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Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – Brown Young Girl Amine 1

Luca came down to the living room dressed in a gothic lolita outfit, so I convinced the reluctant coachman and we headed back to Sheep Town.

As we entered the town, we saw sleepy people crawling out of tents here and there.

We advanced to the area where the carriage could go and parted ways with the coachman, then landed on the ground. We had already inputted the map we received before.

Since Luca could not pass through the crowded zone, we must be careful at the start. It felt like a board game.

First, let’s return the solo tent to the drunk nee-san’s place. Since it seemed to still be closed, we returned it to the entrance, clearing our first mission.

Since there were few people in the morning, it was relatively easy. Difficulty level would increase with time as people crowded in the afternoon.

As we walked towards the main commercial guild, Luca suddenly pulled my hem.

“What’s wrong, Luca?”

“I feel eyes on us.”

I looked around but couldn’t tell.

“Crazy Bear, do you notice anything?”

“Yeah, I feel something. It’s far away, but there are multiple women searching for us.”

“Those bad insects!”

Could it be that they’re targeting me like Luca said? …Is this what they call a period of popularity?

Ah, Luca and Crazy Bear said strange things and I became curious about the girl who seemed to be smitten with me. As I looked around, Luca pinched my back. She was the one who brought it up first. Sigh.

As we were like this, we saw the commercial guild. In front of the specially prepared map, tourists were looking seriously for the shop they wanted to visit.

Hmm, what should we do?

As I was confused, the commercial guild’s nee-san approached us.

“Ano, boy and girl. Are you here for tourism, sales, or performance?”

“No, I’m here for commercial guild card.”

She looked surprised, then smiled kindly and gave us advice.

“You don’t need it, you know?”

“I want the card.”

I wonder how lax the security in this town is. However, I am not interested in doing business.

“Ah! You want to go to Forest End, right? It’s troublesome to enter without a certificate, isn’t it? But, I’m sorry. The responsible person isn’t here today, so I can’t issue it.”

“I see. I understand.”

I gave up easily and Crazy Bear suddenly appeared.

“Hey sis! Please do something about it without being stubborn. Gmyuk.”

“Crazy Bear, don’t trouble the nee-san.”

“The bear spoke?!”

Suspect Crazy Bear arrested.

“Haha, it’s just magic. I’ll come back again.”

“I see. Sorry about that.”


We’ll have to come back another time.

I gave Crazy Bear a sermon in a place a little away.

“Crazy Bear, if we stay too long, Luca will be in trouble.”

“Sorry, I forgot about it, partner. Oh! Finally, the stalker showed its tail.”

When I turned around in the direction Crazy Bear indicated, I made eye contact with an unfamiliar nee-san. It seemed like stalking, and I froze with an excessive reaction.

A bad bug?

“Aix, Aix”

When Luca pointed in the direction, I saw another nee-san and made eye contact. She seemed flustered that she had been found.

The two nee-sans nodded at each other and approached.

I don’t know them.

Luca was cautious and hid behind my back.

“Excuse me. We called out because the master has something to discuss. May you follow us? We won’t do anything bad, so don’t worry.”

Luca and I exchanged glances.

There was no answer, but it was like saying, “Leave it to me.” Curiosity won over caution.

“Just a little bit then.”

“Thank you. You can expect a reward.”

What would they demand from us?

My body?

The place we followed them to was a moored airship. Oh my, it seemed like a wealthy person or someone important. I thought of acquaintances, but none of them fit the bill.

“An airship again. So who have you captivated this time, Partner?”

“I don’t know, and I want to ask.”


With sulking Luca in tow, I nervously stepped into the non-everyday space inside the airship.

In the room we were led to, there was a luxurious chair with a young girl seated in it. We were greeted by a brown-skinned female hostess in gothic lolita clothing.

“Thank you for coming. I am Queen Amine of the neighboring country, Iron. I am of the dwarf race.”

“I’m Aix. Luca over here is extremely shy, and the talking stuffed bear is Kuma-kichi.”

“Call me Crazy Bear.”

I didn’t even remember his real name.

(TLN: After the incident in the early chapters, more precisely after Crazy Bear kicked out the receptionist lady, Aix has been calling Crazy Bear as Lucky Bear (kuma-kichi) until now.)

Moreover, a neighboring country.

The earth fairy woman had an age that couldn’t be discerned. There were even people of indeterminate gender, so there was an abundance of diversity.

“I see. In that case, I’ll have my subordinates stand down. How about this?”

“Thank you for your consideration. So, what do you need us for?”

