Story Of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 81

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Episode 81 – What’s Next…


The day after Crono finished making the graves of the villagers, he dashed back to the capital as usual.


When Molly returned to the Cursed Wetlands after completing her chores, she found three of Crono’s senior subordinates standing in front of her, acting like they were her superiors.


They were there to give Molly Crono’s next order.


“I… am not going to let a man of…. that… race…”


“Shut up. You stink of bones.”


“Huh….? What do you mean, ‘stink of bones’? How dare you?”


On the land in the center of the Cursed Wetlands, Lilia’s merciless curses flew.


“Hey, Molly…”


“…..You think I’m the only one? Look in the mirror and you’ll see a fine skull. You think you don’t count? You’re literally made out of bones.”


Molly said, suppressing her annoyance at Solnada’s unneeded sympathy, while Lilia simply delivered Crono’s orders with no hesitation.


“These are Crono-sama’s orders. Build a mansion or castle here. Make it as presentable and luxurious as possible.”


“….I refuse. I don’t understand his intentions and I don’t deserve to be told what to do by a man of his species. Kakka!”


“Kageha. Tell Master Crono that Molly has turned against us.”


“That’s a lie! I didn’t revolt! I’ll do it! I’ll build a castle that reaches the sky!”


In response to Molly’s words, the monsters in the forest began to stir.


“And the stench.”


“The smell? …You’re hurting me just for the kicks at this point. There’s no stench! How about I buy you a good fight?”


Green magic flared from Molly.


At the glimpse of the Lord’s power, the demons of the Cursed Swamp began to tremble.


“…..I apologize, I made a mistake.”


“…… Well, it’s alright if you understand. You are a child, be careful how you speak to your elders.”


Molly relented since they too were Crono’s subordinates.


“That cloth stinks. I’m sure you stink, considering the cloth smells like you and your bones!” Lilia’s magical power swelled up, as she stared at Molly with a clear look of disdain.


“Huh, good grief…. That’s enough, Molly. Here’s a new cloth for you. It’s true it smells. I won’t let you wear it in front of the Lord again.”


Unable to bear the sight of them, Kageha interceded by offering a clean cloth.


“Oh, and from now on, I will not allow you to create any more moisture. The Lord’s dwelling will be built there, so mist or humidity is not a good thing.”




She took the cloth roughly and replaced it with the tattered rag at her waist.


“….Do you even need a cloth for your bones?”


“She’s starting to talk again…”


Molly intimidated Lilia by burning her old cloth with a green flame.


For some reason, Crono liked Molly, but Lilia and the others did not like her.


Lilia’s tongue began to show its true colors, as she took the initiative in lashing out at Molly.


“….Seriously though, why are you wearing a cloth? Why are you only wearing it around your waist? Is it supposed to be fashionable? I don’t get it.”


“Oh? Are you frightened? Are you frightened of me because I’m more fashionable than you? Are you jealous?”




This time, Lilia, pissed off at being provoked by Molly, put her hand on her Cutlass.


“Stop it, both of you. From now on, we’re all under Crono-sama’s command, and we’ll support each other–“


“Kakka! How dare you!”


Molly laughed at Kageha’s renewed attempt to intervene.


She looked at Kageha with a fearless gaze, and said in a lower voice than she did with Lilia.


“Do you think I don’t know you want to kill me?”


“I don’t know what you mean. I don’t know what you’re talking about…..”


“You don’t have to be so clever. As soon as His Majesty was gone, you threw killing intent at me. I don’t like that. Compared to you, that little girl is much better.” She said, pointing at Lilia with her jaw.


The empty holes of the skeleton were lit by a green light, and the two glared at each other with eyes as sharp as Kageha’s sword.


An unsettling air of impending doom drifted between the two.


“….Hahahaha…. I’m sorry. I wasn’t serious.”


“Kaka, I don’t mind if you–“


“It’s just that I hate you so much I want to kill you.”


“Isn’t that… being serious?”


Molly was at the mercy of Kageha, who had no intention of hiding her motives or intent to kill.


“……Molly-sama is having fun like this….?”




“Miss Lerga, what is….. It?”


While Solnada was watching Molly and the others helplessly, Lerga was standing….. while drooling.


“…..Bones are delicious.”


“Wow. But, I’m not a bone, I’m a friend.”


It seemed that Molly wasn’t the only one who didn’t get along with the girls.


“Hmm. That’s enough. I’ve never built anything before. I’m under orders from His Majesty to look into that artifact.”


“I know. I’ll draw up the plans, you cut down the wood and stuff. And rocks, lots of rocks.”


“…Why is your plan so sketchy?” Molly complained, and gave the demons a new reminder.


“Le, Miss Lerga. I think Molly-sama is more chewy than me, don’t you?”




Solnada suggested to Lerga, who approached Solnada and bit into his goat skull, not leaving at any cost.


“What are you on about?”






From Solnada’s head, Lerga gazed down at Molly.


“I don’t like… because she stinks.”


“I see….”


Kageha reached out a helping hand to Solnada, who was drooping down in frustration.


“Lerga, it’s time to return to Crono-sama’s castle. –Mist.”


