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Chapter 73

===073 The Power to Change the World===

Although the Bearded Beast had a strong vitality, its patterns and organs had all collapsed into a lump by Su Hao, losing its follow-up strength. It soon died completely.

After the Bearded Beast breathed its last breath, Captain Hua Hong began organizing people to clean up the battlefield. At this time, the town mayor, Lu Luyun, and the dean, Xiao Jixuan, rushed back from the wilderness.

Captain Hua Hong found something off about the expressions of the two of them. Why did they come back after the fight was over?

Lu Luyun and Xiao Jixuan glanced at each other, their faces full of embarrassment.

They had seen the huge corpse of the Bearded Beast and felt a chill down their spines.

They both knew that even if they had rushed back in time, it wouldn’t have made much difference. In reality, they had no way to deal with this Bearded Beast. At most, with the combined strength of three Master-tier cultivators, they could force the Bearded Beast to leave.

Killing the Bearded Beast was simply impossible.

After learning about the process of the battle, the two of them became highly interested in the heavily armored figure who seemed to be a Master-tier cultivator passing by Lingyun Town.

And after learning the cause of the Bearded Beast’s death, the two Master-tier cultivators were stunned and speechless, looking at each other.

Could Master-tier cultivators actually do something like this?

Captain Hua Hong analyzed, “That big brother must be a high-level Master-tier cultivator, and most likely, a runemaster as well!”

Lu Luyun and Xiao Jixuan were shocked, “Runemaster?”

They could also draw runes, but apart from extracting runes, the rest of the runes were useless to them. When it came to battles, it was more effective to just chop with a sword.

Captain Hua Hong nodded, “I saw that big brother use runes at least twice, and there were many different types of runes.”

Pointing at the wound on the Bearded Beast, he said, “Look here, there are traces of penetration, sharpness, and erosion. I even saw him use barriers and deflections. His use of runes was very smooth. It seems that this is his main area of cultivation.”

Lv Luyun nodded and said, “Indeed, not many people can accomplish this. The other party must be the top-notch type.”

Xiao Jixuan suddenly said, “What do you guys think, could this person be responsible for Jin Datong’s death two years ago?”

Captain Hua Hong and Lv Luyun were startled and suddenly fell silent.

After a long time, Lv Luyun said directly, “There’s no need to continue investigating the matter of Jin Datong.”

Captain Hua Hong and Xiao Jixuan nodded.

Lv Luyun continued, “Hongyi, personally extract the original core of the Bearded Beast and make a trip to the main city of He’an.”

Captain Hua Hong nodded and said, “Okay!”

After this incident, a story about the ‘Masked Silver Warrior’ began to circulate in Lingyun Town.

Su Hao, known as the ‘Masked Silver Warrior,’ had returned to the wilderness. He started hunting down the Grandmaster Beast and specifically targeted the weaker ones.

He discovered that there was no need to fear the Grandmaster Beast. He had personally defeated two.

The blood intensity of the Grandmaster Beast was generally slightly stronger than Su Hao’s, but only slightly. It was not insurmountable. With the series of runes he possessed, he could easily bridge this gap.

After hunting down five Grandmaster Beasts, Su Hao noticed a characteristic of these beasts. Each Grandmaster Beast had a fleshy lump inside its body that was wrapped in runes. Inside this lump was a pale yellow bead.

Most of the blood intensity of the Grandmaster Beast was contained within this bead.

“It should be an energy core. No wonder the strength of these Grandmaster Beasts is not as powerful as I imagined,” Su Hao suddenly understood. The reason he could resist the Grandmaster Beasts with the strength of a Master Warrior was not because he was strong, but because the Grandmaster Beasts were too weak.

Hmm… Su Hao admitted that he might be slightly stronger than an ordinary high-level Grandmaster, but as a Master, he couldn’t fake it.

The main reason was the Grandmaster Beast.

The difference between the Grand Master and the Master was an organ that could store the energy of blood, allowing the total amount of blood in the body to undergo a qualitative leap and the overall strength to undergo a qualitative change due to the increase in blood volume.

But Su Hao discovered that although the blood output efficiency of the Grandmaster Beast far exceeded that of the Master, it couldn’t match its massive blood volume.

If blood is compared to water in a pool, the output efficiency is determined by the size of the water outlet. The larger the water outlet, the stronger the power that can be explosively released in an instant. If the water outlet is small, then the power that can be explosively released is very limited.

