Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 – Character Introduction to Episode 4, which is far from brief.


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Now, let’s go to the introduction of the characters, which I made very randomly.


‘Kronos’, an overly mysterious evil organization.

Chrono Mak:

The [Black Demon King]. The strongest demon king aiming to craft and experience the good old story of a demon king being defeated by a growing hero.

He is serious and acts at his own pace.
He developed the strongest class of power, partly due to his daily training, which included remodeling the human body, and partly due to inventing a “magic condensation method,” and even completely putting away sleep.

He specialized in unparalleled fighting techniques, swordsmanship, and katana techniques, and boasted of his unrivaled strength, but he was short on money.

He is also extremely busy, juggling his others personas – a black knight and a servant named Glass Kurobuchi.

He can morph into any form, including a child, a boy, and an adult.

Celestia Light:

The first princess of the Kingdom of Light.

She is also known as the “Goddess of Light” and the “Goddess of Beauty,” and her beauty is recognized throughout the continent.

However, she is a dangerous woman who has voluntarily joined an evil organization and even has a “relic” in her possession.


A warrior of the Demon Tribe. He is a strong man with strong arms and a huge body, and he gains power proportionally to the loss of his rationality.

However, he was defeated by Chrono, became a follower, and set out on a journey of training the “Black Heavenly Spear” that Chrono gifted him.


A beautiful brown-skinned girl who calls herself Chrono’s “shadow”.

She used to have white hair, but Chrono altered it to black. She dresses like a ninja and specializes in dagger arts and kicking techniques.

She is a strong woman with techniques such as “Afterimage Strike” [TLN: Translated by previous translator as Zanzo-da] and “Zekage”.

She is known as the “Nightwalker” because she kills bandits whenever she sees them.


A powerful demon known as the “Swamp Demon” that lives in the Cursed Swamp.

She is a powerful demon with a variety of prominent ridges and protruding bones, and possesses a number of high-powered magical attacks.

Defeated by Chrono, she became his subordinate. She thinks he is fashionable. She is quite liked by the author.


A goat-headed skeletal butler who was defeated by Kageha and Lilia.

He uses martial arts emphasizing defense. He can also wield two of Kahan’s spheres.

He is the chief chamberlain of the Chrono Estate.


A beautiful girl who was once saved by Chrono and traveled all the way to the Vajra Wall.

She was a weakling of the human race, but after Chrono remodeled and trained her, she became a great swordsman.

She has mastered the “guided swordsmanship” that she received from Chrono and has become a force to be reckoned with.



A wolf beastman who was saved along with Lilia. She is physically very strong, but also belligerent. At first, she tried to kick people to death. She has the temperament of a ferocious beast.


It is a big snake.


A magical beast created by the Republic of Larman. Its face looks like that of an eagle, but its body is thick and gorilla-like.

It has the ability to turn into mist. It is the perfect choice as transportation staff.

[TLN: Translated as Type-2, has been renamed to Mist after it was rescued.]


A white owl which also acts as a messenger and delivery person. It has evil magic eyes.

The hero and his friends-

Hakuto Yusiya:

The hero. He is a beautiful boy with white hair. He is popular at school, but his first love, Celestia, thinks of him only as a younger brother.

He has awakened to unknown magical powers and is gradually becoming stronger. However, he is still so weak that the Black Demon King is worried about him.

Erika Light:

One of the three most beautiful women in the Kingdom of Light with orange hair. She learned to use a sword from Glass and is growing at an astonishing rate, demonstrating her natural talent.

Oswald Arch:

A green-haired boy. He calls himself handsome, but Hakuto constantly overshadows him.

He is so good with a bow that Hakuto and his friends have never seen him miss.

The Mak family-

Tare Mak: [TLN: Previously translated as Talei.]

Chrono’s Mother.

Kai Mak:

Chrono’s Father.

Shu Mak:

Chrono’s Brother.

Hay Mak: [TLN: Previously translated as Hae.]

Chrono’s Sister-in-law.


Kingdom of Light-

Ryder Light:

The king of the Kingdom of Light, always working tirelessly to make his kingdom a better place.

Alto Light:

A prince who wears a small crown.

He wields a large sword with ease and is recognized by Celestia for his skill. He is always relaxed. [TLN: The two possible translations here were relaxed and highly nervous, but I felt relaxed was more suited for Alto based on what we’ve seen from him so far.]

George Gigi:

An old man who works as the assistant of the king.

Harmal El:

The former leader of the Order of the Kingsguard. Plotted to kill the king and died.

Lionel El:

Harmal’s adopted father. He led the Knights, but because he was a bad guy, he was killed by the Black Demon King.

Marton Dee:

A Duke. A senior figure who helps King Light in politics. He wears glasses.

Shiro Yusiya:

Father of Hakuto. He is also Celestia’s teacher in swordsmanship.

He is the current Commander of the Kingsguard.


Celestia’s escort knight.


Celestia’s follower. He is a Doppelganger.

Kingdom of Kujaro –

King Kujaro:

Possesses “Relics”.

Drake Rustand:

The Flame Lion. The strongest “Relic” user in Kujaro that everyone avoids.

Cassius Kujaro:

Former first prince. He received a mission from King Kujaro to bring back Celestia, but disappeared after being hit by Crono’s punch.

Goso Kujaro:

A vulgar prince studying abroad. Currently recuperating in prison.



Mercenary Order [Order of the Bannerless Knights]-


Zeke: [TLN: I think he was previously translated as Jick Flagg.]

Leader of the largest mercenary group based in the Kingdom of Light.

He is a classmate of Alto and Cassius, and a rapier user.

Dan Bell:

Commander of the 3rd Division, which is full of ruffians. He is supposed to be powerful, but I don’t recall writing about him as such. I don’t even remember writing about him at all.

Mercenary Team [The Bonds Of The Three Fairies] –
Lernoa: [TLN: Previously translated as Lulu Noah.]

A bewitching dark elf with pale golden hair. A famous mercenary who wields a war club.


A light green-haired elf who wields a bow. She wears glasses.


A small girl with purple twin-tail hair who seems to be of human race. She is a magician with some skill.

Forces on Mephis Island (The Isolated Island)-

The Demon King of the Isolated Island:

A demon king holed up on Mephis Island.

The Black Skeleton Knight:

A powerful knight who apparently fights with a shield and sword.

Angel Cult-

Benedict Erkman:

The supreme bishop. A kindly old man.


A female archbishop who looks anything but old.


A bishop. Defeated by the Black Knight.


Bishop. Repeatedly banged against the wall by Crono.

Republic of Larman-

Zancock Marsy:

Second Lieutenant in one of Larman’s units. Killed by Chrono.

Hanam Griz:

Troop member. Killed by Chrono.

Scarlett Chamber of Commerce-


A beautiful baby-faced girl with a very feminine body. However, due to her caustic and cruel personality, she is feared by everyone.

She is one of the three most beautiful women in the Kingdom of Light, but her popularity is at the bottom because she is more frightening than anyone else.

Sasha: [TLN: Previously translated as Nasha.]

A woman who often accompanies Hildegard.


A young man who is always working.

~, ~, ~, ~, ~

Here are a few other people who have appeared so far.

Blameless man of Habarkele:


The casino “Arch Qi”:

A gambling establishment run by the Hermit, an underground organization controlled by Celestia.

The Hermit-


A muscular man who looks like a professional wrestler. He is covered with scars all over his body. The scars are actually made by-

Seeley Shook:

A fat man with excessive greed. He was a nobleman of the Kingdom of Light.

The Man with the Black Wings:

A mysterious man in the ruins. He was too strong.

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