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Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Radiance of Runes

At this moment, the King of the Human was adorned in golden full-body armor, characterized by sleek lines and a blend of strength and grace. On his chestplate, an imposing roaring beast was etched, exuding an awe-inspiring presence that even surpassed Su Hao’s winged armor. He epitomized the majesty of a king.

The King of the Human held a long sword, his expression calm as he raised his head, sharp eyes locked onto the black dot slowly gliding through the sky. He wasn’t sure what was up there, but regardless of what it was, he was confident he could defeat it.

Even though he was elderly and frail, he remained self-assured. It was a confidence forged through countless battles in his life. And it wasn’t just him; everyone surrounding the King had confidence in him.

The King of the Human would forever be undefeated.

Soon, with a deafening roar, the small black dot drew closer. Everyone could now see its appearance. No, it wasn’t a black dot; it was a person in shining silver armor with two thin wings extending backward diagonally from their back, resembling a sharp triangle. They were rapidly piercing through the sky.

The armored figure in the sky seemed to be carrying a massive metal sphere on their back. They were also dragging a smaller metal sphere beneath them. The overall sight was quite peculiar.

However, everyone had one thought in their hearts: “This armor looks really cool.”

This was immediately followed by a big question mark: “But how is it flying freely in the sky like a bird without flapping its wings?”

“Whoosh… BOOM!”

The armored figure glided over the main city, captivating countless onlookers. It was none other than Su Hao, wearing his winged armor. The large metal sphere on his back was the ‘Eight Hundred Explosions’ bomb, just as a precaution. The smaller metal sphere he was dragging below was the gift he brought for everyone today.

This gift might not be to everyone’s liking, but at least no one would refuse it.

Su Hao hovered in the sky at an altitude of about seven hundred meters, above the main city, observing the grand city below. This was the largest city of the human race in this world, He’an City.

Su Hao quickly locked onto the central location of He’an City—the royal palace.

He changed direction and flew toward the palace, then began to ascend higher and higher until he turned into a tiny black dot once more.

In the high sky, Su Hao removed the basketball-sized metal sphere in his hands and embraced it. He took a deep breath and slowly injected a massive amount of his blood essence into the metal sphere.

The metal sphere quickly emitted a faint white light, growing brighter and brighter until the shape of the metal sphere was no longer visible. Even Su Hao himself was bathed in the white light.

It was like a second sun in the sky.

Su Hao stopped ascending and began to fall downward, faster and faster. The spherical metal object in his hands seemed to have sublimated, transforming into a blinding white light, losing its physical form. Under Su Hao’s propulsion, it plummeted straight to the ground.

It was like the fall of a second sun.

Su Hao named this luminous sphere “Rune Radiance.”

On the ground, people watched the “sun” falling, panic-stricken. They screamed and rushed out of the palace area, causing a chaotic stampede towards the city’s outskirts.

But where could they escape to in time?

All the guards and soldiers in the palace looked up, squinting their eyes, their faces filled with concern. What was this? How could they defend against it?

Everyone had the same thought: “We’re doomed!”

At this moment, someone questioned, “Could the one up there be the Silver Armor Rune Master?”

Someone immediately agreed, “It’s definitely him! Besides him, I can’t imagine who else could do this.”

“What does he want? Is he going to destroy the palace?”

“We’re finished!”

At this time, the King of the Human stepped forward. He took two steps, his eyes ignoring the blinding radiance, firmly fixed on the descending sphere of light.

Calculating the distance, the King of the Human dashed forward, getting faster and faster. The exposed parts of his face were covered in intricate golden patterns.

He leaped into the air, soaring instantly to a hundred meters high, still rising rapidly, shooting upward to meet the descending sphere of light.

Su Hao also noticed the armored figure leaping into the air. This was the warrior with the strongest vitality in the city, likely ten times stronger than Su Hao. It had to be the King of the Human.

“The current state of ‘Rune Radiance’ leans more towards a smoky fluid. It needs to be given a fast initial velocity to release it. When it impacts the ground, it can then spread rapidly with enough speed,” Su Hao thought as he silently calculated the descent speed.

