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Formerly, The Fallen Daughter of the Duke Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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At the point where the story seems like it is winding down, the MC is engaged to her new prince, they have the confrontation scene with her sister/the villainess/the original heroine and then return home…

The MC decides to go back in time. (She knows she will have the ability to for various reasons that are not really important). She re-starts even earlier than the story began, has the intention of trying to help her sister be a better person, and knows that she may not be able to replicate her treasured relationships.

I know there is another reviewer who doesn’t like this twist, and they make some decent points, but really, everything was going so quickly I wasn’t that invested in the romance (like, I’m pretty sure MC and Prince Charming only knew each other for maybe a month).

I was more interested in the fact she was willing to give it up because:

  1. Her friend had gotten seriously injured because of her sister
  2. The relationship between her home country and her new country was was badly damaged and at risk of escalating to war

The fact she placed those things above her personal happiness showed a surprising amount of sense for this character.


Table of Content

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