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Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – Brown Loli Amine 4

We returned to Forest End. We were treated like royalty on our way back on a airship.

“Thank you, Aix-kun!”

As we were about to part ways, one of the crew members from the engine room called out to me, and I waved back in response. Luca looked dissatisfied.

“What did you do this time?”

“Huh? I just put a fireball into the engine reactor…”

Was something wrong?

Luca sighed heavily, and Crazy Bear nodded in agreement.

“Haa. You really don’t understand anything.”

“Partner, you really are something else.”

It was 2 against 1. I looked to Rabbit-chan for help.

“It’s okay because it’s Aix-san.”

She said, reassuring me.

It seems like I don’t have any allies after all.

Oops, I was spacing out. I pulled Luca’s hand and hurried after the echoing footsteps of Queen Amine on the ground.


When we got off the airship, the viscount and his butler were waiting for us. What a surprise.

According to Uracal, they were after me, so I was a little nervous. If only I had noticed sooner, I could have hidden inside the ship.

But since Queen Amine had declared, “It can’t be helped. I’ll show the negotiation skills of an adult mistress,” I left it to her. Is it okay to do that?

“Well, well, Amin Queen. Welcome to my Forest End.”

“Hmm. It’s been a while, Viscount Lardrich and Yesman.”

“I’m deeply honored.”

It seems that they were waiting for the queen. Oh no, I might be too self-conscious and embarrassed.

As I watched the polite adult greetings, the viscount chuckled softly.

“Queen Amine. I appreciate that you went out of your way to bring back my runaway servant.”

At that moment, the pleasant atmosphere froze. Wait, were they waiting for me after all?

I calmed down Luca, who was burning with fighting spirit, by patting her head. Okay, okay, let’s calm down a little. Peace is the best.

At that time, a low voice echoed from the front.

“Hmm, a servant, you say? Only the sensei who are recognised by me are the ones I am carrying right now. Does that mean it’s a declaration of war against my country?”

What!? Queen Amine!

Damn it, should I have patted Queen Amin instead? What’s so adult about this? This person is still a child on the inside.

“What did you say? He’s a defective ma-”

The butler started to panic, and he whispered something in his ear. No war allowed.

“Cough. Don’t misunderstand, Your Majesty. I just have something to discuss with Aix. Oh, Aix realized his mistake and came back to me, right? Isn’t that right? Hm? Hmmm?”

Eek. This was the first time my name was called by him, but I couldn’t help but shudder at that petting voice. I thought I wanted to be called by my name instead of being called a defective mage, but I was wrong.

The viscount glared at me with a scary look, and the butler stared at me apologetically.

Probably, if I answer “yes,” this situation will be resolved. I’d just be the sacrifice.

But I won’t lose anymore.

I won’t let myself lose.

“I believe I declined your offer for work.”


The words came out smoothly.

Now that I think about it, it’s the second time.

The uncomfortable feeling clinging to my body from the viscount is gradually dissipating. Whew.

It feels good.

“What?! How dare you, a defective mage, embarrass me in front of the queen!”


What should I have said?

Sorry for not letting you win.

“Viscount Lardrich… Are you still planning to insult Aix-sensei, who I have recognized? Be prepared. That fight will cost you dearly.”

“I-I have no such intention. Absolutely not.”

Oh no.

It seems Queen Amine is also angry.


If things continue like this, the Slime Pillow War will break out.

Don’t fight over me.

“Your Majesty, Queen Amine.”

“Hmm? What is it? Yesman. If you have something to say, go ahead.”

Surprisingly, it was the butler who resolved the situation.

“Your Majesty, I appreciate the opportunity to speak. There is undoubtedly a certain connection between Aix and us. Considering that, if you insist on asserting yourself in another country’s territory, we would like to receive something appropriate in return.”

Then, Queen Amine, who was angry just a moment ago, smiled.

“Hmm. That makes sense. In that case, I will purchase the magic stones you have prepared at twice the usual price. Let’s settle it that way.”

As I was puzzled by her reaction, Crazy Bear whispered in my ear.

“Well, well, partner. This is just a charade.”

“A charade?”

This time, Rabbit-chan whispered sweetly in my other ear.

“Aix-san. So, the anger earlier was just an act, and this is actually a negotiation Luca mentioned it earlier.”

“Is that so?”


It seemed genuine to me.

“No, that’s not oyr demand, Your Majesty. Anyway, the dwarves excel in technical skills, right?”

“I-Is that so? Yesman, what are you trying to say?”

As Queen Amine tilted her head, the Yesman remained silent.

Suddenly, the viscount raised his voice.

“I’ve got it! I’ve come up with a great idea. We can have the dwarves make magical tools for us.”

“Viscount, that is a splendid idea.”

Queen Amine, who was startled by the viscount’s loud voice, responded with a stern gaze.

“…You cunning raccoon. Very well, I understand.”

It seems that war has been avoided.

Feeling relieved, I made eye contact with the angry viscount.

“Hmph, defective mage. You’re disappointed that you didn’t get the job, aren’t you? This is what happens when you defy me, a noble.”

“Ahh, yes.”

The butler calmed Queen Amine, who became displeased after hearing his outburst. This person seems to have a tough job as well.

“More importantly! Queen Amine, the preparations for the banquet are complete. Today, we will be serving the viscount’s finest wine, so please enjoy it to your heart’s content.”


Seeing the flustered viscount, Queen Amine smirked.

“Hmm, I understand. Let’s pretend we didn’t hear what was said earlier.”

“Your Majesty, thank you. Viscount, let’s go quickly.”

“Guh, my collection!”

The people who were planning to start a war over me left. Upon hearing about the feast, the crew members, perhaps stirred by their dwarven blood, began to enter the viscount’s residence one after another.

Left behind, a chilly wind blew through.

Just a moment ago, I was the protagonist, but in an instant, I became a background character.

“But partner, you seem to have a princess-like position.”

“Well… you’re right. But for now, I’m just a background character.”

Finally, Luca, who is usually shy, regained her composure and interjected.

“That’s not true. You’re a prince, let me escort you home.”

I gently took the mischievously offered small hand and held it tightly.


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“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

"I… Don't Want to Work Anymore" I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won't Do It. I Will NEVER Work Again., "Mou.... Hatarakitakunaindesu" Boukensha Nanka Yamete yaru. Imasara, Taiguu wo Kaerukara to Onegai sarete mo Okotowaridesu. Boku wa Zettai Hatarakimasen., もう‥‥働きたくないんです』冒険者なんか辞めてやる。今更、待遇を変えるからとお願いされてもお断りです。僕はぜーったい働きません
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Aix is a 19-year-old E-Rank adventurer. He is a “prodigy” mage that solely specializes in ‘Effect Duration Extension’. He has spent the last five years working like a s*ave around the clock throughout the week. When he finally collapses from exhaustion and wakes up on his doorstep, he finally comes to terms with himself. “I’m going to quit this job!” After quitting his job as an adventurer, Aix announced that he would no longer work. The people who had been enjoying the benefits of the unusually long duration novice magic cause of Aix, panicked when they realized that there was no one to replace him, but it was too late. He smiled and refused all the threats and attempts to coerce him. “I will NEVER work again!” The new life of a novice mage who has been told he won’t work begins now!


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