Lolibaba opened her mouth, embarrassed and shy.

“Actually, yesterday, when we happened to pass each other, I saw you and fell in love at first sight! You even appeared in my dream last night.”

“What the heck…”

It was natural that I didn’t understand.

Looks like the legend of being popular is beginning.

As I struggled to sort out my feelings, the dwarf woman, Lolibaba, passionately spoke to me. “By the way, how did you get that new piece? As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of Cradle just like you. Can you tell me how to get my hands on that bag?”


Following Lolibaba’s fiery gaze, I saw that it wasn’t me but Luca’s bag that caught her attention. Hohoh.

I seem to remember that the name of the fashion brand that Luka started up was 《Crazy Doll》.

“…Wait, you called us over because you were interested in Luca’s bag?”

If that were the case, then it was embarrassing.

“Well, yes. Didn’t my subordinate tell you about me? I’ll buy it for whatever price you want. I want to get my hands on that bag too.”

Gulp. The legend of being popular was over.


As I stared at Luca with cold eyes, she flustered.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist because Aix is popular.”

“That’s right, partner. Forgiving a woman’s mistakes with a laugh is how a mature man should act, fuga fuga.”

As I pulled the corners of his mouth to make Crazy Bear smile, Luca whispered a request to me.

“Listen, Aix. I purposefully left out the condition for introducing the top-grade product. Just giving money won’t work, and it’s also part of the customer’s education.”

“Huh? And I’m the one who has to explain that?”

Luca nodded with hopeful and trusting eyes. Alright, alright.

“What are you two whispering about?”

“Um, Amine-sama. Let me reintroduce you. This is Luca. She is the designer of Cradle brand.”

Amine trembled with excitement.

“What?! I’m such a big fan! Can you sign something for me? How can I order a custom piece? Ouch.”

“Touching is not allowed!”

The demonic hand of the approaching lolibaba was deflected by Crazy Bear, who leapt out and bounced away. I nervously watched Crazy Bear boldly taking action against the self-proclaimed queen. I cleared my throat and spoke like a butler. “Ahem, Luca believes in the importance of clients’ dignity, not just their money.”

Amine looked at me imploringly as I refused her. “Oh come on, it’s like a riddle. So, what kind of relationship do you have?”

“Me?” I asked, confused as she suddenly turned the conversation towards me.

“Ahh, just a friend perhaps? Or an interpreter? Or maybe a butler? A big brother-type of figure?” I was at a loss for words when the lolibaba eagerly took the bait.

“Wait, let me guess. It’s not all of them. Judging by your reaction…”

“Huh, what is it then?” I asked, trying to deflect her attention.

Amine, on the other hand, began to mutter an answer to an unsolvable quiz to herself. Then she looked up confidently and said, “You’re her boyfriend!”

“Huh…No, it’s not,” I denied, but before I could say more, Luca grabbed my clothes and pulled me closer to her. She looked excited and seemed to want to tell me something.

“Aix, this loli passed the test. I can make something for her.”

I wondered what kind of education the clients were receiving, and yet I replied, “The test was a success. It seems she can create something special for you.”

The queen of the neighboring kingdom who passed Lucas’s incomprehensible review, Amine, exploded with joy and bounced around.

“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

“I… Don’t Want to Work Anymore” I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won’t Do It. I Will Never Work Again.

"I… Don't Want to Work Anymore" I Quit Being an Adventurer. Even if You Treat Me Better Now, I Won't Do It. I Will NEVER Work Again., "Mou.... Hatarakitakunaindesu" Boukensha Nanka Yamete yaru. Imasara, Taiguu wo Kaerukara to Onegai sarete mo Okotowaridesu. Boku wa Zettai Hatarakimasen., もう‥‥働きたくないんです』冒険者なんか辞めてやる。今更、待遇を変えるからとお願いされてもお断りです。僕はぜーったい働きません
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Aix is a 19-year-old E-Rank adventurer. He is a “prodigy” mage that solely specializes in ‘Effect Duration Extension’. He has spent the last five years working like a s*ave around the clock throughout the week. When he finally collapses from exhaustion and wakes up on his doorstep, he finally comes to terms with himself. “I’m going to quit this job!” After quitting his job as an adventurer, Aix announced that he would no longer work. The people who had been enjoying the benefits of the unusually long duration novice magic cause of Aix, panicked when they realized that there was no one to replace him, but it was too late. He smiled and refused all the threats and attempts to coerce him. “I will NEVER work again!” The new life of a novice mage who has been told he won’t work begins now!


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