has countless spells that have not been known.

However, in some rare cases, the power of the Heraldic Spirit can be very different.

This is called “Heraldic Spirit Dependency” since the Spirit needs to interact with each other and with human beings. That snake ring —— “Uroboros” is based on the

Reece’s Heraldic Spirit who is “Rei”. The back of his hand reflects the contract with this Spirit.

Of course, gaining the recognition of a Heraldic Spirit is never easy.

The Heraldic Knights, only a very limited number of them have it. Not to mention that there are cases where there are exceptions.

Reece is indeed a genius. Its strength is overwhelmingly powerful. So Huntis is proud to protect his back.

At first, Huntis could not accept this fact.

But Reece does not brag about his ability, he has always been very modest, but also praises the strength of his peers.

Most importantly, he is a generous man and appreciates the effort.

So over time Huntis began to change.

Because of this, Huntis considers him a good companion as well as a difficult target, but Huntis respects Reece at heart.

Of course, he is still a little jealous.

Reece aware of this, said kindly:

“But Huntis, in fact your power has increased. No, not only Huntis’, obviously everyone has become strong”

“If we continue like this, we can defeat either any Demon or Dragon”

Combing her blonde hair, Arurena replied.

The Dragon is considered a Monster of great power, this was the enemy of humanity. According to legend, in the past, the Yūreshia civilization witnessed the Battle between the “Dragon King” and “The Demon King”.

“You’re right …… But for now if we fight those monsters, probably none of us would be capable”

“You’re right. So the most option

smart would be to escape ”

Reece calmly analyzed the situation, Saya agreed.

“Oh, even against those two we are weak”

“Because it’s not worth dying, I hate being weak, but I wouldn’t want to be reckless” “Uhm, you’re right about that (I think)”

After he was focused on eating, Mustoria suddenly spoke up.

“It doesn’t matter what happens (appreciates life)”

Again his mouth was full of food, no one understood what he was saying.

“Mustoria, first eat and then you talk. It’s not good that you eat with your mouth full, even though you’ve always been like this, but this time, I hope you’re ashamed”

Arurena comes from a Noble family, so she is used to eating with a lAbel. But on the other hand, Mustoria comes from the border, from a tribe, so there should be no good ways to eat.

“Cohg, cogh”

“I already told you! Eat with your mouth shut!”

Mustoria was covered in food, so Arurena handed him a napkin. Mustoria took it and blushed, after which she scratched her head.

Once Mustoria was recovered, Recee said:

“But our greatest goal, the best. Is to one day defeat the” Dragon King “and the” Demon King “”

The night breeze blew on her cheeks.

With this breeze, Huntis feels very comfortable, he took a deep breath and looked at the sky. In good weather, you could see countless stars.

After today’s mission, Huntis felt calm and enthusiastic. He was already prepared to go to sleep, so he opened the door to his room.

“Huntis? What’s going on? Why are you arriving at this time?”

Suddenly, he heard someone say his name so that he was surprised.

“…… Saya? Is something wrong?”

Saya’s voice was heard.

“I can not sleep”

“I see. In fact, the same thing happens to me. Oddly enough, my body feels tired.”


Saya nodded softly and took a few steps. But Huntis’s body began to stiffen.

She approached and looked at the sky. While looking at the sky she murmured [Beautiful]

Its scent was like sweet flowers. Huntis’s heart began to pound.

Thinking that they are alone… Huntis had to remain calm.

No, even if they are alone, nothing will happen. Huntis has always been approached by women, but this time his emotions were getting out of control.

He was silent, making the atmosphere uncomfortable. Huntis had to find a topic to talk about.

“So with that being said. It’s been 4 months since we started. It feels like time flies by.”

“Yes, but it feels like it’s been a long time ago”

“Actually, I feel the same way. I never imagined teaming up with the Leader. I never imagined he would be number 1 on the list.”

“Me too but….”

Saya looked at the night sky, Huntis was watching her. At that moment, with a shy expression he said:

“…… You remember?”


Of course I remember. Even without bothering to remember, that scene is very clear in my mind.

It was the first time he had seen her like this. Seeing Saya, she looked depressed. Huntis’s heart was trying to tell him something.

“At the time, even though I had a vague idea …… I couldn’t speak clearly, but sooner or later my heart knows that this has become a premonition”

“Y-I see …… At that moment I thought [Uwa, she is a little scary. I better not make her angry]”

Huntis jokingly said so. But up to a point, that’s true.

Saya’s lips moved.

“Hey, what are you saying”

“No, not what I mean. After we became a Team, don’t you feel a

cold feeling? Right now……”

“That is due to a lot of things that have happened before …… Well, I think you should trust people a little more. You should be closer to the people that interest you.”

Little by little Saya’s sadness was gone, then she looked back at the sky.

“My parents died very early, so I lived in the church monastery. Although many children went through the same ….. I am from the Yamatai Nation, a nation that everyone despises and hates”

“That is why……?”

Due to the circumstances, Huntis imagined what she had to go through. Spending his entire life as an orphan and together with the other children in the monastery.

However, she was not distracted. Huntis was able to begin to understand what was happening to her. As a result, Huntis would try to help her in whatever way he could.

Still, Huntis decided to find out his thoughts.

Although I don’t know what you’re thinking, I want to know.

“…… That’s why I want to be a Knight. I have to be the strongest of all. As a result, no one else would underestimate me. In order to achieve the excellent results I got on the enrollment exam, I had to vomit up blood, but in order to achieve my goal, I don’t mind ”

Saya had a self-critical tone from what was said, so I look at Huntis.

“Anyway, now that I think about it, that makes me feel funny. I wanted to be the number 1 person …… But now that we are partners, I feel good. Definitely no one discriminates against me. Of course, neither do you, Huntis ”

“And I do not……”

“Can’t I thank you?”

Saya said while having a tender smile. Until recently I was able to expose a smile.

The moonlight illuminated her beautiful smile, it seemed like an illusion.

Huntis’s face grew hot. Since it was night, you couldn’t see that he was blushing.

He couldn’t turn around, he was pretending that nothing had happened, then he said:

“Well …… let’s go home”

“Yes, good night”

“Good night”

Gently waving his hand, Huntis left quickly.

(What’s going on?)

Her chest was heaving. Seeing Saya’s smile, she almost lost control.

As a result, Huntis was unable to sleep.