Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105- The Scarlet’s Legend

There was a terrible folklore that we were all told as children.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘abomination’?

Disaster, abomination, menace, all of these are synonyms for a variety of threats.

But what do people think of when they hear the words ‘calamity,’ ‘hideous,’ ‘evil,’ and ‘humanoid’?

Everyone would say the same thing.

Everyone would say—– The Scarlet Witch (The Red Calamity).

She was also called the Whore of Jealousy. She was said to be an enchanting witch with an appearance and a body that irresistibly charmed men and was overflowing with sexual appeal.

She would suddenly appear in villages and towns, seducing men and tearing couples to shreds.

Once she captured a man, she would find no further use for him, and thus would move on to take another man captive with her beauty.

Whether it was the men fighting over her or the cruel end that awaited the sullied couple, all of it made her feel all the more delightful.

But there was a man in true love who was not deceived by her bewitching appearance.

No matter how much the witch tried to seduce him, the man stubbornly refused and continued to love his wife.

The witch was furious and jealous… and soon realized…

She could just burn those who didn’t love her, and make them disappear from the face of this world.

Even the fact that she had been turned down by someone would be turned into ash, and carried away by the wind.

The Witch used her own unique and vicious magic.

The Scarlet Crystal, a crystalline magic that stirred up flames as beautiful as red lotuses.

The man and woman in true love embraced each other, and even though their bodies were being burnt by the crystalline fire, they were in love till the very last moment, even when their ashes were being scattered.

The witch, who did not like even that, expanded her magic even further.

The villagers were equally guilty.

All the knights protecting their kingdom, who happened to be in the surrounding forest at the time.

All of them were guilty.

She deliberately covered the earth with the Scarlet Crystal in a thin, wide swath of immense mana.

Those who were in the area were scorched by the seething inferno, and all died in agony of hell.

Because of the immense damage that had been caused by a single selfish motive, this legend had been passed down from generation to generation.

As a reminder, to warn people to be careful of beautiful women.

She may be… the Scarlet Witch.

This was the legend of the land engulfed with Scarlet, an abominable legend that everyone knew.


There was a reason this story had become so famous.

It was because it depicted a disaster that could happen to anyone.

In fact, the Scarlet Crystal was first confirmed in a kingdom about fifty years ago….. and once more fifteen years ago.

Each time it had appeared had caused massive and atrocious damage.

That was why people were scared.

The Scarlet Witch existed somewhere in reality, and she traveled from place to place, seducing men with countless temptations…




A top-class inn in a certain town.

Four archbishops gathered in a private dining room.

On a round table were numerous fine dishes.

“Basically, you can do whatever you want. But Benedict’s instructions are to ‘help Madame fulfill her wishes’.“


The tall young man replied defiantly to the red-haired Amanda.


Amanda’s eyes opened slightly.

“You don’t want to use that on your allies, do you?”

The young man’s long yellow hair, which was usually stiffened with a special hairdressing product, flopped forward.

The fearless young man he had been before in front of Benedict was gone, replaced by a ruinous look and feel that could be described as… rule-breaking.

“….Of course, I have no intention of using my abilities. That is, unless Benedict orders me to.“

“…for? (so, what’s the main point?)….” Asked a small old man with a long, distorted cane propped up on a chair.

He was a sorcerer who wielded the Gran Bocho, a magic wand made from a powerful spider demon that lived a long time ago.

“We know that, don’t we? ….I can tolerate big tits a thousand times, but I can’t tolerate beautiful tits.”

Amanda and the other woman both opened their mouths, almost baring their imaginary fangs, in a threatening manner.

“I’ve never liked her before, that girl. She’s got a nice figure and she’s showing it off, doesn’t she? What the hell, that pisses me off! Thanks to my collaborator, I can remember how she smells, and when she comes over here, why don’t we just get it over with?”

Many would envy her gentle face and slender body, but she was the only one who felt complex about her chest, and she let out an unreasonable outburst of anger.

“….I’m sure there are many who envy you.”

Amanda, who was also a woman, couldn’t help but comment.

It was no wonder; she was a hybrid of two races.

Amanda, who boasted a chest that was even larger than Lernoa’s, has had her share of hardships and has always envied Lernoa’s figure.

Even though she was quite old, Amanda still looked like a forty year old woman, and even today, she would like to take Lernoa’s place if she could.

“Well, you know. But you’re also very popular, aren’t you? Besides, everyone wants what they don’t have, don’t they?”

“….Ditto (I think I understand)….”

“Right? Since we’ve become enemies, why don’t we take a crack at her?”

“Hey, come on, you want me, the younger one, to take care of it, right?”

Ignoring the young man’s words, the woman’s fox ears twitched and her tail wagged in anticipation.

She was fearless.

All three of them seemed undeterred by Hildegard’s might.

“…Damn. There’s still a problem, though… That Madame is getting too strong, isn’t she?”

“…She’s not a threat at the moment, but….I feel like she’ll be a threat in the future.”


Madame was gaining power at an unusual rate, devouring mana stones…. or even magical tools these days.

Even the three archbishops saw her as a threat that would emerge in the future.

“I would like to inform you again that Benedict’s instructions are to assist Madame’s wishes. You can do as you please with Hildegard, but do not do anything unnecessary with Madame.“

Amanda reminded Grob.

“If things get out of hand, I’ll use my tricks. That’s all.”

“……Hang on, how is it that Benedict’s favorite is involved in something like this?”

Rumor had it that Amanda, who had gained Benedict’s trust, had volunteered to leave his side and be entrusted with this task.

“I can’t say that I have fulfilled my duties in the royal capital in an honorable manner,” she replied.

“…I see.”

Grob left the dining room in his ceremonial robes.

There were many people who were eyeing Amanda, who was still under the watchful eye of Benedict, and the young Grob was one of them.

