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I Shall Survive Using Potions! Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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She be-friend with this world only goddess Celestia just like Ahri be-friend with Sophia.

She has no common sense of this world and everything she does is too OP make she stand out.

At some point, just like Adel, she calls herself as Celestia’s friend (there’s no lie with that though) and was worship as a Silver Hair Loli Goddess of Micracle.

She flees the country from the stalker Prince. And she is working in another country just like Adel change her name to Mile and flee to the Kingdom.

At some point, she use her ability again in an Earl’s party and is worship as a goddess again.

The Royal family invite her to the castle and for some *spoiler* event, she swears in the goddes Celestia that she never come to the castle nor listen to the Royal again, the king can only helds his head in agony.

Next, the Pope of the Church thinks she is an impostor but wants to use her, he comes to her workplace and act high and mighty and yells “You dare to defy me, don’t you afraid of goddess’s punishment?”

She answers with “Between me, her best friend and some mortal human who dare to mis-use her name, who do you think will get the goddess’s punishment?” And she use her ability that out of this world. The Pope flees for his life in fear.

Next, she reveals herself to public as Goddess Celesia’s best friend. She sells her potion in another world. The potion can only last 5 days to prevent country use it for war.

The Holy Empire that 6 days travel from the Kingdom don’t have any benefit from the potion. And their country is proud as the country of Goddess Celestia, they demand to take our heroine to their country.

They waves war with the Kingdom.

The whole Kingdom is worry about the war that they might lose. They give out 40.000 soldiers to the bolder to stop the Empire and only keep 15.000 soldiers to guard the capital.

The Empire have 80.000 soldiders in total, they bait 40.000 soldiers at the border and 40.000 soldiers cross the mountain to invade the capital.

Our Heroine finally heard the news, she understands that this war was because of her. So she casually talks with the Royal, I will stop 40.000 soldiers that try to invade the capital.

*Spoiler* And then, she and her party really did it. 40.000 Empire soldiers are surrender with zero-condition when facing 15.000 Kingdom’s soldiers.

Next, she tells the Royal that she will defeat 40.000 Empire soldiers at the border too. The Royal family try to stop her because it’s dangerous, but she doesn’t care. They tell her that they won’t provide horse nor food.

But she just get one of the war horse from 40.000 surrender soldiers and go by herself. The Royal try to follow her only to know that they are no match for her alone. They reach the border with both soldier and horse tired to nearly death, but MC is casual like nothing.

After that MC and Royal member lead all soldiers to battle.


Table of Content

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