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Chapter 97

The protagonist’s power-up event can be simply structured as follows.

1. Suddenly attacked while enjoying a peaceful moment.
2. Conspiracy revealed amidst hardships and adversity.
3. Awakening through positive concepts like friendship and love.
4. Series of rewards after overcoming adversity.

Though it may seem like a classical story structure, there’s a reason classics are classics. Even with variations, it doesn’t stray far from that structure.

If we think a step ahead, we can understand Ivan’s preparation process.

To forcibly initiate the protagonist’s power-up event, one must lay down a conspiracy, attack the protagonist party, constantly push through adversities, and later provide rewards.

Whether it’s overcoming adversity to awaken or throwing adversity to induce awakening, the difference is trivial; the end result is what matters. A trained agent never prioritizes the process. As long as they can produce the right results in any situation, that’s all that matters.

Therefore, Ivan prepared rewards, considered the difficulty curve, and decided to place adversities, all while weaving a plausible conspiracy.

“At the very least, all ‘protagonists’ should be able to master nerve acceleration and sensory detection… and if possible, they should each have at least one trick up their sleeve.”

Ivan looked at the map covered with tactical symbols, lost in thought.

His actions now are akin to game design. It’s inevitable.

From a gaming perspective, since the protagonists had already dealt with the ‘stages’ they were supposed to solve, he now had to set up the stages. And stages ultimately need to be designed with precise calculations of the player’s experience and growth boundaries.

It’s a kind of level design. Ivan stroked his beard while looking at the map.

“The protagonist party.”

Isabelle, Elpheira, Ecdysis, and Oscar are indispensable. They were certainly the protagonist party.

But Lucia. Enrique’s disciple. She is currently carrying out a ‘secret mission’ with Enrique. Even the commander of the intelligence headquarters doesn’t know, a mission directly controlled by the princess.

If the mission requires a level of involvement from a member of the hero party, it will surely be severe. In Lucia’s case, who directly advises Enrique in the meantime, Ivan doesn’t need to consider her.

Therefore, the remaining ‘protagonists’…

“Oswald, Eugene, Yuri.”

The trio of possessed individuals. These kids are somewhat complicated. Their individual growth potentials are no less than those of the hero party members, but each of them has their own narrative.

For example, Oswald has a romance fantasy with the ‘villain’s sweetheart.’

Eugene is in an academy story as the ‘mischievous youngest son.’

As for Yuri… well, anyway.

In that case, forcibly inserting a ‘power-up event’ by directly interfering with their growth might be meaningless. It’s because their own stories aren’t progressing as intended.

Ivan pondered while tapping the table.

Considering the end of this story, the most formidable adversaries one can assume would be the demon king or the former great hero.

In the worst-case scenario, there’s Maximilian, who disappeared, harboring numerous ‘curses’ alone. Ivan might have to confront him directly.

So, he couldn’t do it alone. Ivan couldn’t even imagine himself single-handedly killing Maximilian.

Moreover, it’s ‘common sense’ that fallen heroes are stronger than in their prime. Former allies turned enemies tend to emerge with all sorts of adjustments.

As Ivan was a sensible person, he didn’t overestimate himself. Instead, he looked at the map.

All available resources must be utilized. The children of the hero party were the highest-quality resources he had.

Rough stones must be carved to have value.

Ivan thought as he wrote his tactical plans. Trials that won’t kill you make you stronger. Wasn’t that how they grew?


Naturally, he was the top scorer in the final exam. The scholarship was ‘Nobilis Oblige.’ What’s the point of worrying about tuition fees in front of the wealth of the Graykencos family?

Elpheira hummed as she passed through the mansion’s gate. The warm summer sunlight was lively heating up the elven residential area.

“Oh, have you come?” (Edelflat)

“Lady Cohenulf.” (Elpheira)

Her mood suddenly jumped. It was right after she faced an elf standing with a sword tip against her neck in the middle of the garden.

Literally, Edelflat Cohenulf was now standing with a sword stuck in reverse, meditating on top of it with a wooden sword.

