Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 91 [Part-1]

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Chapter 91 – The Magic Eye and Inherent Magic

Author’s Note:

Please note that the second half of the previous chapter has been added.

The world is beautiful. The blessings of the sun, the winds that heal, the warmth of people, and the taste of rice.

I was strangely refreshed. Even though I had been sending out instructions to the casino until late in the morning.

I felt like a boss and got a little drunk with giving instructions… a little bit should be okay, right?

While preparing pickles peacefully, I kept in mind to not bore my guests.

I started idle conversations and the like.

“Lizlit-sama, is Lernoa not coming today? If she’s coming later, I’ll cook additional rice.” I asked her, who was staring at me.

“Lernoa’s training didn’t go well. She became unhappy and left. There’s no need for making extra rice.”

“Well, I see. Okay, Lizlit-sama.”

With the arrival of Lizlit, who had purple twin-tails, was the third member of ‘The Bonds Of The Three Fairies’ and became a regular customer, I worked in a peaceful salon which made yesterday’s commotion feel like a lie.

Offering a refined and fragrant cup of green tea to Lizlit, followed by…

“…I made a new dish, would you like to try it?”

“I’ll eat anything Glass makes.”

I served steamed egg custard to Lizlit, who was a very sweet and tender person when it was just the two of us.

To be honest, my dish was still a work in progress. If only I had that broth that Celestia makes for me…

She stubbornly refused to tell me even a single one of the constituent ingredients.

Sigh, that girl…

“…This is so delicious. Amazing. I’ll have this from now on.“

She took a bite and said she liked it very much, and began to eat the steamed egg custard with a wooden spoon.

“Okay, Lizlit-sama.”

It’s as if the poisonous tongue that she had since our first meeting was gone. It was really soothing…

“–Glass, I’m done.”

“You are getting faster day by day. Talent is a terrible thing.“

Princess Erika came into the salon saying, “I’m done with the bath…“

Today was the day when they intensively practiced the ‘Three Techniques of Magic Manipulation’.

After practicing basic swordsmanship, she would train to cut cloth with a hand sword imbued with magic power along with Hakuto.

Princess Erika had more than enough for the “crack” to explode after that. In addition, Princess Erika had to practice exploding ‘fissures’ after that.

I was still planning to let them spend about half an hour in the usual forest, worrying about this and that.

But then, Princess Erika came back very early.

“How was training with Hakuto-sama?”

“You know, I’m getting so… frustrated. He doesn’t get mad at Shannon (1) or Oswald, but he yelled at me when I tried to help him out!“

He took the sword offered by a disgruntled Princess Erika.

“…leave it to me to teach him. Besides, you should let them think by themselves and grow through trial and error for a while.“

Because of the rivalry between the two, it must be stressful for Hakuto to have Princess Erika teach him. He may have felt she was being condescending.

“Hmmm… fine. Oswald was acting kind of weird, and I can’t just casually invite him to patrol. The two of them…”

“You’re doing rounds? Aren’t you supposed to be a princess?”

Of course, she only patrolled in places she was authorized to, but why was it even necessary?

“That’s right. Every once in a while, I like going around and punishing the city’s posh delinquents and outlaws.”

“…Is that what you call ‘patrolling’ in this kingdom? Where I come from, we call people who do that ‘watchdogs’.“

She’s a hot blooded princess.

“Anyway, give those two some time to ponder. Young people need that kind of time.”

“…let me just say that I’m a little stuck on the fact that you only stay on this side of the room.”

“I’m taking care of you to a level where I can say I’m always with you, and you keep telling me to focus on the side of the room you’re in… If I have to take care of you any more, you’ll have to provide for me, at this point…“

I made a modest complaint to Princess Erika, who was sitting on a rock, pouting and flapping her legs.

“You’re being rude again. Hmmm… Oh, that’s right.”

Princess Erika, who had been sulking, remembered something and fished through her bag.

“…Liz. Can you give this to Glass?”

“Okay…. Glass.”

The material from the bag was handed to Lizlit by Erika, and then to me, who was preparing tea.

“Thank you very much… What’s this?”

“Secret investigation material.”

Glass froze right before he was about to touch the contents of the document.

“…No, no, no, you gave it to me like it was a normal circular. The secret investigative file…”

What do you want me to do with it, giving it to a servant?

Lizlit-sama also passed it to me…

“It’s okay. It’s just an explanation from Juan, or speculation, or something like that. As long as you don’t talk about the curse, there’ll no problem.”

She said without looking away from Lizlit who was engrossed in her steamed egg custard.

“…… it’s steamed egg custard.”

“Oh? That’s a new one. Oh, how I wish I could be the first one to get a glass of anything you make. You’ve become quite popular lately, Glass.”

“The group leader tastes everything we serve first to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it, so he’s usually the first one to get a glass of what I make.”

I fed him porridge this morning. He didn’t like it. He’s a strict man.

“Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought Glass was testing them on us.”

“Don’t make…. me sound like I’m a mad scientist.”

While we were having this conversation, Princess Erika scooped up a bowl of steamed egg custard with a wooden spoon and ate it as if she was tasting it.

“…..Wow. This is really delicious.”

“Thank you very much. I will do my best to learn and improve the ‘supreme broth’ from now on.”

Determined to steal the recipe from Celestia, the perfect beauty, I lookee through the investigation materials.

“….’Unique magic’ and the possibility of a ‘magic eye’… I see. I have no idea how it is related to the curse, but it is a possibility.”

“That’s what Juan speculated. I like…. the pulpy ones the best, but the meat and mushrooms are good too.

I’m quite happy that she’s into steamed egg custard.

Translator’s Note:

(1) Shannon:

A light green-haired elf who wields a bow. She wears glasses. She’s one of the three sisters of ‘The Bonds Of The Three Fairies’.

Until next time! I’ll be back with a new chapter!

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