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Criminal Psychology Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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I was born in the sky, grew up in the scorching sun, and soared in the wind, never gone. Dearest girl, please don’t cry for me.

-Song Shengsheng

This is perhaps the heaviest Arc out of all the cases. I left this case for the last to read since its really highly regarded in the Chinese community, and even if I’m just thinking about it, my tears are threatening to fall.

I don’t really feel like making a summary on this case, and my hands are trembling just from thinking about it. There are mentions of r*pe and suicide. Like the case from before, please be careful before reading this.

Song Shengsheng, unlike his name that means sound, has never spoken a word in this arc, but he has the most beautiful and toughest soul in the world. You can read just from the description of his actions how much he loves the world. This is a really sorrowful case, and if you ask a reader of this novel, I’m sure they’ll answer you that this the best and most memorable Arc of the novel


Table of Content

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