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I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The thing that bothers me about this is that Alicia has that attitude of ‘I’m not like other girls’. In regards to being a villainess, she says herself that she’s ‘not like other girls’ because she doesn’t want to be the heroine and instead wants to be the villainess. And then the story starts and though she believes she’s doing her best to become a villainess, her natural personality/ethics/morality is totally that of a heroine. Not being self aware enough to realise that is okay, really, but then I got to the part about Duke.

I’m pretty sure he’s the ML, and it’s pretty obvious that he likes Alicia (this isn’t about the weird five year age gap but I also don’t like it… ten and fifteen is way too different for me to consider even being comfortable with this). Even Alicia suspects this herself, though she thinks ‘surely it’s just platonic…’ she also has this moment where she says ‘I’m not naive about these things like other girls’ and then just… is? She’s like ‘I’m not blind I know he likes me… but just as friends haha surely not romantically’ and it’s just… annoying. The lack of self awareness really started to bug me at that point, especially because she seems to think she’s different and not like the other girls when in actuality she is.

This kind of ignorance/naivety is like kinda cute in the beginning I guess… and then the more I read the more it started to tick me off. Now I’ve decided to just drop this all together… it’s cute and fun most of the time but not good enough to make me want to stick it out and sit through more of this nonsense skldgjsdg.


Table of Content

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