Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 90 [Part-1]

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Chapter 90 – Suspect #3 – [The Undefeatable Fighter]… The Shadow Lurks Over…

It was near dawn in the red-light district.

He walked down a dimly lit back alley, where there was not as much light compared to the main street, his huge muscular body swaying.

A scarred face, messily tied green hair, arms and legs as thick and swollen as logs.

He was not particularly menacing, he was just on his way back to his office after dinner.

But whether they knew him or not, everyone shuddered at the sight of the oddly muscular man.

The women in light clothing standing in front of the suspicious-looking store, the young man who was hawking for customers, and the people who had come as customers.

Unconsciously, they opened the way.


“Hiccup, oh? Oh….”

A drunken man staggered forward unsteadily.

He had a red face, showed signs of intoxication, and his eyes were unfocused, and one couldn’t tell where he was looking.


The giant man, oblivious to the concerns of the gasping people around him, gave way and passed the drunken young man.




“What? That’s ridiculous!”

The big man turned around sensing the slight (…) discomfort in his back, and saw a knife with only the tip of the tip stuck in his back.


He then turned his attention to the drunken man who put the knife in his back.

“What the hell?! What kind of body is that?!”

The assassin was horrified by the sensation, as if he had just plunged his knife into a large tree.


His face was grabbed by an oversized palm as he came to a halt, feeling helplessness transmitted through his blade’s magic power.

“They never learn, do they?”


He was grabbed by the head and dangled like a puppet.

“If you have a grudge, show it against your employer, for sending you on such a stupid mission.”


The assassin’s head was buried into the brick wall.


Two of the assassin’s companions, who had been hiding nearby, attacked one after another, spears and claws in their hands.


“Shoo! It won’t move!”


He grabbed the spear from the side and stopped the claw by clamping it between his thick, hard fingers.

In addition to his overly strong body, he was gifted with a talent for combat.

“Go back and tell them. Tell them to not start a fight in the middle of the street, in front of strangers.”

He told him, twisting the blade of his claw in his grip.

The claw bent easily like a soft piece of paper.

Then the gigantic man kicked the man using the claws lightly in the stomach as he stood there stunned.


As if he was shot out of a cannon, he flew in a straight line to the end of the alley.


“….if you’re still alive, that is.”

There’s a limit to what can be called ‘brute strength,’ the stunned spearman thought.

The man grabbed the assassin by the chest with his left hand and threw him upward violently.



The man left.

Behind him laid the body of an assassin who had been beaten viciously.

His head was smashed against the wall, his body was in an unnatural position at the end of the alley, and he was thrown to the wall on the third floor, where he was embedded like he was a strange monument….

Each of them were in such a miserable state that it was hard to believe that they were hit by a human being.

New viewers may suspect that it was the work of the rumoured monstrous orcs.

But there were others in the entertainment district who were stunned after seeing the whole spectacle.

Another piece of history of being unbeatable had been added to the man’s back.

“That’s… Gerald….”

The name was muttered in a mosquito-like voice from the alley where the corpses rolled.

But the man himself, who had taken the witnesses by surprise, returned to the back entrance of the casino by walking through an alleyway as if nothing had happened.

“….oh, brother!”

Behind the casino “Arch Qi”, there was a henchman waiting for him.

His face was devoid of any composure, and he seemed to be in a state of impatience.

Even during brawls and attacks by the hostile forces, the henchman had never been in such a hurry.

“What happened?”

“Well, Prince Alto came to the manager’s room… just now…”


He had not been here since a long time ago, when he intervened during a minor conflict.

This time, however, his visit was not predicted.

Today, yesterday, and the day before that, Gerald had only dealt with a few fights (…).


Gerald went to the manager’s room without any concern.

“Oh, brother!”

He went upstairs to the casino, using the employees-only passageway.


“Thank you for your good work!”

Every employee he passed made way and bowed to him.


“Lana. Are you going home?”

“Yes! That’s all for today! Did you come back from dinner?”

As the dealer girl with curly hair asked with a twinkle in her eye, everyone felt the pressure as Gerald flinched.

“Yeah. I promise I’ll take you again when I get the chance.”

“Really? Yes!”

Gerald, who was quiet and looked frightening from the outside, bounced his head up and down with joy.

“Sorry. I’ve got to go. I’ve got a guest waiting for me.”

“Oh, that’s all right…”

Gerald walked past her, patting her head roughly while feeling apologetic.

“….Big brother is the best….”

Lana looked at him with a dazed look on her face until she couldn’t see his back.


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