I, The Villain, Will Start With Grabbing The Protagonist’s Peerless Beauties! Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: It’s not too late, let’s split up! (Old version)


“Cough cough..” Gu Zhixiong could not help but blush, dryly coughing to cover his embarrassment.


The two men were from the Thousand Households and followed a person in the Grandmaster realm which seemed like the ideal conditions to raise their cultivation to the higher realms, but that was not the case. They were bombarded with trivial matters that they had to deal with in the daytime, leaving only the nighttime for cultivation.


As the two were in a powerful position, they were surrounded by women, which reduced the time they get for cultivation even further. Not even mentioning that the cultivation resources available to the two men were scarce, so their cultivation speed wasn’t fast.


Of course, compared to ordinary Jianghu warriors, their strength was naturally considered to be relatively high. Qin Yuanjia was a cultivator in the fifth stage of the Hidden Dragon realm, while Gu Zhixiong was in the seventh stage of the same realm.


Most of the adults from the Thousand Households in the Northern Township’s governmental division were Hidden Dragon realm cultivators, only a small number being in the Heavenly Origin realm.


If you wanted to become a provincial governor, you needed to at least enter the Heavenly Origin realm.


Only a small number of provincial governors had advanced to the Hidden Divinity realm.


Of course, in the entire Northern Township Division, only Su Xuan alone, had stepped into the Grandmaster Realm!


“The Dachu envoy has stayed here for so many days. If Lord Su’s prediction is not wrong, then I think that there will be movement in the next two days.” Gu Zhixiong said.


“Let’s hope so.” Qin Yuanjia nodded and said. “Otherwise, we both will have guarded for so long for nothing.”


Just then, there were sudden knocks on the door.


“Who is it?” Qin Yuanjia asked.


“My lord, it’s me, Xu Wei!” Xu Wei continued, “Just now, two women snuck out of the Chen Mansion.”


“Women?” Qin Yuanjia and Gu Zhixiong glanced at each other, their brows slightly knitted.


There were no women in the envoy’s party from Dachu, right?


Then who were these women?


Were these the two women that Su Xuan wanted them to keep an eye on, or not?


Qin Yuanjia hurriedly said while pushing the door open, “Have you sent someone to follow them?”


“Wang Long sent someone to follow them, and will leave marks along the way.” Xu Wei continued, “I’ll report any more updates I receive, My Lords.”


“Un. You did a good job.” Qin Yuanjia nodded, and then turned his head to Gu Zhixiong while saying, “I’ll go report to Lord Su.”


“Un, I will send someone to leave a signal.” Gu Zhixiong said.


Although the two men were proficient in all kinds of sins, like eating, drinking, prostitution and gambling, but when they really needed to do something, they would not make any mistakes.


The reason why Su Xuan helped the two of them to rise to the top, and not others, was because they were really capable.


“It’s not too late, let’s split up!” After Qin Yuanjia finished speaking, he hurried downstairs and rode his horse towards the direction of the Northern Town’s Department.


“Take me with you!” Gu Zhixiong looked at Xu Wei and commanded.


“Yes, my lord!”




In the Northern Town’s Department.


Qin Yuanjia had reached the small courtyard where Su Xuan resided and knocked the door.


Su Xuan was cultivating inside the house when he heard the knocking.


He hurriedly stopped and asked, “Who is it?”


“My lord, it’s me, Qin Yuanjia. Just a bit ago, approximately the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, two women snuck out of the Chen Mansion. We are not sure if they are the people you wanted us to monitor. I came to report about this.” Qin Yuanjia said with a respectful expression.


Su Xuan smiled, the corners of his mouth lifting even though he tried to stop them.


As expected, Chu Nanshang could not stand the dullness and ran out to play by herself.


“Very good. You guys maintain an eye on them. No matter what happens, do not alert them, understand?” Su Xuan faintly ordered.


Chu Nanshang had not yet encountered danger at this point of time, so the time was not right to appear.


“Yes!” Qin Yuanjia answered.


“It seems that the plot is indeed developing in the direction I expected.” Looking at Qin Yuanjia’s fading figure, Su Xuan’s gaze shined with a hint of wonder as he murmured in a low tone.


[TLN : Anddd… the end! The author hasn’t updated any new chapters from quite a few days.]

Table of Content
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