Kageha told Lerga, then immediately called out to the sky, 




Type-2, named “Mist Saizo” by Crono, descended.


“Then we’ll be heading back. We’ll be back tomorrow, so be sure to have some materials ready by then.”


Lilia and Lerga jumped on, and Mist flapped his wings, carrying the three of them easily.


“…..You’re the only ones returning to His Majesty’s castle? You’ve got a thick skin.”


“More so than you, yes, who has nothing but bones.”




Molly couldn’t think of an apt response.


“So we’re not going to Mephis Island, are we?”


“Mephis Island?”


Lilia tilted her head at the unfamiliar name.


“It’s the official name of that isolated island…. No matter what you misunderstand, don’t compare it with that place. Depending on what the Lord thinks, that place is more of an enemy territory.”




“……So, is that it?”


For some reason, Molly and the others remained silent as Mist flew off into the sky.


“….I didn’t expect it to be a separate place from Mephis Island. I thought he was a successor to the demon king…. He seems to be a new demon lord with hostile relations.”




–It’s absurd…..


Not sure what to do, Molly sighed as she gazed at the sky.


Solnada similarly kept his mouth shut.


“……But…. a deal is a deal, right?”


Molly muttered in a voice that sounded resigned.


“Kokko! You’re going to be busy now, aren’t you? I wish I could help you.”


“You’re always so talkative, aren’t you? Are you so happy to be exploited?”


“So far, I’ve done nothing but wander around here and polish jewelry.”


“Are you being sarcastic?”


“No, no. I’m sorry if it seemed that way.”


A moment of silence fell over the two, who were having what was their most interesting conversations in the last few decades.






Molly casually broke the silence.


“Get ready for what humans call a…. ‘hot bath’.”


“You were really injured, weren’t you?”


The Swamp Demon was actually extraordinarily sensitive.




The silent Ark Cathedral.


Inside this cathedral, the headquarters of the Enze Sect, all the archbishops were praying.


After four hours of doing so, the large doors at the entrance slowly opened, and the archbishops hurriedly lined up on both sides to make a path.


“I have just returned. Thank you for your patience.”


Supreme Bishop, “Benedict Ehrkman”.


Thin and petite, with a soft, wrinkled face. An old man with a graceful little beard and thinning hair.


He wore the same fine ceremonial dress as the other archbishops, but he looked like any other old man.


“Not at all, sir!”


“Oh… Mr. Benedict.”


“Oh… be safe….”


As all the archbishops worshiped and revered Benedict, Amanda, who was supposed to represent them, stepped forward.


While all the archbishops worshiped and revered him, Amanda, who was supposed to represent them, stepped forward.


“I apologize for the…. while I was in charge during your absence.”


“Oh, Archbishop Amanda. No, no, no, no, no. You’ve done well. Thank you for your letter. Thank you for your letter….. It must have been really hard on you.”


Benedict, accompanied by his traveling companions, the Archbishops, walked up to Amanda and held her hand.


“Master Benedict…..”


Amanda’s eyes grew hot as Benedict smiled benevolently at her.


“Thanks to that letter and all of you, I was able to start the journey home. We’ve got most of the details worked out, so it’s up to you, White Heavenly Lady, to do the rest.”


“What does that….. mean?”


Benedict looked up at the statue of the White Heavenly Lady in front of him with a smile, without…. answering Amanda’s question.


“I have received a new command from the Holy Son.”




Scarlet Chamber of Commerce.


Hildegard, dressed in what looked like a Chinese dress, returned from her trip accompanied by her men.


There were no daredevils among them who would admire her pure white thighs peeking through a bold slit, or her breasts so full that they looked like they were about to burst, instead following her with trepidation.


Lovely, beautiful, and intense….


“It’s not enough. We need more sales.”


“Any more than that, and some of our customers could be killed.”


“Do it. Nothing comes before profit.”


“I understand. Right away.”


She ordered as she pushed the parchment she had read to Sasha.


The men, consciously ignoring the terrifying conversation between Hildegard and Sasha, followed the little Empress to the front.


“Bring me some tea at once. I don’t care what kind, but make sure it’s as warm as usual.”


“Yes, madam. At once.”


Without waiting for the servant’s response, Hildegard entered the president’s office alone through the door Cain had opened.


With a slam, she heard the door close behind her as she went to her desk.


–I’ve been waiting for you.




Author’s Note:


First of all, I would like to thank you for your patience so far.


This last episode of chapter 4 is just a preview, so there is a possibility that it will be revised depending on chapter 5.


As for the current state of progress, I’m almost at the end of Chapter 5.


I’ll update it after I update the character summary, if there’s enough time. I’m thinking that it will be a story about Crono’s mansion in the Vajra Wall. Many people have asked for Asura, so I’ll try to make him appear.


Thank you very much for your support so far. I’ll update the character summary as soon as it’s ready.


See you soon.


[TLN: So… There’s been a very funny misunderstanding. I accidentally translated Chapter 83 first and released it… To remedy that, I’ll be releasing the full chapters (81 and 82) today and tomorrow!]

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