Story Of The Ancient Demon King – Chapter 101 [Part-1]

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Chapter 101 – Mob Knight Screams Unnecessary Things

The third floor of a certain building.

The building though musty and old, is still in use.

But it was still early in the morning, however, and no one was around.

Except for two people who were going on a rampage.


“Hmmm, certainly strong….”

Shock, holding Lana in one hand, continued to receive Hakuto’s slashes, which were filled with white magic, with the Gospel.

Benedict had offered him a mission.

To find out if the hero and the Black Knight would be a threat to the Angel Cult.

That’s why he went to the trouble of taking hostages to be alone with them.

“But…. calling this a threat… I’d not really say that.”


Hakuto was usually more powerful than his current self.

However, he lacked experience in actual combat till now.

Shock’s Gospel took on Hakuto’s sword beautifully.

“…damn you!”

Hakuto’s sword was repelled, and he had to retreat.

Shock looked fat, but in actuality, his body was covered with muscles.

Despite his massive size, Shock was agile, and he fought without difficulty even with Lana in his arms, showing his solid ability backed up by experience.

Moreover, Hakuto’s fighting ability was further dulled by the fact that he had to constantly think about the hostage’s wellbeing.

“…Well, the conclusion came out earlier than expected. So this is a good opportunity. Let me ask you a question.”


“Why do you think I am evil?”


His spontaneous blunt dialogue sounded almost insane.

(What do you mean by that after killing so many knights and repeatedly experimenting with curses on the people of the royal capital?)

“I must say that I have saved far more people than you, a person who calls himself the ‘Hero’.”

“….but you’ve killed a lot of people.“

“Not very good at arithmetic, are you? I have saved more people than I have killed.“

This was true.

Whenever someone sought for salvation and asked his help, Shock always did everything in his power to save them.

The sick, the wounded, the mentally ill, and many others.

“But killing innocent people is a crime!”

“Then the kingdom’s top brass must be full of sinners.”

They had declared his village infected with the plague and left the cursed to die.

Even if there was a possibility of infection, they had cut off the smaller group of victims for the sake of the greater good.

How was that different from Shock’s current logic?

Mastering curses would save many, and he killed knights for the sake of the Angel Cult’s greater good.

What was the difference?

Shock didn’t understand.


“I don’t understand what you mean. No, I know what you mean, but I’m not able to understand it.”

Shock was disappointed.

It gradually turned to frustration, and he chose to end it.

“Then, why do you call me evil?”

“Do not be misled, Hakuto-kun.”

Oswald, behind Hakuto, with his bow and arrow at the ready, advised with firm determination.

His eyes were lit up with a magic circle, and he was already ready for battle.

“This man has in fact killed many innocent knights and experimented on innocent people. No matter how he tries to explain it away, he will never be forgiven.“


Hakuto’s eyes widened at the distinctly different temperament of Oswald.

Oswald, who had always been rather conservative, had thought it would take more time to call for the reinforcements, which is why he got ready for battle.

“Oh…. you’re much braver than I am.”

“Let go of Lana and surrender. On the way here, I’ve asked my acquaintances in the area to help us call for reinforcements. This place will be surrounded soon. The merrymaking is over now.”

Oswald did indeed ask his old acquaintances in the entertainment district to call for reinforcements.

But they would take a long time to arrive.

He planned to retrieve the hostage before then and use his magic eye and other means to stall Shock.

In other words, it was a bluff.

“Hmhhhh….. I don’t think it is possible for the army to defeat our apostles. They don’t have the resources to spare. You’re probably just bluffing…. But!“


A window broke.

“The magic-eyed and the hero were summoned here while they’re at it! Come and get me!”

A small shadow flew from the room and out the window.

The two men were unable to move at the cruelty that had come so suddenly at them.

They could not have foreseen it.

No one with common sense could have predicted the actions of Shock the Madman.

They never thought for a moment that he would throw Lana, who had turned into nothing more than a piece of extra luggage…. out of the window as if she was unnecessary.

It never occurred to them that he would treat her as if he she was some casual trash, and throw her in the middle of conversation.

“…hmm? What’s the matter? Are you in a bad mood?”

Shocked, he tilted his head at the unusual behavior of the two men, who were both in a state of shock.


Oswald’s bow and arrow fell from his hand.

They were on the third floor, and on the cobblestones below… It’s hard to believe that a girl who had fainted could survive the fall.

It was hard not to see that, even if they didn’t like it.


Hakuto stared silently at the broken window.

He wanted to be a hero.

A hero who would defeat the monsters that tormented people and bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

He wanted to be the hope of the people, just like the Black Knight.

But the present was ruthless.

He couldn’t even save the life right in front of him, the life that he could have reached out his hand to save.



Shattered ideals.

A life lost in vain, unable to move to help even though the victim was right in front of them.

The will to fight began crumbling away.

But the…. swelling anger stained them.

“….The Demon King was right…..”


In the face of unquestionable and obvious evil, they were covered with, painted with the desire to kill.

What he needed now was not his previous ideals and admiration.

He could see it clearly, even his stupid self could see it.

Silently, Hakuto turned his eyes towards Shock. (1)



Shock sensed an inexpressible threat from Hakuto’s inorganic gaze.

Hakuto was a different person from the one before.

He was a mass of unknowable murderous intent.

There was only one thing to do.

The defeat of an evil that could not be allowed to go unchecked, an evil that could not be forgiven.

“…you will not be forgiven…”

The room creaked as the white mana became thicker.

Translator’s Note:

(1) The author wrote ‘Shock (the evil)’ in the raws, probably to indicate and clarify that Shock was indeed the unquestionable and obvious evil that Hakuto was in face of.

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