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Hidan no Aria Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Eternal Liar

If you’re searching for depth within a story, this is probably not what you want. Despite the lack of depth, the content itself if quite attractive. While the story itself is quite simple, but the quality of writing is great. It keeps you interested with new questions and the need to seek them. The blend of action, comedy and romance actually comes out quite well, despite not excelling in all three it strikes a balance instead between them. For people looking for moe and gunfights plus your dense harem MC

(not severely dense, but tolerably dense) this is something you would want to read. Romance isn’t superficial, but neither deep, again it is somewhere between the border of shallow and deep. Action is well written for a gun fight, almost imaginable. Comedic moments are golden, very enjoyable. <

Table of Content

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