When it descended to about four hundred meters, Su Hao pushed the light sphere away from his hands, allowing it to continue its descent based on inertia. He began adjusting his winged armor, preparing to ascend.

The King of the Human widened his eyes, his aged face twisted with determination. The golden patterns on his face seemed as if they were about to burst with brilliance. He roared as he faced the radiant sphere, “Sky-Breaking Blade!”


A slash cleaved through the light sphere.


In the instant the blade cut through the sphere, the King of the Human immediately sensed something was wrong.

It didn’t feel like he had struck a physical object; it was more like cutting through thin air, intangible light with no resistance.

Then he passed through the light sphere without being harmed in the slightest.

He turned to look at the light sphere, which continued to fall towards the royal palace.

But soon, the King of the Human noticed something different.

His entire suit of armor, along with the longsword in his hand, was no longer shiny but engraved with tiny words all over.

He recognized these words; they were from “The Path of the Warrior” and “Rune Comprehension,” which he had watched repeatedly, so he couldn’t be mistaken.

“Could it be…” The King of the Human began to speculate.

He looked up at the rapidly turning and falling silver-armored figure, his eyes flashing with a cold light. He was able to adjust his direction mid-air and fly towards the silver-armored figure.

After Su Hao pushed the light sphere away, he immediately manipulated his Wings to change direction and ascend.

At this moment, he was moving too fast, and with the huge ‘Eight Hundred Explosions’ bomb on his back, it would take over two hundred meters of buffering altitude to change direction while ascending.

Just as Su Hao was about to glide into a U-shaped pattern to start ascending, he saw the King of the Human, who was filled with momentum, adjusting his direction in mid-air to intercept him.

Su Hao quickly calculated whether the King of the Human could intercept him successfully. Given their respective speeds, the King of the Human would fail to intercept him. Su Hao would pass by him at a distance of twenty meters before ascending smoothly.

Nevertheless, Su Hao pulled out the short and long knives and held them in his hands, ready for any unexpected situation.

However, Su Hao miscalculated. The King of the Human apparently understood that at their current speeds, he had no chance of making contact with the “passerby.” As a result, the King of the Human roared, and his overwhelming vitality suddenly burst forth, increasing his speed slightly.

This was the King of the Human’s combat skill – Sky-Stomping.

Su Hao widened his eyes, realizing this was bad. He didn’t expect the King of the Human to be able to fly briefly in mid-air at this speed.

He immediately activated the runes: ‘Hardening,’ ‘Barrier,’ ‘Deflection,’ ‘Oscillation,’ ‘Bright Light,’ and ‘Coordination.’ The runes on both of his knives also lit up: ‘Hardening,’ ‘Sharpness,’ ‘Penetration,’ ‘Rotation,’ and ‘Erosion.’

Not taking any chances, he channeled his blood essence into the Wings and long knife. He attempted to control the Wings to change direction and evade the King of the Human while simultaneously preparing for combat with the knife.

No matter how Su Hao adjusted his position, the King of the Human could react promptly and keep up. Soon, Su Hao and the King of the Human made contact.

“Sky-Breaking Blade!” The King of the Human shouted and swung his sword towards Su Hao, seemingly attempting to cleave him in two.

“Is he trying to cut me in half?” Su Hao raised his knife to meet the attack, knowing that this attack was difficult to handle.

“Clang! Click!”

The two sides brushed past each other. Su Hao’s long knife broke, and he shifted his body to narrowly avoid the King of the Human’s blade, which almost struck his chest.

“That was close!”

Su Hao quickly adjusted his direction and flew further away.

The King of the Human ascended further for a while before descending to the ground. His splendid longsword had also snapped after breaking Su Hao’s long knife.

The King of the Human’s face turned extremely unsightly, and he stared at Su Hao’s retreating figure, gritting his teeth, “You rascal, you actually managed to evade me!”

At the same time, the large light sphere, ‘Rune Radiance,’ landed on the ground.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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