It’s the same with the Grandmaster Beast. It possessed a majestic blood, but the blood output was too small, limiting its explosive power.

Comparing this, the blood output of the Grandmaster Beast was still less than that of Su Hao!

“So, the key to advancing to the Grandmaster level is this bead?” Su Hao suspected that the method of advancing to the Grandmaster level was to install an energy core in his own body.

According to Old Liu’s words, the limit of the human race is an elite level, and the path of the Grandmaster was developed by imitating the Martial Beasts.

Similarly, the human race cannot generate such a core on its own. Therefore, the method of advancing to the Grandmaster level is to learn from the Martial Beasts.

Most likely, it is to hunt down a Grandmaster Beast, seize its core, and transplant it into the body of a Grandmaster. After a period of adaptation, one can successfully advance to the Grandmaster level.

It’s no wonder the path to becoming a Grandmaster is tightly restricted. Every time a Grandmaster Warrior successfully advances, they must also successfully hunt down a Grandmaster Beast and obtain its core.

The key is that obtaining the core does not necessarily guarantee a hundred percent successful advancement.

“So what about the Ancestor level? Will they eventually turn the entire human body into a container for the energy core?”

Su Hao had never seen anyone at the Ancestor level, nor did he have any way of knowing, nor did he have any intention of implanting such a thing in himself for the time being.

So he put aside the project of researching the Grandmaster level for now.

He wanted to return to the research of runes and basic blood energy.

The reason was that the living environment of the human race was extremely harsh, and runes would be a beneficial tool to greatly improve this living environment.

After the incident of the bearded beast attack in Lingyun Town, Su Hao suddenly understood why the people in this world viewed life and death so lightly.

Death was a completely normal thing for them. As long as it benefited the continuation of the clan, they could make sacrifices at any time. They didn’t need anyone to honor them as heroes, nor did they need anyone to remember them.

Because this was ingrained in their sense of responsibility, the sense of responsibility of being a member of the human race.

And it was precisely because of this sense of responsibility as a top priority for the clan that the human race was able to survive in this continent full of ferocious beasts during ancient times when they were extremely weak.

Of course, this was only the spiritual belief of the majority of people in this world.

There were also some individuals who disregarded the overall righteousness of the entire race for their own selfish desires. They would never be able to understand those who shed blood for their beliefs, nor understand the passionate hearts within them.

That’s why Su Hao had already made a decision.

He wanted to thoroughly research runes.

In addition to the existing runes that were born from beast patterns, he also wanted to research the principles of basic rune combinations, in order to achieve various rune functions, to obtain the effect he desired through corresponding formulas.

Then, he would compile his research conclusions into a book and make it public, giving everyone the opportunity to learn the path of runes. He wasn’t afraid of the consequences that would follow.

As for the possibility of being killed because of the disclosure of runes, he didn’t maintain an optimistic attitude towards it.

One could already see this from how the rulers firmly controlled the path of advancement beyond the Grandmaster level.

The human race needed strong individuals, and there could be strong individuals, but they must be within the grasp of control.

It was easy to guess the attitude of the rulers towards basic runes: the human race needed runes, there could be runes, but the runes must be within their control.

Then, these runes would lose their meaning, which was not the effect Su Hao wanted.

What he wanted was for many people in the human race to have a bit of resistance when facing ferocious beasts, and not solely rely on the small number of high-level martial artists or wait for the beasts to leave after being full.

He had experienced various disasters and deaths, and had experienced various feelings of powerlessness and despair. So when he heard the desperate cries of many ordinary people being devoured, he was moved.

Perhaps when his runes became popular, when everyone had the opportunity to learn runes, there would at least be a power of resistance when facing ferocious beasts, even if it was just a tiny 0.01%.

Of course, this was only an opportunity, or you could say probability. For those who came into contact with runes but did not cherish the opportunity or study properly, it didn’t matter. For Su Hao, not valuing opportunities was their own problem.

Su Hao wanted to completely change this world with the power of runes!

As for whether it would start a rune revolution and cause countless members of the human race to shed blood, Su Hao wasn’t particularly concerned.The emergence of a new era is inevitably accompanied by endless slaughter and bloodshed, and only in bloodshed can a powerful human era epic be forged.

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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