Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~ Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~ Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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ch. 1 – Introduction about MC & his works… my opinion too s*upid? really working for 5 years for someone who curses & beats you up daily for a few coppers? not worth it, and he calls it a decent job. And he’s so called job is severe, dirty?, dangerous, yet they hired a useless weak guy to do the job, co-worker at the same shift? none.. I’d really like to see what kind of idiot would hire a weak guy for a dangerous job.

ch. 2 – Heavily injured thief running away, MC with one thrust of his spear the thief died….. really? no retaliation, no fighting, or just plain evasion? the thief must be pretty good despite his low stat as he was able to run away with only paying an arm after confronting the so called holy-knight yet he just died like that, really?? & btw a person with a skill combination of appraisal, mind-reading, concealment, really worked as a thief?? is he an idiot?

ch. 3 – Skill Investigation, MC investigates what he gained last chapter.. MC learned he has gained appraisal skill then he commented “Oi oi, if I have this skill, I can switch jobs from gatekeeper to appraiser. Not just anyone can become an appraiser so the pay is good” why do you consider being an appraiser why not become like the s*upid Thief and become a IDIOT thief. (Please don’t reason to me that the thief didn’t know he had skill because he has the skill concealment which hid all his skills that’s too pathetic), then MC appraised his Gluttony skill and after that he said “Yeah, I get it now. This is the same description that the Appraiser who visited in my hometown village saw. In other words, this skill has a hidden power that cannot be seen by Appraisal.
The power to devour the souls of those the user has killed, and take the victim’s skills as the user’s own. As a side-effect, it fills the user’s stomach..” wtf, he became a sage, how did he know that skill devours the soul and whatnot.

ch. 4 – MC buys weapon.. conversation between Fate & Greed – Greed: We are similar so buy me, Fate: Ok I’ll buy you… (O_O).. really just like that no questioning like what are you? how did you get here? didn’t it cross your mind that it might be a cursed sword?


Table of Content

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