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Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai! Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The MC is not likeable at all. In fact you can only come to dislike him. His specs are completely plain, his personality non-existent besides the redundant tsukkomis he keeps spewing. He is portrayed as if hating everything around him. Meanwhile he keeps going with the flow, accepting everything that happens as a matter of course, while not setting personal boundaries. The MC has no influence on what’s happening in the story at all.

The sidecharacters are boorish as well. The main heroine, Ayame Kotoko, is interesting but due to the story’s premise she turns into a shallow shell of what she could have been if portrayed differently. The other heroine, Yuuka Hatsushiba, is just plain one-dimensional. So far she’s been portrayed as a “cutesy”-type, but that type is just plain obnoxious, as no girl besides in rom-com shitty mangas would behave like that. Some times some foreshadowing and mystery is stuffed in here and there in the story to deepen her character, but so far in the story it hasn’t been explored. With the development speed the author has I doubt it’d be until volume 4 or 5 before you’d get to see different aspects of the heroines, while the MC will stay as “Template”-ish throughout the entire story like all other rom-coms, where a MC with any more than skin-deep personality-traits seem to be frowned upon.


Table of Content

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