Hazure Skill ‘Mapping’ wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Saikyou Party to Tomo ni Dungeon ni Idomu Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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Hazure Skill ‘Mapping’ wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Saikyou Party to Tomo ni Dungeon ni Idomu Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Aye, let’s be honest. There’s only one chapter, but the childhood friend is a b*tch.
I mean, I get that the MC rolled a tr*sh skill and all, but it’s written that the childhood friend said that they should split from adventuring in a voice that ‘was calm and cold’.

Now this tells me that their dream of being famous adventurers was just something that the MC wholeheartedly wished for and that the childhood friend was planning on using him if he had a good skill. Which I can understand, because that’s how it goes in the “real world”; if you have skills, you’re wanted and vice versa.

But in the end, they’re childhood friends, so how can you do that to someone you’ve known for a few years? It would’ve been acceptable if she had done it nicely and dropped hints here and there since he was clearly on cloud nine, but damn gurl.

Anyway, enough about the betrayal, and more onto ‘Mapping’. Mapping is an extremely useful skill, though the author describes it as tr*sh through the MC’s perspective.

How? Here’s how.



Rarity: SR (Super Rare)

Slot cost: 3


The ability to map up to a 1000 metre radius around a previously traversed point within the brain and store it as knowledge.


‘World Map’

Rarity: UR (Ultra Rare)

Slot cost: 3


The ability to map up all areas of this world within the brain and store it as knowledge.

At first, from what you can see from the descriptions, Mapping

is a tr*sh skill. I mean, who would want a Mapping skill in a world where there’s a skill called ‘World Map’, right? But here’s where the loophole comes in: ‘World Map’ is for “this world” whereas Mapping is for probably for “all” places since it doesn’t include the words “this world“.

Depending on how the author plays it out, it might be that dungeons aren’t considered part of “this world” or there may be multiple worlds. Thus, Mapping can definitely become an overpowered skill if utilized correctly.

If this is true, then the childhood friend screwed up since she’ll definitely become a strong adventurer who’ll venture to these places. But, she’s only what, 15 (Age isn’t mentioned except in synopsis) ?



As of chapter 2, I’m starting to think that the MC was a dick, but who wouldn’t be? I can understand why the childhood friend did what she did, but I can also understand the feelings of the MC.

When you’re party or partnered up with someone vastly more talented than you, you either react by: a) Knowing that since your partner is way more talented, you accept it and try to do your best

OR b) Compare yourself to partner and drown in sorrow due to realizing how inferior you are and develop an inferiority complex.

I know there are many other ways to react to this sort of situation, but I believe these two are the usual reactions.

In this case, the MC took route b. This would inevitably create some friction or unseen discord, causing the two to split and go their separate ways. And it did.

However, in chapter 2, it also revealed that my prediction in chapter 1 should be 99.99% correct. It describes dungeons as spaces that didn’t originate from his ‘Earth’, so only his Mapping skill should be able to work there. World Map only works in “this world”, thus not dungeons that aren’t from “this world”.



Table of Content

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