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Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Go Kill Ling Ye Now

In the past when they were following Ling Ye, pretty much everyone would have to at least show them some respect wherever they went due to Ling Ye’s influence!

Yet now, right after they left Ling Ye, they had experienced what it means to be humiliated!

They of course felt strangely humiliated in their hearts!

“Hoho. We couldn’t do anything in the face of that brat Ye Ziwei’s paranoia either!”

Just then, Chu Yunxiao flew over while smiling, “My entire Stellar Empire came to form an alliance, but we too were refused at the door!”

“Stellar Empire?”

Ren Fanchen gazed toward Chu Yunxiao, “The Stellar Empire stands at the peak among the myriad realms, the Stellar Emperor is also a mighty Supreme Divine. And yet you’re willing to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance?”

“We’re not joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance! We’re merely working together with the Heaven and Earth Alliance to defeat the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

Chu Yunxiao calmly spoke, “Besides… We too have been barred outside of the Qiankun Realm by that brat!”

“Hoho! My Tianli Sword Sect too were rejected by that brat!”

An old man with white hair also stepped out from the void, “It seems as if she had rejected all existences at the Supreme Divine realm at the door!”

“Although her actions can be said to be somewhat rude! However, from the point of view of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, it’s not particularly wrong either!”

“Indeed. In this kind of time, if it was me, I too would rather slay 3000 innocents than to allow one guilty go through!”

“That brat is just a bit weak in terms of judgment. She’s too young after all! Besides that, she’s quite capable!”


Right after the Tianli Sword Sect, a number of others also flew over.

Ren Fanchen looked at Chu Yunxiao, then he looked around at all the other great powers who were rejected.

And he was a bit surprised!

That’s because he discovered that, among those, there are actually a total of five Supreme Divine realm existences?

It seems like it really is everyone in the myriad realms who want to take Ling Ye’s life!

The Heaven and Earth Alliance merely called out, and they actually managed to pull in five Supreme Divines?

Think about it. Which Supreme Divine isn’t the master of practically all that they survey?

And every organization that has a Supreme Divine among their numbers is considered to stand at the peak of the myriad realms!

Nor has there every been any group who could contain two or more Supreme Divines!

But now, with the call of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, they managed to draw a full five Supreme Divines to gather here?

Putting aside whether they’re joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance or simply making an alliance!

At the very least, it’s definitely a first and likely last to be able to get Supreme Divines to ally and work together, right?

And even after being met with Ye Ziwei shutting them outside the door, they’re actually not all that angry?

It looks like everyone really does have quite the faith in Ye Tian!

As he thought, it is already fated that Ye Tian must win!

That Ye Tian truly does have quite the charisma!

Perhaps Ye Tian really is someone more worth following than Ling Ye!

In that case, he shouldn’t lose his latest gamble!

“Since that Bloodshade Demon Lord no longer has a Bloodshade Demon Army, no… He should be utterly alone now!”

Chu Yunxiao spoke directly to Ren Fanchen, “Without you and yours, his full power should have greatly decreased!”

Ren Fanchen merely gave a faint smile without saying anything.

He doesn’t want to deny those words!

But nor did he dare to admit to them either!

It’s because he knows full well what Ling Ye is capable of!

It’s possible that in Ling Ye’s eyes, losing them really isn’t that big a loss.

“Speaking of… If the Bloodshade Demon Lord has lost the great army under him, then doesn’t that mean that he’s now… Completely without aid?”

Just then, a wild though suddenly appeared in Chu Yunxiao’s mind!

Right now, Ling Ye really is completely alone!

He has no helpers or aides of any kind!

In that case… Why should they wait for Ye Tian to exit seclusion before killing him?

Perhaps… They’d be able to kill him now?

Such thoughts made Chu Yunxiao’s blood boil in excitement!

His gaze suddenly concentrated on those few Supreme Divines around him!

Righ tnow, they have a total of five Supreme Divines all together!

Six when including Ren Fanchen!

In the past, it’s basically impossible to gather six Supreme Divines together in the same place at once.

But now, since six Supreme Divines are already gathered here!

In that case, why not… Give it a try?

Six Supreme Divines working together might really be able to defeat Ling Ye before Ye Tian could?

When that wild though popped into Chu Yunxiao’s head, it wouldn’t go away!

Instead, it just made Chu Yunxiao even more exited!

Think about it, just who is Ling Ye?

The lord over they myriad realms!

The demon that everyone hates to their bones!

If they charged in now and killed Ling Ye, then what kind of great legend and glory awaited them?

There’s no need to wait for Ye Tian to kill Ling Ye, right?

It might be difficult if Ling Ye still had helpers!

But right now, Ling Ye was on his own!

What are they afraid of?

Plus, the fact is that the Heaven and Earth Alliance refusing them at the door did cause them to lose some face!

If they went and killed Ling Ye now, then not only would they get that same face back, they’d also win great fame!

They may even gain a result with the Heaven and Earth Alliance holding nothing in the end!

What isn’t great about that?

“Hey… Everyone! I have a plan. Perhaps… We may not necessarily need the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

Chu Yunxiao looked toward Ren Fanchen and the rest of them.

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Final boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End, 大反派: 在大结局让女主救我
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ling Ye transmigrated into the final boss, it was already right before the end. Facing the max leveled protagonist, all that awaited him was death! At this critical moment, Ling Ye discovered a way out in the heroine! Thus, he secretly contacted the heroine… When the protagonist finally came out of seclusion at max level… Ling Ye: “Sorry about that. She seems to be on my side, and she even wants to marry me…” The protagonist blew his top: “How did the woman that I chased after all this time to no avail end up becoming yours?”


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