Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 95 [Part-1]

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Chapter 95 – Mask the Shock Strikes

Entering the casino ‘Arch Qi’ through the back door.

“…? Hey, you! Hey, buddy! This is an off-limits-“

“Move, move!”


A sweaty Marco came ran across the hallway, pushing aside the group of scary-looking employees who were busily at work.

He quickly put on a pair of black sunglasses and his coat.

“Thanks for your hard work! Boss!”

“Yeah, you’ve done a good job too. Let’s go to the manager’s office.“

“Yes, sir!”

I walked majestically towards the manager’s office with the tattooed skinhead, Marco, who greeted me very solemnly.

This man was the number two here, so I told him that I was the Demon King yesterday.

“All of you! Get out of the way!“

Marco suddenly yelled with a scary look on his face.

The terrified employees rushed to the edges of the corridor, not knowing why Marco was so angry.

Many of them were obviously ferocious members of the underworld, but the beauties handpicked by dealers obediently formed a line at both ends of the corridor along with the other members.

I walked down the center of the hallway with Marco.

I’m supposed to help them as an adviser… but for some reason, I feel more like a Demon King than usual.

It seemed that I couldn’t escape from being a Demon King. It must be my vocation.

Most of the men were dressed in casual suits, and the women were dressed in elegant, but rather erotic and lust-inducing outfits.

This may be the secret of their popularity.



The room buzzed due to his scream.

For some reason, many of them looked pale.

“Can you stop yelling? You’re making me tense.”

“I’m sorry! I’ll be careful from now on!”

He hasn’t really been careful. I’m already surprised by his apology.

I appreciated his enthusiasm, but there should be a limit to everything.

“If you have to, just tell me you’ll be shouting.”

“Got it. I’ll be shouting even louder now.“

“Even louder? I can’t handle this anymore… You’re always one step ahead of me…“

Well, I couldn’t afford to worry about that.

Since, I, the Demon Lord has spoken, I will make this casino the best in the continent… or even the universe.

He headed for the manager’s office, uncaring of the strange and hostile stares of the crowd, like the true Demon King he was.

He entered through the door opened by Marco.

“Hey, bro, the boss is here.”


Gerard was lying on a new couch.

“I did everything you said. I’m not going to get involved if your girl complains.“


Gerald said something I didn’t understand.

He was still drinking while sprawled on the sofa.

He must have moved to the sofa, since the manager’s desk was already set up pretty nicely for me.

But anyway, a woman?

“He’s talking about Princess Celestia.”

The nifty Marco informed me by whispering.


I wondered why Celestia’s name was mentioned.


For a few seconds, I pondered.

Celestia, side job.

Those two words came to mind.

Don’t tell me… this was Celestia’s business and I’m standing in the way… of it?

“….did Celestia say anything?”

“Hmmm. She told me to follow her boss’s orders absolutely. And that this place is now officially under the control of Kronos.“

…I see.

Celestia really helped me out.

I’m sure she was running this casino as a side business, but now that I barged in here, she’s letting me handle it.

I wish I could give something back.

“Since the boss is here now, I’m going out.”

“Hmm? Have a good day. Take care.”

Waving his hand behind his back, Gerald strode out of the room.

Anyway, I was just meddling in the affairs of other people till now, but now that I got to know I could make a direct contribution to Celestia’s casino.

I feel more motivated.

“……I’m going to have to work harder. Okay, let’s hear your report. First of all, let’s see… did you offer free booze?”

I ask as I took a seat.

“Yes. It’s just that Lernoa, the mercenary who came out of nowhere and stayed until just now for the free booze…”

“Get her out of here. From now on, kick out anyone who comes here for free drinks even though they don’t play games. Or offer them hot water instead.“

“Got it.”

The first strategy to make the casino prosperous was to deprive people of their ability to think clearly with alcohol and let them gamble more and more.

A thought like that was truly fitting for a Demon King.

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