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Chapter 9: Li Tianci, the Direct Disciple, is Proficient in Refining!

The disciple of the Refining Treasure Peak led Chen Chang’an into the peak.

The palace of the Refining Treasure Peak was scattered, with disciples coming and going, much more lively than the Feixian Peak where only Chen Chang’an and Feng Wanxi were present.

There was no other way. The master liked peace and quiet and seemed to dislike noise. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken so long to take on an apprentice under the pressure of the sect leader.

Chen Chang’an had been to the Refining Treasure Peak before, but only to clean up.

On the way, Chen Chang’an talked with the disciple of the Refining Treasure Peak, and he also knew his name.

His name was Li Tianci, and he was actually a direct disciple. The master was the old Lu Ban.

In theory, if Feng Wanxi had taken him as a direct disciple, his current status would also be high, just like Li Tianci, who was also a direct disciple.

However, in this world, the strong were always respected, and although he was a direct disciple, his cultivation was pitifully weak. It’s likely that only few people in the sect would look up to him.

Of course, Chen Chang’an didn’t mind. With the system, this was only temporary.

Li Tianci led Chen Chang’an to a side hall.

Li Tianci said, “Junior brother, wait in the hall for a moment. I’ll go and report to the master.”

Chen Chang’an nodded.

Li Tianci left.

Chen Chang’an curiously looked around and was quite well-behaved. He saw that there were many magical treasures in this small hall, and he felt calm and relaxed staying in this hall.

He thought to himself.

“The Refining Treasure Peak is really extraordinary. The senior brothers and sisters who stay here are proficient in the art of refining treasures. There are magical treasures everywhere. If I can establish good relations with Lu Ban and the senior brothers and sisters here, I will definitely not lack magical treasures in the future.”

But as soon as he finished thinking, Chen Chang’an couldn’t help but slap his head.

“Look at my stupid head. I have the system now. It seems that there is the art of refining treasures in the [Filial Piety Shopping Mall].”

Chen Chang’an opened the [Filial Piety Shopping Mall] and quickly found it.

Product: Talent [Proficient in Refining]

Price: 50 filial piety points

Introduction: When the art of refining treasures is mastered, one can refine the heavens, the earth, and the air. With enough qi and materials, one can create divine artifacts with just a wave of the hand.

After reading the introduction, Chen Chang’an gave a thumbs up.

“That’s so cool. I have to buy it!”

[System prompt: The host spends 50 filial piety points to purchase the talent [Proficient in Refining], and the current balance of filial piety points is 122.]

In an instant.

Chen Chang’an’s mind was filled with vast knowledge of refining treasures, and he gained some insight into the art of refining.

Chen Chang’an smiled and felt satisfied. “Done.”

At this time.

Li Tianci, who had left, came back.

“Junior brother, please go back and tell Elder Feng that the master is currently in seclusion refining treasures and cannot come out for the time being. The news of Junior Brother’s arrival can only be passed on to him as soon as the master comes out of seclusion.”

“How long will that take?”

Li Tianci thought for a moment, “It should take three or four days.”

Chen Chang’an: “…”

He didn’t want to sleep in the kitchen for the next few days.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Chang’an said, “Senior Brother, then there’s no need to trouble Elder Lu Ban. Would you mind taking me to buy some building materials?”

“No problem.”

Then, Li Tianci took Chen Chang’an to a large palace.

The palace was spacious and had a sense of heaven and earth, with three layers in total. Countless refining materials were inside, and many disciples from the sect were picking and buying through them.

Rare iron ore, precious wood, various rare stones, and even the fur, blood, and bones of ferocious beasts…

Chen Chang’an was dazzled by what he saw.

Li Tianci introduced, “If Junior Brother wants to buy building materials, you can choose this kind of Green God Wood. It has a clear fragrance and can nourish the soul. It can even accelerate the gathering of spiritual energy from the surrounding heaven and earth. It’s the best choice for building a house.”

“How much is it?”

“Three thousand spiritual stones per stick.”

“So expensive?”

Li Tianci smiled, “The growth place of Green God Wood is infested with demons and ghosts. It’s not easy for disciples to cut them down. So selling them for three thousand spiritual stones per stick is not expensive, especially since Green God Wood also has a lot of benefits for cultivation.”

Chen Chang’an was speechless.

He could imagine how poor he was if he couldn’t even afford to buy a piece of wood with three thousand spiritual stones.

He regretted taking all those high-grade Qi-Refining Pills.

If he hadn’t taken them, he would have had a net worth of millions of spiritual stones.

Sighing in his heart, Chen Chang’an asked again, “Are there any cheaper options, like those that cost a few dozen spiritual stones per stick?”

If not, he could only chop down trees on the mountain and build his own house.

Li Tianci was taken aback for a moment before remembering that Chen Chang’an was just a handyman disciple a few days ago, not even comparable to the core disciples of the sect, let alone direct disciples like himself, who were wealthy.

He smiled apologetically, “I didn’t think it through. There are cheaper ones too. Follow me, Junior Brother.”

Chen Chang’an nodded.

He had a good impression of Li Tianci. If it were someone else who knew he was penniless, they would have already looked down on him.

Just then, a stunning woman walked into the palace.

She wore a red long dress, had black hair like a waterfall, and had a slender figure. Her skin was as smooth and delicate as white jade, and her bright eyes were like stars.

She scanned the palace with her eyes and finally fixed her gaze on Li Tianci, her eyes becoming sharp as a knife. She strode over.

Li Tianci also saw the stunning woman and was stunned for a moment before quickly lowering his head.

“Junior Brother, let’s leave here first.”

Chen Chang’an was a little confused, “What’s wrong?”

Li Tianci didn’t say anything and just took Chen Chang’an away.

Suddenly, a cold female voice sounded behind them.

“Li Tianci, I saw you! Where are you going? Stop!”

There was a sharp sword sound, accompanied by the sound of breaking through the air.

A silver sword rushed out like a silver dragon, as fast as lightning, hanging over Li Tianci’s head, releasing a bitterly cold sword aura.

As Chen Chang’an stood beside Li Tianci, he could feel the bone-chilling coldness emitted by the silver sword.


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That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

That’s a Misunderstanding, I Really Don’t Show Any Affection Towards the Master

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Crossing over to the Nine Realms World, Chen Chang’an accepted by the beautiful Feng Wanxi as her direct disciple, opened the [Strongest Filial Piety System]. As long as you care for your master, look after your master, take care of your master and so on, you can gain filial points. “Master, you look tired, let this disciple massage your back and legs.” “Master, this disciple has made you a chocolate cake which is your favorite, open your mouth, ah-” “Master, this is a Great Immortal Sword that this disciple just made today, take it and go kill demons with it. It’s very powerful!” “Hey, Master, come and try on this disciple’s latest invention, Jade Cicada Black Silk Stockings, you have long and slender jade legs, they will look great on you.” Until one day, the beautiful master leaned in Chen Chang’an’s arms and asked him with a red face, “Disciple, why do people say that we show our love?” Chen Chang’an gave beautiful master a kiss to express his innocence. “Master, this is a misunderstanding, this disciple is just doing his filial duty~”


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