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I Am The Fated Villain Chapter 119 Part 2

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119 — Devouring the Prey; Fragrance of a Vixen!

TL: VILFIC | ED: davidebic

Yin Mei couldn’t help but show a hint of doubt on her face in response to his question and said, “Bai Lie did come to me, but he later left saying that he had to settle an account with Ye Ling…”

“It turns out that our Young Master personally went to deal with Ye Ling…”

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The middle-aged man of the White Tiger Family frowned after he heard her words.

He was well aware of Yin Mei’s temperament since Bai Lie met up with her multiple times in the past, so he held her in high regard. Yin Mei was a gentle woman with a well-bred and respectful personality.

What’s more? He had seen with his own eyes how Yin Mei helped Bai Lie see Ye Ling’s true colors back at the banquet.

So he held no doubt in Yin Mei’s words.

What’s more? There was a high chance that Bai Lie would personally go after Ye Ling, as that’s just how he was.

He had long ago told Bai Lie that he felt that Ye Ling was not a good guy, but Bai Lie always defended Ye Ling, so he stopped talking about him after that.

Speaking of which, he had to thank Yin Mei for her help. If not for her help, Bai Lie would have never seen Ye Ling’s true colors.

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“Did something happen?”

Right then, Yin Mei asked with a frown on her face that showed a puzzled expression.

“To tell you the truth, Lady Yin Mei, our Young Master has yet to return after going off to deal with Ye Ling. I visited Ye Ling’s mansion a while ago and only found some fluctuations of aura there that showed that a battle went down there…”

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“Ye Ling is missing, and so is our Young Master.”

The middle-aged man explained with a frown.

Yin Mei could hear a hint of worry from his tone as he spoke.

He had searched the entire ancient city, yet he couldn’t find any signs of the two, so he had no choice but to come to Yin Mei.

“Bai Lie is missing?”

Yin Mei frowned harder and said with a tone full of concern, “But Bai Lie is the Young Master of the White Tiger Family, so he must have many life-saving treasures on his person, so he should be fine, right?”

The middle-aged man sighed and then cupped his hands and said, “That Ye Ling’s methods are too strange and sinister, so I am afraid that the Young Master might suffer a massive loss at his hands. Lady Yin Mei, we have bothered you a lot, so we will take our leave now.”

Yin Mei nodded and said with some worry in her tone, “Tell Bai Lie to see me immediately after you find him!”

“I will let the Young Master know as soon as we find him, Lady Yin Mei; you don’t need to worry about it.”

The middle-aged man replied and then bid his farewell and left.

Yin Mei’s worry for Bai Lie at this time didn’t come to him as something abnormal — after all, Yin Mei was Bai Lie’s fiancée.

Yin Mei’s worry immediately disappeared as she watched the middle-aged man leave with Bai Lie’s followers, and an expression full of mockery appeared on her face as she muttered to herself, “By the time you find him, Bai Lie’s corpse would have already grown cold.”

“Master truly knows how to predict everything! There’s nothing hidden from him.”


When Gu Changge returned to his courtyard, he found Yue Mingkong waiting for him with her hands tied before her chest and her back leaning against one of the pillars in the courtyard.

The night wind blew and made her dress flutter while the silver moonlight illuminated her peerless visage. Dressed in a plain gauze dress, she merely stared at Gu Changge with her cold eyes.

Her expression seemed to resemble an aggrieved wife whose husband left her alone at home to steal food for himself in the dead of night.

Gu Changge couldn’t help but tease her with a smile, “Why do you look like this? Your husband didn’t go and feast on the food all by himself.”

The hazy moonlight compounded Yue Mingkong’s grace as it covered her tall and proud figure.

“Where were you?”

Yue Mingkong asked and then walked towards him with a frown.

She understood well that Gu Changge wouldn’t kill Ye Ling right now. It was very likely that he went to find trouble with Bai Lie, the Young Master of the White Tiger Family.

Still, she couldn’t help but ask as it was a matter of great importance.

What’s more? She could smell a strange fragrance from Gu Changge’s body…

Gu Changge replied with a smile, “Of course, I went out to get some work done; I also got to watch a good play tonight, and I will return to the Palace tomorrow.”

Yue Mingkong stopped right in front of him and narrowed her eyes with a dangerous glint in them after her lovely nose twitched for a while.

Her appearance and actions surprised Gu Changge, and he wondered if she could tell where he went through her nose and sense of smell?

Yin Mei, the Holy Maiden of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family, belonged to him, but he didn’t want anyone to know about it. The fewer people knew about their relationship, the better.

Gu Changge didn’t intend to tell Yue Mingkong about this matter.