That’s why swordsmen.

Meditation is something that must be done with a clean mindset in silence. Why would a swordsman need meditation in the first place? That’s all born from a lowly desire to imitate the wizards.

Anyway, swordsmen had a habit of imitating anything that seemed good. And most of what seemed good came from magic. That was an obvious truth.

“When are you going back to your homeland?”

“Oh, already getting impatient, huh? Quite an unaristocratic language.”

“Since you didn’t seem to understand in aristocratic language, let me put it more clearly.”

“What a petty remark. Everyone understands, and they all rejected me in a noble manner. The wealth of the Graykencos family isn’t so lacking that it can’t accommodate a humble inspector as a guest.”

“Sorry, but Lady Cohenulf is even richer.”

“Paying rent is too lowly, isn’t it?”

Edelflat chuckled as she released the sword handle and spun around to descend.

“I might leave before winter sets in. I don’t want to experience Krasilov’s winter again. Well, I’m not sure if I’ll go alone.”


“Hehe, that might happen. There’s mail for you, go check it out.”

“Yes, see you later then.”

Elpheira nodded to Edel, who had resumed training, and left the place.

Mail? From the homeland?

During the six months since entering this university, most of the numerous love letters Elpheira received were sent from school. No human dared to enter the elven residential area.

And elves never convey their feelings through letters.

So, a letter from home would most likely be sent from the homeland with a high probability… Setting aside contacting father through the crystal, who could it be?

Elpheira lifted the neatly placed envelope on the reception table.


[Sender: Ivan Petrovich Yermov]


Elpheira hastily hugged the letter and looked around. Naturally, there were no other people except for minimal servants in her mansion. And there was no need to hide the letter.

Realizing this with shining intellect, Elpheira cleared her throat and straightened her posture.

Crossing her elegantly stretched legs, she poured herself a cup of tea prepared on the reception room table. Slowly sipping it.

“Hmm.” A sniffle.

“Now you realize, huh?”

Suddenly running out to get married, oh, how blindly and foolishly humans go through their mating season. How can such pathetic creatures exist, I wonder.

Elpheira pondered, amused.

“Yeah, now you’ve noticed the ‘opportunity,’ right? The ‘opportunity’ to connect with an elf, truly. It must have been an irresistible temptation for humans.”

“So, are you going to wag your tail at me now?”

With the momentum as if she would vigorously shake her tail if she had one, Elpheira chuckled and slowly reached out her fingers.

Snap, she tore open the seal of the letter.

Took a deep breath.

Exhaled deeply, placing her hand on her chest for a moment to take a deep breath. Then, with a flourish, she unfolded the neatly folded letter paper.

And now, the heartfelt love confession… confession…

[Invitation to a getaway.

Location: Irtysh Station
Date: 1500 hours on the last day of the semester at Saint Jan’s University
Details: Board the 15th section railway departing at 1530 from Platform 1 at Saint Barbay Station.
Note: Attached is a one-way ticket for the 15th section railway.]

A confession… this?

“Usually… confessing one’s feelings in a letter means something like ‘come out to the schoolyard…’ right?”

Strange. Surely everyone around here confesses and dates like that.

So formal… not even suitable for a business letter, and even adding the word ‘invitation.’

And putting a train ticket for a week later…?

But more importantly, what? Where is Irtysh Station?

Elpheira was engulfed in confusion.


“Is this a honeymoon? A trip? Something like that? Uncle, you think so too, right?” (Ecdysis)

“Well, in my eyes, it feels more like calling a foreign noble for military training.” (Mord)

“That’s because Uncle’s sensitivity is dead. Originally, Uncle Ivan and I have this kind of relationship. You know?” (Ecdysis)

“Ugh…what? I’ve never seen you and that bastard exchange letters… or conversations… properly.” (Mord)

“That’s because Uncle hasn’t experienced love. Originally, if our hearts understand each other, there’s no need for words or anything like that, you know?” (Ecdysis)

“Yeah. Let’s just leave it at that.” (Mord)

Mord nodded quietly, looking at the wandering Ecdysis with warm eyes.

