Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 94 [Part-3]

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Shiro, Hakuto’s father, showed up at the bar where Oswald worked.

After becoming a knight of the Kingsguard, he had been so busy that he had not had time to drink at all, but now he finally found a little time to spare.

“Is it okay to sit here?”

“We haven’t opened yet…”

In a few more minutes, the classy clientele would begin to arrive and fill the seats, but for now, most of the tables had chairs propped up next to them, ready for the opening.

When I looked at the owner, he jokingly shrugged while still wiping his glass.

He must be pleased to see his old friend.

“Please do…”

“Thank you.”

The owner then offered Shiro a glass of red wine, as he always did, and Shiro took a silent sip…

“…I’m not going to stop him. If you want him to stop, you’ll have to do it yourself.”


My hand that was wiping the table stopped.

It seemed that the details of his duel with Hakuto had been passed on.

“….But Hakuto-kun’s life could be in danger, you know?”

“Both you and Hakuto are already out of my hands. And… one should find his own path. Don’t you agree?”

From behind the counter, a picturesque Shiro smiled and spoke.

Oswald was hoping to find some way to convince him, but it seemed like he was just as tricky to convince as Glass (1).

“…you look just like your grandfather.”

“What? You knew… my grandfather?”

My surprise was evident, as I didn’t expect Shiro to know my grandfather Bernardo.

“Yeah, I talked to him a little bit. He was a really nice man. Gentle, cheeky, and above all, kind. It was a great relief to know that Hakuto’s friend was his grandson.“


“Take care of Hakuto. Take care of Erica, too. I know they’re in good hands. Please stay with him.”

After saying these words, he quietly began to enjoy his wine.

Occasionally, he talked about the old days with the owner.



In the basement of a wealthy man’s mansion, the muffled moans of a beast echoed.

“-This is really getting on my nerves.”

Shock, who was carrying a large Gospel, was feelings extremely annoyed.

He had until tomorrow to deal with the monster that squirmed in front of him.

“I’ve used the three beastmen to get a good force for the future, but they won’t… listen to me at all,” he muttered. “..I will have to ask for his help.”

Behind the hulking figure were three men in black, frozen in place like statues.

They were a unit that carried out secret tasks for the Angel Cult. After training with only one goal in mind, these killing machines had lost all emotion and also speech.

The petite ‘Eagle’ used two rapiers.

The ‘Bear’, was the enormous in size and had a ferocious nature.

Unlike these two who had lost all ability to speak, ‘Leopard’, the leader of the three beastmen, was barely able to speak, but his thoughts were solely focused on his mission.

They were heartless beasts that had no self-will and obediently followed orders to kill their targets without a second thought.

He said…

“It’s only because of my plan. I’m not complaining, though, since I was able to move my body, which had been dulled by the tedious prison.”

“…Hmm, the treatment here is poor. Even though I’m a prince, I’ve been stuck in this place… for a long time.”

Kelly(2), a whipman who was a military prisoner from Kujaro, and also Gesso(3) Kujaro, a prince of Kujaro.

“If you have any objections, you’ll have to work properly, first. Tomorrow you will have to move.”

And Bishop Yang, who was a collaborator of Cassius but was beaten up by the Black Demon King.

“Gesso-sama, it was impossible to ask for help in that situation. I don’t owe Father Shock any favors, but I think we should lend him a hand.“

“Oh, come on! Isn’t the Angel Cult’s whole principle to help when asked for?“

They were chained together, unable to move, and were having a casual chat while the monster orcs around them struggled, boiling with a desire to kill them.

“Oh, gentlemen. Sorry to keep you waiting.“

The figure behind Amanda’s candlestick, illuminated by the light of the candlestick as he came down the stairs, was Benedict Arkman.


“Ah… Benedict-sama, welcome…”

Shock and Bishop Yang immediately bowed their heads to the ground.

“The floor must be cold. Please raise your head. Are those our new companions?”

Benedict’s calm gaze turned to Gesso and then towards the orcs.

“Good day, Benedict-sama. From tomorrow onwards, each of us will continue our work in good health and vigor.“

“Ho-ho-ho, is that so? Since you all seem to be in good shape, I’m sure we’ll all be able to join him safely in his land.”

He smiled, narrowing his eyes lovingly at Shock’s unnatural phrasing.

“…I’m Kelly. Nice to meet you. I’ve secured a couple of escape routes during the previous incident, so you do not have to worry about that.”


Kelly responded after a bow, but the irreverent Gesso seemed unconcerned with the gazes of Amanda and the others.


Kelly’s face was covered in sweat.

He was feeling a pressure that he did not believe emanated from a human being, especially from a frail old man of unknown origin.

Even in the presence of the orcs, whose eyes were gushing with rage, and the military man, Kelly, there was not a ripple of emotion in his eyes.

No fear, no doubt, no emotion, only affection.

But for some reason, Kelly felt fear.