He wondered if Yue Mingkong, a regressor, already knew about it or not?

“You have the smell of a vixen…”

Yue Mingkong said with a glare, and her not-so-indifferent tone showed her rage in full.


Her words stunned Gu Changge, and he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Speaking of which, Yin Mei was indeed from a family of Nine-Tailed Celestial Foxes.

What surprised him even more was that Yue Mingkong’s nose could actually pick up on something like this.

At the same time, he reckoned that he got her fragrance and aura on him when he played with Yin Mei’s foxtail.

This realization increased Gu Changge’s vigilance, and his aura surged to destroy the traces of aura and odor on his person.

He couldn’t let anyone figure out the relationship between Yin Mei and him right now, or his flawless plan would fall apart.

‘This girl…Yue Mingkong even remembers what I smell like so clearly, so there’s a chance that she’s still hiding certain feelings…’

Gu Changge couldn’t help but smile as he thought about this.

By the time he finished thinking about the matter, Yue Mingkong had already returned to her resting quarter while feeling that she had wasted all that time waiting for Gu Changge’s return.

It actually turned out that he ran out in the middle of the night to hook up with some woman.

The fact upset Yue Mingkong even more than before, and she wondered why a vixen jumped into Gu Changge’s life in this life?!

Of course, she knew that with Gu Changge’s temperament, whatever woman he went out to meet in the middle of the night was probably nothing more than one of his pawns.

Still, it made Yue Mingkong unhappy as deep jealousy flooded her heart which was already filled with murderous thoughts.

Yan Ji, the annoying woman in the Great Sacred Realm, already troubled her, but now…

She couldn’t deal with Yan Ji because of her great strength, but did that mean she couldn’t deal with this damned vixen who appeared out of nowhere?

“Don’t let this Empress find out your identity!”

[ED/N: Man, do I like jealous women… I’m now officially team Mingkong.]

Yue Mingkong clenched her hands.

A cold light flashed past her eyes, and a frosty expression covered her peerless visage.

But soon, her expression returned to its usual indifference. After all, she was a mighty Empress who could dictate the life and death of countless existence.

She might have suffered setback after setback in front of Gu Changge, but in front of others, she was a terrifying existence who could oppress them just by breathing.

For her, a regressor, dealing with someone was a simple matter.

What’s more? She was the Crown Princess of the Supreme Immortal Dynasty and held enormous authority in her hands.

Yue Mingkong deeply loved and hated Gu Changge. Although she did everything to avenge herself for what he did in their previous life, there was no way she would allow Gu Changge to keep another woman while she was still alive!

Gu Changge's Stats

Host: Gu Changge
Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain
Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd

  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace
  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s):

  • Dao Bone
  • Devil Heart

Cultivation Base: Late Stage of the Conferred King Realm
Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (90%)]
  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)
  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)
  • Void Ability (Talent)
  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art
  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom
  • ……

Destiny Points: 12000
Fortune Value: 2500 (Dark)
System Shop: Open

  • X3 | Fortune Plundering Card
  • X1 | Domain Traversing Talisman
  • X1 | Formation Breaking Talisman
  • X1 | Divine-grade Aura Concealment Talisman

Cultivation Realms


  • Mortal Physique – Trash Leek Lin Tian.
  • Spirit Ocean – None worth mentioning.
  • Spirit Palace – None worth mentioning.
  • Transcendent – Su Qingge, Ye Chen, Chu Xuan (was half-step, but I think he got through to it), other Holy Sons, Holy Maidens, and Princes, etc.
  • Great-Transcendent – Elder-level Figures of the Azure Lower Realm.
  • Saint – Sect Masters, Patriarchs of the Azure Lower Realm | Ye Liuli
  • Conferred Lord – Young Supremes of the Upper Realm | Gu Xian’er
  • Conferred King – Gu Changge (Late Stage) | Ye Langtian (Initial Stage) | Yue Mingkong (Initial Stage | Late Stage)
  • False God – A’Da.
  • True God – None Yet.
  • Heavenly God – Gu Changge.
  • God King – Old Ming, Aunt Xue.
  • Sacred Realm – None worth mentioning.
  • Great Sacred Realm – Yan Ji | Elder-level Figures of Ancient Immortal Families.
  • ……
  • Quasi-Supreme – None Yet.
  • Supreme – Gu Lintian is either a Supreme or someone beyond that level.
  • Beyond Supreme – Ancestors, I think. | Gu Lintian is either a Supreme or someone beyond that level.

Note: Beyond Supreme is not a real cultivation Realm, and I just put it here for Gu Lintian and Ancestor-level figures of Heritages at the level of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

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