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I Opened a Café in Another World Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The plot is simple, straightforward and has been seen in many stories: a girl get isekai-ed to another world; this time, the God summons her, instead of the repetitive truck-san or some country’s ploy to take advantage of the summoned. Unlike the contemporary convoluted novels that were saturated with illogical politics, betrayal and revenge, I’m-so-OP but desire a slow life which eventually ends up becoming the center of world, or ridiculous pointless harem of brainless girls, this novel is tame and normal, nothing too grand and complex to understand. SHe encounters normal nice people, decides to live her life there and along the way, improves the incomprehensibly horrendous cuisine of that world by bringing Earth’s see delicious food there. During her time as cafe owner, she met new people, develops relationship and integrated into another world’s life. One interesting thing to point out is that instead of the usual oh-so-amazing Japanese cuisine, the author incorporated the Western cuisine into the story, which actually made sense in the European setting.


Table of Content

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