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Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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First the MC is kinda tr*sh. I don’t mean in that he’s a bad person but that he’s useless. See in the story there is this princess he decided to shelter because another kingdom wants to kill her. However several members of his “harem” also talk about wanting to kill her because she was used as an excuse to slaughter their homes by a corrupt minister wanting the throne. What does he do? Just sits there and lets them decide her judgement by themselves. Later the author recycles this same concept with another woman called Lulu who was a high level figure of the enemy nation but is good and tried to stop the corrupt nobles and had to flee. Well one of his girls decides she has to bare his child to live. He of course objects to this but only halfheartedly. Basically even though this guy has absolute power and authority he uses non of it under the excuse of trying to create a democracy. But even a democracy has a leader and such.

Second is the “Goddess” character. She is there for the first couple chapters, says “okay good luck” and never shows up again. It’s not that she can’t appear she just doesn’t. It’s not that she was that great of a character but it leaves this feeling of “wait that’s it?”

This I’m just going to talk about his harem in bulk. Most of them suck. You know the phrase “give them and inch and they’ll take a mile”? These peopjle embody that phrase. It REALLY doesn’t take long after he frees them from s*avery and has them help him manage the dungeon that they basically take over. To their credit they are making mostly decent management decisions but that doesn’t mean they should have absolute authority. Again this is especially true with our princess and “holy woman” Lulu. While it’s understandable for several of the women to have grudges against these two neither of the women actually did anything bad so they come off as a bit unreasonable with their attitudes. To make things worse the author spends WAY too much time talking about just how the harem members feel about these two.

It gets to the point that you’ll get sick of hearing about it and you’ll want them to STFU and move on already. I don’t need to constantly hear about how these petty b*tches “won’t forgive” the princess for being a political pawn in an attempt to get her killed and steal the throne!


Table of Content

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