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Dungeon Battle Royale ~ Since I Became a Demon King, I Will Aim for World Domination ~ Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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About MC: He is just another teenager with “I’m Tough person, you know” mentality. He is one of the author boasted “smart and manipulative” MC. In reality, he is just a mediocre and possible a mentally affected teenager who needs experts counselling. Without plot armors, he would have died at the beginning itself.

His marvelous manipulations like – farming dungeon, 6 hrs time limit concept, giving gifts -stronger weapons – are just s*upid plot hole and armors.

It was given that those supposed demon lords already used internet to share info during probation period, why come no human found it? – No explanation. If demon lords still uses internet – Why no else made any post and only MC posts it? – Left hanging. What he does (giving of weapons) affected another DL, why the reverse hadn’t happen – Again another Plot Armor. One DL literally cried to Hero party that they should show him mercy as he is also a fellow citizen – yet this CRUCIAL info. Never came out, and left in darkness – What a Plot Armor!.

No one doubted why 6hrs time limit only applicable to MC dungeon! – Or by what miracle the study conducted exactly in his dungeon out of a lot?! And Why not this info was cross checked with dungeon at other areas?! – Again plot Armor!!!!!!

Chapters were filled with so much blah, blah explanation – which were literally useless. At time I thought as google-chan entering the scene, it might get interesting but alas it was just another waste.

Especially information gathering and manipulation using apps makes no sense if you apply your common sense as other side is the one who has more resources to collect, organize and access these information – ALL OVER WORLD!, once again, note here, ALL OVER THE WORLD. They are people and governments who governed countries in modern world not novice pumpkins. But how plot treats them – is utterly ridiculous.

Bottom line :- MC- Worse. World Setting – Worst. Plot growth – Blah blah. Side characters – just fillers and noises.

Its a crap. DONT READ IT.


Table of Content

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