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I Am The Fated Villain Chapter 119 Part 1

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119 — Devouring the Prey; Fragrance of a Vixen!

TL: VILFIC | ED: davidebic

“Why are you so strong?! How is this possible…”

Bai Lie questioned in desperation with an ashen face.

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He was taller and burlier than Gu Changge, yet Gu Changge lifted him by one hand like he was lifting a powerless chicken, and this further pushed Bai Lie down the abyss of despair.

Gu Changge obliterated his mightiest life-saving treasure with incomparable ease!

He could tell that the monstrous halberd in Gu Changge’s hand surpassed the Sacred Rank…no, it had to be a bloodthirsty weapon of the Supreme Rank, or it wouldn’t have such might that could cut through his golden paper like a hot knife cutting through mud.

“What a pity that you wasted such a good treasure (the golden paper)…”

Gu Changge said with a shake of his head, but Bai Lie couldn’t see any trace of pity from his expression.

“What’s this?!”

Right then, Bai Lie screamed in horror as extreme terror covered his visage.

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Gu Changge, on the other hand, showed a calm expression without the slightest turbulence in his gaze.


Before Bai Lie could utter another word, the flower in his chest burst with all kinds of divine rays of light that merged to form a pitch-black [Great Dao Treasured Bottle].

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Right after that, a strong aura burst forth from the flower, and the golden luster of the [Ultimate Golden Destructive Ability] appeared in front of Gu Changge. At the same time, a black hole appeared in Gu Changge’s palm and devoured the golden light so he could refine and absorb it.

The night wind blew, and Gu Changge stood on his spot with his eyes closed. After a while, he muttered, “The taste of the [Ultimate Golden Destructive Ability] isn’t bad; it contains countless changes![1] No wonder it’s ranked among the top three in the Upper Realm.”

[1: changes here refers to the ways the ability can be used through manipulation.]

“Congratulations for obtaining the [Ultimate Golden Destructive Ability], Master!”

Yin Mei congratulated him with respect in a hurry.

Seeing the scene before her made her surrender her heart to Gu Changge even more. The fear obliterated any remaining thoughts of resistance and betrayal, and she dared not entertain such thoughts anymore.

Gu Changge could exterminate her with ease.

Gu Changge nodded to her in response and then looked at the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd] in his hand and said with a smile, “I didn’t let you kill him because leaving scars (made by the halberd) on his body wouldn’t be good.”

Gu Changge could feel the excitement and joy of the [Eight Desolate Demon Halberd]. After all, it finally got to make a move after Gu Changge threw it in the System’s Weapon Space for a long time.

He felt pity over the fact that it only got to destroy a piece of golden paper that couldn’t even make it exert its true might.

The feeling of not being able to go all out almost made it fall into depression.

Adding to that depression was the fact that Gu Changge kept it locked in the Weapon Space all the time, so it couldn’t help but feel aggrieved over being left out of all the fun.

Gu Changge comforted it for a while and then threw it back into the Weapon Space.

“Master, what should I do with Bai Lie’s body?”

After looking at Bai Lie’s corpse, Yin Mei asked, as she was the one responsible for disposing of the remains of Gu Changge’s ‘cultivation resources.’

“You can’t destroy Bai Lie’s body.”

Gu Changge said with a smile as he removed the concealment formation shrouding their surroundings. The silver moonlight fell on his face again and increased the sinisterness of his expression.

The only ones who knew about today’s events were Yin Mei and him.

As for Bai Lie’s body? Gu Changge couldn’t let anyone destroy it, or he won’t be able to pin the blame on Ye Ling’s head.

As long as the eyes of the old monsters behind him (Bai Lie) didn’t give out, there would be some among them who would be able to tell how Bai Lie died.

At that time, even if he didn’t wish to pin the blame on Ye Ling’s head, Ye Ling wouldn’t be able to escape his fate.

Gu Changge pondered for a while and then put Bai Lie’s body inside his inner world before leaving the place.

Bai Lie’s corpse still had some use left.


“Congratulations, Master!”

Yin Mei said her farewell and then cleared all the traces on the scene. She was already used to this kind of work, after all.

