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Half-elves Fall in Love Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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And immediately after saying I can’t name all the girls I’m still going to talk about a bunch of them anyway lol

Selenium (half-elf) – the first girl and the one who gets the ball rolling. Once she shows up and declares herself a s*x s*ave to Andy, she creates an excuse for the others to do the same. She’s extremely devoted to Andy and is one of the three de facto “lead girls” of the harem, where the others generally submit to her decisions. Has a daughter with Andy.

Apple (half-elf) – Selelniums best friend and the one who actually met Nady as a kid (long story). Initially had amnesia but fell for Andy again basically on instinct, which actually caused a bit of internal drama. The most “normal” girl with no super combat skills, but also the most wife-y of the bunch

Diane (dark elf) – Andy’s commander, and is to super knights what super knights are to ordinary soldiers. The only girl who doesnt want to be a s*ave and instead approaches Andy on equal footing, which is a nice contrast. Normally plays the straight man but has some pretty strong urges herself. The second “lead girl” as the only one not technically a s*ave

Laila (dragon) – A black dragon who makes Andy her rider on the basis of wanting to f*ck each other. This ends up becoming fairly important later on, humorously enough. She doesnt really care about anything besides Andy and her friends, and it’s made clear several times that the morality of dragons is much different than humans. She’d gladly burn the world down if Andy told her to, and would just as gladly dive into lava for a stranger because it would make Andy happy. The third “lead girl” as the strongest

Anzeros (half elf) – a swordsman and super knight (eventually) who serves under Diane. Initially a tsundere reverse trap, she melts like butter after a while and ends up as the most masochistic of Andy’s initial group of s*aves. Has a bit of an inferiority complex towards Dianne, but grows rapidly as time goes on

You can write paragraphs like that for nearly all of the major s*ave girls, even the relatively simple ones like the catgirl who gets attached and actually leaves the village to follow him. There’s a lot of detail and care put into each girl, which is impressive considering at this point there’s almost 50 of them


Andy – the MC. First things first, he’s not your typical Marty Stu. He’s weak in combat and remains weak, with his few action scenes revolving around trickery and gadgets he comes up with. His only real ambition in life is to spend time doing erot*c things with his girls, and has no interest in power or fame.

What’s interesting about him is that the lack of interest in such things is actually a key part of why the girls love him so easily. He doesn’t care if you’re a dragon that could tear down a mountain, or a sacred Beast with a 100 bodies, or a super soldier who can kill thousands with her bare hands. He’ll still see them and treat them as women, effectively giving them a chance at “ordinary” happiness otherwise denied them.

Another is that while he doesnt have any interest in being a king or hero, he’ll still do everything he can do for the people he can save. A major story arc later on involves him basically tearing down an entire country and rebuilding it in order to save a girl from becoming a martyr for it.


Table of Content

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