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Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Conceited Ye Ziwei

Heaven and Earth Alliance, Qiankun Realm.

At this moment, in the void near the borders of the Qiankun Realm.

The many leaders of the Spirit Tribe, lead by the Chief, were gathered here.

Their goal was obviously to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance.

Right now, within the Qiankun Realm was Ye Ziwei leading a number of people of the Alliance!

And right outside it was the entire Spirit Tribe!

“You guys are… All completely fine?”

Ye Ziwei was rather surprised at that.

Every single person of the Spirit Tribe were completely unhurt?

Didn’t Ling Ye attack the Spirit Tribe just a bit ago?

Given Ling Ye’s personality, if he attacked, then he shouldn’t have left a single person left to even speak of it!

So how the heck is the entire Spirit Tribe completely unharmed?

“Miss Ye, that Bloodshade Demon Lord entered our Spirit World! But for some strange reason, he didn’t attack us at all!”

The Chief held up his hands in a greeting, “He only took our Spirit Tribe’s greatest treasure, the Spirit Attraction Stone, along with one of our tribe’s bastards!”

“We’re quite curious as to why he didn’t kill us as well!”

“Anyways. Miss Ye! Our entire Spirit Tribe has already discussed this and decided that we’re willing to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance! From this day forward, we will work for the sake of lord Ye Tian!”

The Chief of the Spirit Tribe so spoke.

Immediately, the entirety of the Spirit Tribe joined in as one, “Yes. We wish to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance and serve Lord Ye Tian!”

“To fight together against the Bloodshade Demon Army and slay the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”


The entirety of the Spirit Tribe roared out as one.

Right now, only through joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance would they be able to get their revenge!

Only then would they be able to take back the Spirit Attraction Stone.

“Very good then! Our Heaven and Earth Alliance just so happens to need various friends to join in!”

Ye Ziwei lightly nodded.

Then, she started moving to open up the entrance to the Qiankun Realm!

However, at that moment, she frowned slightly.

She started getting suspicious!

Right now, every single person of the Spirit Tribe was fine. They didn’t even have any injuries even!

That seems… A bit strange isn’t it?

Since the Bloodshade Demon Lord acted, there shouldn’t be any logical way for it to have ended up with such a result!

And now, the entire Spirit Tribe is trying to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance?

And their signature treasure, the Spirit Attraction Stone, was taken by Ling Ye as well?

Why would Ling Ye bother taking the Spirit Attraction Stone for?

There’s just way too many suspicious points to all this!

Ye Ziwei’s eyes narrowed. She instantly thought of another possibility!

That the Spirit Tribe… Has already joined up with the Bloodshade Demon Army!

And the Spirit Attraction Stone was something that the Spirit Tribe presented to Ling Ye of their own initiative.

Yeah. If that’s how it was, then it’s only natural that the Spirit Tribe would be completely unharmed!

And the reason that they’re trying to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance now is actually because… They’re trying to get into the Qiankun Realm!

In order to destroy the Heaven and Earth Alliance form the inside!

Thus, Ye Ziwei immediately stopped.

Hoho? You want to infiltrate our Heaven and Earth Alliance?

Want to destroy us from the inside?

No way!

Until Tian-ge exits his seclusion, I absolutely have to keep the Heaven and Earth Alliance safe. I won’t allow any risks!

“Miss Ye?”

Now, the entire Spirit Tribe started looking at Ye Ziwei with incomprehension.

Why’d she suddenly stop?

Open the entrance and let us in already!

They seriously got a huge scare from Ling Ye, so now, they fell like unless they could hide inside the Qiankun Realm, they could end up in danger at any time!

“Chief. You said just now… That the Bloodshade Demon Lord took our tribe’s signature treasure, the Spirit Attraction Stone? And yet he didn’t kill a single one of your?”

Ye Ziwei suddenly showed a conceited smile on her face.

“Yes! He took our Spirit Tribe’s greatest treasure! We must take it back. Otherwise, our Spirit Tribe can’t be called the Spirit Tribe anymore!” The Spirit Tribe’s Chief strongly nodded.

“Hoho! In that case, I have to suspect then… Did he really take it, or did your Spirit Tribe present it to him of your own initiative?” Ye Ziwei smiled.

The moment those words left her mouth, everyone of Spirit Tribe’s face sank.

“Miss Ye. What is the meaning of those words?” The Chief frowned.

“The truth… Could it perhaps be something else? Like, for example, that when the Bloodshade Demon Lord attacked you, you surrendered!”

Ye Ziwei continued smiling, “And then you presented him your Tribe’s treasure to show your sincerity!”

“Therefore, it’s only natural that after surrendering, all of you would be unharmed!”

“And now, you’re trying to join our Heaven and Earth Alliance under false pretenses! It must be… An order from the Bloodshade Demon Lord, hm?”

“The goal… Is to destroy our Heaven and Earth Alliance from the inside, and destroy our Qiankun Realm?”

Ye Ziwei so spoke in an even tone.

Every word was like a shape blade, stabbing into the hearts of the people of the Spirit Tribe.

To think that she could think such a thing?

Their entire Spirit Tribe all decided to believe in Ye Tian and join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

And yet to think that the moment they got to their door, they’re faced with such thoughts from Ye Ziwei?

To be so suspected?

The entire Spirit Tribe felt a chill in their hearts.

They’ve all believed in Ye Tian so!

Back when Ye Tian was young, they helped him many times over!

And yet, here in the end, what they received in return was suspicions from Ye Tian’s little sister?

“Miss Ye! How could you think so little of our Spirit Tribe?” The Chief growled out.

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End

Final boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End, 大反派: 在大结局让女主救我
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When Ling Ye transmigrated into the final boss, it was already right before the end. Facing the max leveled protagonist, all that awaited him was death! At this critical moment, Ling Ye discovered a way out in the heroine! Thus, he secretly contacted the heroine… When the protagonist finally came out of seclusion at max level… Ling Ye: “Sorry about that. She seems to be on my side, and she even wants to marry me…” The protagonist blew his top: “How did the woman that I chased after all this time to no avail end up becoming yours?”


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