I, The Villain, Will Start With Grabbing The Protagonist’s Peerless Beauties! Chapter 1

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Chapter – 1 – The Green Dragon Commander


Ancient China, Dafeng Dynasty. 


A quiet courtyard in one of the nine states of Dafeng, Fusi.


“It seems I’ve transmigrated…?”  Su Xuan looked at everything around him and muttered in a lost voice.


The bronze mirror in front of him showed a man with a handsome face and a dusty temperament. The man’s two sideburns were white, and he donned a pair of deep eyes which were glowing with a crystal glimmer. 


The years didn’t seem to linger too much on men. 


Except for the two sideburns and a long strand of white hair, the man’s face did not have a trace of aging, and he looked like a thirty-year-old man.


“Well, I have to say, this guy is quite handsome…” 


Su Xuan looked at himself in the bronze mirror and couldn’t help but state how handsome his body was. He looked just that good. 


Suddenly, a cold wind breezed through his mind. 


All the memories of his predecessor began pouring into his mind, and at that moment he was like an outsider, peering into the traces of his predecessor’s life.


Half an hour passed, and Su Xuan couldn’t help but rub his forehead, which was slightly swollen. 


“I can’t imagine that I actually crossed over to a fantasy novel that I had just finished reading in my previous life, and I became a villain…” 


The corners of Su Xuan’s mouth curved down, and he felt speechless. 


Due to the memories he had gained, he knew the identity of the previous owner of this body. 


The commander of the Green Dragon. That, that was whose body he was in.


His status could be described as under one person, above ten thousand people!


But there is after all, a saying that a man’s greed knows no bounds.


When he reached the second highest position of command, Su Xuan’s ambition swelled up again.


He wanted to get rid of the “one person” who had more power than him, and control the Emperor himself!


In this way, he pit himself against the protagonist who had just grown up.


The two sides fought an intense battle, and his predecessor, as a villain, was naturally pushed to the beach by the newly grown sprout.


Luckily, now the situation is different. He had become the villain, and Su Xuan had no plans on dying.


Su Xuan, who was familiar with the plot of the book, could not allow himself to become a stepping stone on the road that the protagonist, Xiao Han, trudged to become stronger.


This was a world where everyone strongly believed that might is right.


Both Heaven and Earth are filled with a substance called Qi. Human beings absorbed the Qi between Heaven and Earth to enhance their own cultivation, and then used Martial Arts as a means of attack.


The cultivation system has also been passed down for tens of thousands of years, and there is an overarching hierarchy present.


The realms of the warriors are, in order: Body Refining, Jade Bones, Fish Leap, Hidden Dragon, Heavenly Origin, Hidden Divinity, Grandmaster, Martial Saint, and Wu Emperor.


In each realm, there are nine stages, and stage gaps in the same realm may affect the direction of the battle.


The father of the previous owner of the body, Su Ling, was once the Lord of Tai’an City, Fusi, so naturally, his son Su Xuan had been acquainted with the emperor since childhood.


The emperor at that time was still just a prince.


With the help of Su Xuan and Su Ling, the prince smoothly became a crown prince and consequently, the emperor.


Therefore, Su Xuan was deeply trusted by the emperor, and devoted resources to help him break through.


Over the years, Su Xuan had become a pillar of Dafeng, and even stepped into the Grandmaster Realm in one fell swoop three years ago.


All the people in the Grandmaster Realm already had the qualifications to open a Sect.


Even considering Dafeng as a whole, the number of people in the Grandmaster Realm could be counted on one hand.


Although Su Xuan looked like a man in his thirties, his actual age had already reached fifty-four.


“Since I know the events that will occur in this world, I should not repeat the mistakes of my predecessor…”


“According to the memories of my predecessor, last year, Yunzhou, one of the nine states of Dafeng, suffered a flood. As far as I remember, that was roughly the time that the protagonist Xiao Han picked up a ring due to sheer luck, and the half-holy grandfather Yang Qingdi in the ring helped him take off all the way…”


“It has been a year since the flooding disaster in Yunzhou. Xiao Han at this time has already received the help of Emperor Yang Qing, and his personal cultivation should be in the Fish Leaping Realm…”


“Four years after the flooding of Yunzhou, Emperor Zhao Huan died, and his three sons and daughters competed for the throne, and ‘I’ besieged the imperial palace with troops to help the second prince mutiny, intending to forcibly ascend the throne.”


“And according to the development of the plot, Xiao Han and the eldest princess Zhao Lian became acquainted, having a discreet love affair. At that time Xiao Han helped Zhao Lian ascend the throne. ‘I’ and Xiao Han had a big fight, ending with my defeat.”


“It’s only been a year since the Yunzhou flood, which means I still have three years to plan…”


Su Xuan murmured in a low voice, his eyes becoming brighter and brighter at each realization.


At this point of time, he was in the Grandmaster realm, and no one could stand up to him in the whole Dafeng!


But why did his predecessor, who had such strong strength, finally end up becoming a stepping stone on the protagonist’s path?


In his opinion, it was mainly his predecessor’s lack of information that caused his miserable end.


If he had known earlier that Xiao Han would be a big problem, he would have been able to strangle him in the cradle in advance.


After all, even until the very night during which his predecessor helped the Second Prince usurp the throne, Xiao Han was no match for him in terms of strength.


It was only the dumb luck that all protagonists have that saved him. His extraordinary luck allowed him to get various opportunities that gave him the strength to cross the border and kill Su Xuan.




Su Xuan’s eyes widened as an explosive thought just took over his mind.


“Xiao Han has only gotten the ring for a year, and at this period of time, he hasn’t yet obtained the Void Emperor Yan, right?”


“The Tombs Of The Martial Saints, Void Emperor Yan, all those opportunities, he hasn’t yet obtained them… has he?”


“Since he didn’t get them, and since I know the plot in advance, can’t I take the lead and cut these opportunities off?”


“Without these opportunities, let alone the Hidden Divinity Realm, he probably wouldn’t even be able to reach the Heavenly Origin Realm, right?”


“After three years, what will he use to fight me?”


Su Xuan’s eyes glowed with a strange luster as he murmured in a low voice.


Since he knows the future plot, then the opportunities that Xiao Han hasn’t yet obtained… won’t they all become his own opportunities?


He had the ring grandfather, yes, but without any cultivation resources to improve this realm, he could pinch him to death with a single finger after three years!


Su Xuan also considered directly killing Xiao Han, who had not yet grown up.


But Xiao Han is the protagonist after all, and the child of destiny.


He had the Yang Qing Emperor of the Half-Sacred Soul Body guarding him, and even if he couldn’t defeat Su Xuan, Xiao Han could definitely run.


However, if he intercepted the various opportunities that Xiao Han was about to obtain in advance, couldn’t he, Su Xuan, rapidly grow in power?


Although he was not interested in being an actual emperor, Su Xuan was very interested in reaching the Emperor Wu realm and becoming one of the legendary martial saints.

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