Brother, I think the harvest of the child’s affection is ruined. I’m telling you now, but she seems to resemble her mother more than you. And, uh, not in a good way.

They say daughters take after their fathers, but that’s all lies.

He added.

“Mr. Yeremov.”

Oscar wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel as he looked at the letter.

A sudden contact and a sudden invitation. Normally, he wouldn’t have given it a second thought…

“You’re a strong one.”

He had also witnessed the previous tournament. He had felt Ivan’s power keenly since the incident during the field training assault.

He was the hidden weapon of this country. Even as a son of the Hero Party, he had never heard of Ivan’s name until he came to this country.

The fact that such a man had a close relationship with Enrique and his father. The fact that the citizens of this country didn’t even know of his existence among such strong figures indicates one thing.

Krasilov is preparing for war.

Contrary to many misunderstandings, a ruler who loudly advertises military strength is often the most afraid of war. That was also the reason why Tylesse held a grand festival, appointing Jill Ber as the homeland hero.

As the eldest son of Jill Ber, Oscar was well aware of that fact. However, Krasilov, outwardly divided, was consuming most of his military power for extensive colonial control, and all the heroes of the last war retired or disappeared.

Even in such a situation, where internal espionage networks are considered suspiciously thorough and on the verge of collapse, the counter-terrorism response is remarkably swift.

Furthermore, he harbored a sergeant named Ivan Petrovich without revealing him to anyone. He had hidden him so well that it was suspicious.

So there’s only one conclusion. Krasilov was preparing for war.

The powers facing each other on the border are Drovian and Tylesse. And the king of Drovian recently infiltrated Frechenkaya and is suspected of making some kind of agreement with the princess.

Then, the only country Krasilov could provoke military action against immediately narrowed down to Tylesse. As a knight of Tylease, it was unacceptable.

“Notify the homeland. Tell them regular reports may be delayed for a while due to internal information gathering.”

“Ivan Petrovich Yermov. It’s better to stick by his side if you want to figure out the identity of this mysterious guy and the intentions of this country.”

Knight of the Hero Party, son of Jill Ber, Oscar.

6 months since arriving in Krasilov. Commencing fixed espionage duties (main job)!


“Yeah, this looks like training.”

Isabelle neatly acknowledged as she folded the letter.

Would that ‘uncle’ really be the type to flirt with a college girl out of the blue and ask her to go hiking for a bit?

Even though her mind was a garden of flowers, Isabelle was one of the people who had been closest to Ivan for the longest time.

Naturally, she couldn’t help but recognize it the moment she saw the letter.

Calling me out of the city suddenly? That uncle? Well then, the conclusion is clear. It’s not training.

Yeah, right. Taking care of health, that’s what you’re saying.

So the conclusion is, being healthy and fine, you’re ignoring a promise to come and eat ‘vegetable stew’ for days.

Are you trying to take me out alone for training on such a topic?

Yeah, yeah, there are many eyes watching in this city.

If you’re a spy, you’re naturally a talent managed by the country. It would be burdensome to spend ‘off-duty’ time with foreign noble youths.

If he calls me out alone under the pretext of training and suggests going on a train journey together.

Yeah, I understand.

“This is love.”

Anyway, it’s a bad habit to turn it around like this.

Isabelle chuckled as she started packing.


“This is weird. Why does it feel like I know so many faces?” (Isabelle)

“Yeah, right. As soon as the vacation starts, you’re going to Tylesse? Well, if you take this train all the way, you’ll go to Tylesse, right?” (Oscar)

“Even if it’s me, I have to take the opposite platform to go to Drovian.” (Ecdysis)

“Didn’t Oscar say he’d stay in Frechenkaya during the vacation?” (Isabelle)

“I have some business to take care of briefly. What about Miss Elphie?” (Oscar)

“Don’t talk to me. There are too many humans around, so I’m dizzy. I have a human fur allergy.” (Elpheira)

“How does she even go to school like that?”

Summer vacation, begin!

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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