Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 76 [Part 1]

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Episode 76 – The Demon King Enjoys a Steak While Watching A Game

Type-2 has grown in strength through its horrific deeds.

It is a rampaging monster who knows no bounds except for it’s orders.


“Don’t miss your chance, Hanam-san. The [Swamp Demon] will die if I don’t give an order to it. Then we’re all doomed. It’s an issue of responsibility.”

“…Second Lieutenant.”

“What? Don’t tell me it’s time to pull out?”

But what Hanam saw when he peered into the distance, was not what the proud Zancock had expected.

“Kikikikiki!” The [Swamp Demon] was still laughing, positioned exactly at the centre of the Wetlands.

Even though they were outside the water’s edge where the trees grew, the evil laughter scared both Kageha and Lilia.

“‘…The treasure I missed has come from the other side. I’ll never let it slip away again. [Kahan’s Ten Spheres].”

Silver spheres spawned from ten magic circles that suddenly appeared.

They spun around Molly’s neck like oversized beads.



Both Lilia and Kageha couldn’t believe their eyes, fully knowing the threat of those spheres.

The spheres that spawned were extraordinarily powerful, and could be manipulated at will. Furthermore, the spheres that Molly summoned were larger and more fluid than those of Solnada. They were also surrounded by green magical energy.

“The spheres Lady Molly summons are much stronger and heavier than those I can, and she can control them at will! If those touched you, you would snap! I’m sure you’ll pop with a pleasant sound.”

“….what are you trying to say?”

“I really don’t want to… be the worst, but even if I were to turn into bone dust, I’d still be revived, but you won’t, will you?”

A cracking sound reached their ears. The tree a bit ahead of them cracked due to a tremendous attack.

Kageha reflexively turned her gaze towards it.


“Run and fly. Run to your heart’s content in these few moments you have before death.”

Type-2, fleeing from the Ten Spheres of Kahan, smashed through the surrounding trees.

However, Kahan’s Ten Spheres easily flicked aside the various trees and obstacles, heading straight for Type-2.


“Lilia! Hold on to this tree!”

“This tree’s sturdy! Grab onto it’s corners, they give you a good grip!”

As the mist and spheres passed through the trees right beside them, they struggled just to survive.


The surface of the water rose in front of Type 2, and the eerie trees were knocked over due to a skeletal dragon that was the size of a small mountain appearing.

The reaction of the mist woke him from his slumber, and he opened his jaws to devour Type-2.


Type-2 flew into the bone dragon’s mouth and down its body.

But the ten spheres of Kahan that followed Type-2 relentlessly made a loud… noise of destruction.

Indifferently, inelegantly, they crushed the skull of the dragon and pursued their prey.


Perhaps realizing that it would be difficult to escape the ominous spheres, Type-2 made a sharp turn from the tree-lined perimeter to the center.

“Your talent is high. Your wisdom is high. But in the end, you are still a beast…”

Familiar, chilling letters flickered near Molly’s hips.


Type-2 rose to the surface, not wanting it’s magic to be drained.

With a single flap of its wings, it unleashed a rain of needles that was much more powerful than before.

“That’s going to be hard on the bones. –Here.”

The Ten Spheres of Kahan flew into the sky and spun around Molly at a high speed, acting like a shield, repelling the needles that were trying to reach her.

Then, as the spinning spheres slowed down, Molly’s figure became visible again.


The [Swamp Demon] was in control of green lightning.

“Trigor’s Lightning Spear.”

A flash of lightning.

Type-2 was struck by the light thrown from Molly’s hand.


After a deafening roar, Type-2 fell into the swamp.

Type-2, whose body had reached an intense temperature, began to produce steam as soon as it came into contact with the water.


“Is this… actually magic…?”

No matter how modified Kageha was, she would turn into charcoal as soon as she came into contact with that spell.

This overwhelming power was just like… their master’s…

“This is the power of my master, who possesses spells made by ancient sorcerers and can wield them at will. No matter where you are in the swamp, you are but a bug to her.”

That spark made by nature, something that can only be seen in the midst of thunderclouds… something that you can only look up to and feel fear.

But this demon had that spark in its hands and used it how it wished with impunity.

Who would have imagined such an outrageous spell actually existed?

“I was aiming to break the… collar, but…”

Molly’s gaze was fixed onto the cracked collarbone of Type-2.

“….Oh no…”

“Hanam-san! What’s that light? Report about it quickly! This is a big issue!”

Numbed by the lightning, the man-made Type-2 struggled in the swamp.

Hanam, who had been watching the proceedings from a distance in the forest, was speechless at the power of the [Swamp Demon], which was unattainable by anything made out of flesh and blood.

“I was thinking of throwing another projectile… but –ho!”

Suddenly, Molly, who was about to summon a lightning spear into her hand again, jumped back.

She floated in a cross-legged position on the other side of the water, facing away from Type-2.

“What? What’s going on, Molly-sama?”

Molly hadn’t moved in hundreds of years. But now, all of a sudden, she had moved, which made Solnada suspicious.

In the center of the land, a— black sword stuck out.

And holding its hilt–


“Oh my God!”

“….Who are you?”

A figure stood on the ground.

Kageha and Lilia felt delighted and worried at the same time, while the [Swamp Demon] looked at the boy with interest.

“….Hey, I’m the Demon Lord who came to recruit you, okay?”

The sky slowly became cloudy as an uneasy atmosphere settled in.


A few days ago…

At Crono’s residence in Vajra Wall.

“…Hmm? …Hey, Doussan, Doussan!”

Lerga, dressed in a kimono modified for easy movement, was guarding the gate with Doussan and Hisahide.

She tapped Doussan, who was sleeping there, on the head, sensing Chrono’s smell.

The fiery-colored serpent made a threatening snapping sound and raised its head to see what was going on.

“Lord Crono has returned. At the gate.”

Lerga points her finger and tells him to carry her.

Since Crono had asked it to take care of her, Doussan decided to be patient and crawled to the gate with Lerga, who had been napping on top of it, and Hisahide, who was nestled on top of Lerga.

“…Huh? Kageha and Lilia haven’t returned yet? Did they overtake us?” Crono walked in through the gate. He was surprised to find that there were no signs of the two of them.

Doussan was clinging to his leg, Lerga was hugging him, and Hisahide rubbed his head to Crono’s.

“Or maybe they’re traveling like they said they would. Atleast, I hope they are…”

“I’m finally home.”

“Oh, sorry, sorry. I know you missed me, even though Doussan and Hisahide were there to keep you company. Were there any inconveniences?”

“Doussan is annoying.” She said in a muffled voice while burying her face into Crono, hugging him deeply.

Crono couldn’t help but feel a slight twinge of discomfort at Lerga’s description of the snake as annoying…

Looking at the trio, he decided that he must make them become closer, making them have a bond like those that siblings have.

“Hmmm, Hisahide. Any word from Mom?”

Crono has been in regular contact with his mother who was in the demon village through Hisahide. They mainly just discussed about the rice paddies.

Hisahide had gone there just yesterday and hadn’t received any particular message, except for the usual doting words that she gave Crono.

“I see… Well, I guess I’d better get back to work.”

“Well, are you going away again…?” Lerga tilted her head up from Crono’s stomach, looking at him with puppy-like eyes, misery imbued into her voice.

“The… King of the Cursed Wetlands needs a companion.”



[TLN : Sorry for releasing no chapter yesterday. A virus found it’s way into my laptop.]

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