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I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Only gripe, at this moment, would be the translation that got picked up in April of 2017. I had some minor issues beforehand but [Comet Translation] couldn’t translate his way out of a German McDonald drive-tru with the correct amount of mcnuggets. Heck, he’d probably make his getaway with a slice of pizza, somehow! It’s become a chore to read from Ch67 and onward. Newcomers beware, you might as well just google translate the raws yourself because that’s pretty much what you’re getting anyway.

I won’t take any stars off because it’s definitely not the fault of the author that it’s become that bad but if I had to take the current translation as a whole I’d be very much tempted to dock a star, or even two. So, I’ll be putting this in my [Ketchup] folder for now and wait either for [Comet Translation] to up his ball pitch or for someone else to pick up. All the better if the quasi-botched chapters are redone.

EDIT: Well, the gauntlet was run through and Comet Translation has long since stopped screwing with us. CardboardTL is doing a great job of it, props to them.


Table of Content

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