“Wow, young…”

“……Young (young) (1)…..”

“But I have some ability, though not as much as you guys. I have no complaints as long as I can use them when the time comes for missions. For now, I think I should let you guys handle this as you please.”

Grob, whether he knew it or not, was leaving with a cold stare from the older members of the group.

“….So, I was wondering…”

“Yes, is there anything else?”


The woman, who seemed reluctant to say something, finally spoke up.

“….why do you have an eye patch over an eye?”

Amanda replied,

“I wanted to repay a little of the favor that Benedict did for me… It’s…. insurance.”


In the same town, as the archbishops, minus Grob, were butting heads…..

“…Oh, that’s nice.”

“Oh, thank you…”

The trembling waiter boy.

I feel an instinctive fear towards the Madame who couldn’t use chopsticks and ate grilled fish from the head down.

“Even so, I don’t understand her taste. She’s just a dirty little girl, working with these filthy kids.”


The boy grit his teeth at Madame, who was wearing a vermillion dress, commented.

“Oh no, you got mad at me? That’s funny. I’m a customer, you know.”

“….Forgive me.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t use unprofessional kids. Can’t she even understand that?”

She sneered at the boy while sighing in disgust.

“She loves good men and crushes those who get in her way, just like I do, and even though she hasn’t won the tough race for survival… it’s all too much for her, after all.”

The Madame, far more bloated and gigantic than before, stood up with her folds wiggling, like a miniature mountain.

“Sidge, get the carriage ready.”

“Yes, already…”

Yes, and the mana stone?“

“….My lady, sometimes it might be better to have a healthy–”

There was a dry sound.

Sidge, the old butler, was slapped across the cheek by the Madame.

“Where’s the mana stone?”


“Yes, that’s good.”

Sidge’s cheek was swollen, but the Madame uncaringly walked away with her huge body swinging.

“She’ll be here soon, that girl. Tell her that. Tell her to wait for me with her head down.“

The waiter watched her back as she walked away, the ground shaking slightly.

“Hide! Are you all right?”

The kids at the hotel rushed over to him.

“…Oh… Don’t worry, I won’t let her get the better of me. We’ll just have to concentrate on our work until Hildegard-sama comes.“

The children nodded, pushing aside their anxiety at the words of Hildegard, the oldest of the children.



Madame gets on the carriage.

“Now….? What can I do for you?”


“…..I’ve got quite some news for you, don’t you want to hear it?”

“Oh, well, information is power. The question is, how can I benefit from it….? Well, what kind of information?”

—undaunted by Madame’s pressure, the young man responded,

“How about the secret of the Witch?”


A town near the border between the Kingdom of Light and Kujaro.

It was an auction hall where the rich and powerful gather.


“… about–”

“Shut up, how can I decide when I haven’t read everything?”

“….I’m sorry.”

Hildegard looked at the bidders, one after the other, and skimmed through the catalogue in her hand.

Sitting next to him, one seat away, was a…. secret agent from Kujaro.

Hildegard’s dainty dress attracted even the well-trained spy’s attention.

Hildegard had a lovely face, strong eyes, a disproportionately feminine body, and youthful, firm skin.


“Not bad. Not that bad.”

Hildegarde said casually, and the spy, trying hard to regain his composure, which had been disturbed for a moment when he was transfixed by her, replied,

“His Majesty said… that he’d grant some of your requests. Let me know if you need anything.”

“First of all….”


Just before she was about to offer her terms for joining Kujaro’s side, Cain, one of Hildegard’s close associates, walked up to her at a brisk pace and spoke into her ear.

The spy stared at him wondering if something had gone wrong, while Sasha, Hildegard’s secretary, did not seem to be pleased.

“…got it. Get the carriage ready.”

“Yes, sir.”

Cain bowed deeply and left immediately.

“So much for negotiations.”

Hildegard stood up next.

“Wait a minute. You know we don’t have time for this. Please give us an answer right now, here.“

“I don’t care what you have in mind. I’ll give you an answer later.”

Without a glance or a word of farewell, she left the place of negotiations.

As Hildegard stepped onto the carpet and headed for the exit, Sasha asked suspiciously, “Hildegard-sama, this is a critical moment. Are you sure it’s okay to leave like that?

“I got a call from the agent I had ready. I knew Madame was on the move. And of course, it’s….. that town. We had cordoned off the area, but it looks like they’re raiding the place with a heavy hand.“
She walked calmly, but a fiery anger raged in her heart and she emanated superiority.


Not only Sasha, but also the other wealthy and powerful people were intimidated by the aura Hildegard was emanating and made way for them.

“You’re going to stay here alone.”

“What? You’re going alone?“

“Yes. Continue negotiations and try to get complete freedom to trade in Kujaro. We’ll get privileges that will set us apart from the other traders.”

“But… without an escort–”


Hildegard paused and looked up at Sasha with a bullish gaze.

“Don’t make me say it again.”

A nearby window shattered.

Hildegard’s power made the corridor seem otherworldly.

The same thought passed through everyones’ minds.

‘Was this… the Demon Lord?’

“Neither refutation nor denial will be tolerated from you. Not while you are with me.“

“….I understand.”

The look in Hildegard’s eyes, as if she were throwing physical force directly at Sasha, easily shattered her conflicting feelings.

Then, leaving Sasha, who saw her off, behind, she got into the carriage.

“Are you going to that town after all?”

Cain, who got in later, asked.

“No, it’s the town in front of us. You take care of your business there.“

“That’s…. what are you going to do, Hildegard-sama?”

He looked over the material on Madame that had been prepared and answered, stifling his vexation.

“….kill her.”

Translator’s Note:

Chapter 105 is done. The first part with the Archbishops was written intentionally vague by the author.

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