“Mr. Benedict, there is not much time…. The kingdom may step in if they sense something is wrong.”

“Oh, that’s right. Good luck to you and Kelly.“

The secret passageway leading here was not yet discovered, but the Royal Army had increased their surveillance.

They shouldn’t raise the Kingdom’s alarm any further until they had a plan to escape from the capital.

“Well then, let’s help Mr. Shock with his work and hurry back to the cathedral as quickly as possible. I’m going to have to whip my old body into shape.“

And then…


Benedict, trembling slightly like he was an ordinary old man, walked towards the orcs with Amanda in tow.

Shock, Bishop Jan, and the three beastmen moved away from the orcs.


“We should leave too. Something is going to happen.“

Accompanied by Kelly, Gesso also left.

“Gummm! Grrr!”

An orc exploded with hatred and killing intent at the approaching Benedict.

“Disrespectful…. Master Benedict went to all this trouble for a filthy demon like you…”

Amanda’s threadbare eyes opened as a magic circle appeared in them.


Suddenly, the orc stopped moving.

“…Father Shock. I will now take you as my ally. We cannot fail in our task.”

“Thank God! Thank you! Long live the cause!“

“Quiet. We have received info…. that the kingdom has set its sights on you. There’s no more time to spare, okay?”


Of all the archbishops, Amanda is the most fiendishly gifted.

A power that many despised.

A powerful and unparalleled magic eye, acquired by Benedict.

It was for this reason that she was entrusted with the Ark Cathedral in Benedict’s absence, and thus was considered a key figure in this time of emergency.

“Hatred fades with time, but it leaves a smoldering spark in your heart that will never be extinguished. Then–”

–From Benedict’s back… Four giant wings flew out…



Gesso fainted from the sheer mystical magic, and Kelly muttered in an intoxicated voice that did not seem to be the result of the anguish caused by his fading consciousness.

Childhood memories came flooding back.

The story that was told using a picture book with illustrations of a divine angel descending from the heavens.

A heavenly messenger who gave judgment and mercy to the puny beings of the mortal world.

An austere being who sat above man, all his majesty skillfully expressed in a small book.

And now, right before their eyes…

“…for as long as you live, release your hatred. Show them as much as you can. It will be salvation for you and a lesson to them.“

The members of the Angel Cult wept as Benedict’s feathers scattered and fluttered down around him.

“May the authority (the Gospel) help…”

The wings of Benedict, which were speaking, wrapped around the orcs as if they were covering them.

They took the shape of an egg, as if they were, in mercy…

Giving a chance to be reborn.

The orc, made into a monster by the hands of men, were raised one step higher into living creatures by Benedict’s authority.


The wings opened and disappeared.

The orc emerged from the wings, looking much the same as before.

However, when the orc exerted itself to make its mountain-like body rise, a series of heavy chains reminiscent of ship anchors burst off one by one.

They snapped easily, without any effort from the orc, almost as if the orc was snapping a thin stick.

“…I didn’t expect this…”

Amanda, who literally felt goosebumps pop up her skin in front of this monster which was of a higher rank, was stunned by the pressure she felt from this new species.

Even if she used her magic eye, and even with Benedict and herself present, the orc could have caused multiple deaths.

“I have given you the Gospel that is of the rank Archbishop. The knights of the Kingdom that are pursuing us will not be able to stop you. I wish you good fortune…. and pray that your grudge will be avenged.“


The orc randomly punched the floor to vent the excess power it was suddenly feeling.



The impact of the blows flowed through the floor in waves, cracking it violently.

Shock, Bishop Yang and the others were knocked onto the floor. They rolled to the edge of the room and were slammed against the wall.

The only ones who did not raise their voice were the three emotionless beastmen and Gesso, who had already fainted.


“..No… This will surely defeat not only the Royal Army but also the mysterious Black Knight… I weep when I think of the hatred you feel…”

Benedict and Amanda, who were weeping while standing upright, nodded their heads in satisfaction at the finished product, the Royal Capital’s greatest force.

Tonight, a completely new species had been born, one that had incredible regenerative abilities, super strength, and explosive magical power.

A monster that combined the blessings of the Dragonkin and the Gospel with a fierce hatred for mankind.

In other words, the monster that had been born today was the mythical….

[Heavenly Sentinel].

The time for the sentinels of judgment to descend upon humankind was drawing close.

Translator’s Note:

And, chapter 94 is done!

(1) This was originally ‘the master’, which could also refer to the owner of the place he was working in. I chose Glass because he teaches Oswald so he could be referred to as ‘master’ and he’s more likely to be referred to here since Oswald could have asked Glass to help him convince Hakuto, and Glass could’ve gone, ‘Nuh uh! A Hero has to pursue the path of justice!’

(2) Remember him? The guy who worked with Cassius, the old strategy guy.

(3) Remember him? He’s the spoiled prince who cheated against the fight with Erika, he was called ‘Gusso’ I think?

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