Afterwards, she followed Gu Changge’s instructions and stayed in the courtyard waiting for what was to come.

Since Bai Lie disappeared into thin air, some of his followers and relatives will definitely come all the way here to question her.

That will be the moment for her to put her acting skills to use.

Unless someone looked through her soul and memories, they wouldn’t be able to find the truth.

Yin Mei wasn’t worried about someone going that far, however. She held no doubt in Gu Changge’s commands and arrangements.

What’s more? She was the Holy Maiden of the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Family, so who would dare to search her soul without concrete evidence against her?

Yin Mei sat in wait with a calm and natural expression on her face and gently combed her nine snow-white, fluffy foxtails, which shimmered under the silver moonlight.

She had recently realized that although Gu Changge didn’t hold much interest in her, he was pretty interested in her tails.

Every time she met up with him, he would take one in his hands and play with it for a while.

At first, his actions made her feel somewhat shy and awkward, but now, she was used to his antics.

Before long, Yin Mei sensed several mighty auras rushing towards her courtyard from outside — she could see several rays of divine lights fly over in her direction.

A strange smile showed on her lovely visage for a moment, but it soon disappeared, and she pretended to be disturbed by the sudden appearance of the newcomers.

“I pay my respects, Your Excellency, Yin Mei! Excuse me, but have you seen my Young Master?”

Soon, Yin Mei saw Bai Lie’s followers and protector — who usually hid in the dark — appear in front of her and question her.

The man turned out to be a Sacred Realm Master.

The middle-aged man had a burly build with the apparent characteristics of the White Tiger Family and radiated a mighty aura.

Gu Changge's Stats

Host: Gu Changge
Halo: Destined Heavenly Villain
Weapon(s): Eight Desolate Demon Halberd

  • True Disciple of the Heavenly Immortal Dao Palace
  • Young Master of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family

Innate Bloodline(s):

  • Dao Bone
  • Devil Heart

Cultivation Base: Late Stage of the Conferred King Realm
Mystical Abilities:

  • Heavenly Immortal Dao Codex [8th Layer (90%)]
  • Myriad Changes Demonic Physique (Talent)
  • Innate God’s Spirit Temple (Talent)
  • Void Ability (Talent)
  • Immortal-Devouring Demonic Art
  • Infinite Immortal Wisdom
  • ……

Destiny Points: 12000
Fortune Value: 2500 (Dark)
System Shop: Open

  • X3 | Fortune Plundering Card
  • X1 | Domain Traversing Talisman
  • X1 | Formation Breaking Talisman
  • X1 | Divine-grade Aura Concealment Talisman

Cultivation Realms


  • Mortal Physique – Trash Leek Lin Tian.
  • Spirit Ocean – None worth mentioning.
  • Spirit Palace – None worth mentioning.
  • Transcendent – Su Qingge, Ye Chen, Chu Xuan (was half-step, but I think he got through to it), other Holy Sons, Holy Maidens, and Princes, etc.
  • Great-Transcendent – Elder-level Figures of the Azure Lower Realm.
  • Saint – Sect Masters, Patriarchs of the Azure Lower Realm | Ye Liuli
  • Conferred Lord – Young Supremes of the Upper Realm | Gu Xian’er
  • Conferred King – Gu Changge (Late Stage) | Ye Langtian (Initial Stage) | Yue Mingkong (Initial Stage | Late Stage)
  • False God – A’Da.
  • True God – None Yet.
  • Heavenly God – Gu Changge.
  • God King – Old Ming, Aunt Xue.
  • Sacred Realm – None worth mentioning.
  • Great Sacred Realm – Yan Ji | Elder-level Figures of Ancient Immortal Families.
  • ……
  • Quasi-Supreme – None Yet.
  • Supreme – Gu Lintian is either a Supreme or someone beyond that level.
  • Beyond Supreme – Ancestors, I think. | Gu Lintian is either a Supreme or someone beyond that level.

Note: Beyond Supreme is not a real cultivation Realm, and I just put it here for Gu Lintian and Ancestor-level figures of Heritages at the level of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family.

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