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Chapter 63

===063 Wilderness===

Su Hao wasn’t joking, he was serious. He planned to graduate early. Since he had already learned the basics and advanced to a master, he didn’t need to spend another year playing academy games with other teenagers.

His most important task now was to unravel the mysteries of the animal patterns, putting aside everything else. But the animal patterns he currently possessed were too few to support his research.

To obtain a large number of animal patterns, he needed a massive amount of funds, and even with funds, it was not certain that he could buy them. Animal patterns were something of value but not available on the market. No one would easily sell them.

Therefore, he planned to personally enter the wilderness, hunt down fierce beasts, and obtain animal patterns.

This was the result of his careful consideration. The wilderness had endless research resources; whatever he wanted, he could find there. Why always focus on the animal patterns controlled by humans?

It was possible that in the end, he would be opposed to the entire Lingyun Town, which would not be worth it. And just killed Jin Datong, it’s better to keep a low profile for a while.

But being in Lingyun Town, he doesn’t know if he can keep a low profile. When he encounters trouble, he’s used to resolving it all at once. If one day he accidentally exposes his strength as a martial arts master, who knows if anyone will associate him with killing Jin Datong?

So, being able to achieve his goal of collecting beast patterns while avoiding risks is a good choice.

As for worries about powerful wild beasts in the wilderness?

His ‘radar’ is not just for show, it can detect powerful wild beasts in advance and avoid them. It can also be used to search for targets and hunt suitable wild beasts.

So, the ‘perception’ rune is truly a divine technique for him.

Su Hao went directly to find Old Liu and said, “Teacher Liu, I am here to apply for early graduation.”

Old Liu was surprised and said, “Early graduation? Why do you want to graduate early? Although you are already a high-level elite martial artist, at the second level, there is a course on fighting against ferocious beasts that can improve your combat ability. It’s still useful.”

Su Hao didn’t want to mention that he was already a grandmaster, but he also didn’t want to deceive Old Liu, so he said, “The second-level course has limited help for me. I don’t want to waste time. I feel like there are more important things for me to do.”

Old Liu rubbed his bald head and pondered for a moment, then said, “Alright! I agree to your graduation, but remember, you will always be a student of Lingyun Martial Arts Academy. Keep the academy badge safe.”

After thinking for a moment, he added, “If you have any questions, you can come and find me anytime. I will tell you everything I can.”

Su Hao nodded with a smile and said, “Thank you, Teacher Liu. I will definitely do that.”

Old Liu said, “Three years later, your class will have a graduation ceremony. You should come back and participate. I will make you an identity badge by then.”

After bidding farewell to Old Liu, Su Hao found Fatty and He Qingqing.

“Fatty, I’ll be leaving for a while. During this time, you must take care of Qingqing, understood?” Su Hao said to Fatty seriously.

Fatty immediately stood up straight and said loudly, “Don’t worry, Brother Wu, I know. Anyone who dares to bully us, I’ll fight back with thunderous means. And besides, now I have a lot of sworn brothers in the academy, who would dare to disrespect me? How could anyone dare to bully me?”

Su Hao nodded. Fatty was talented and knew how to make use of the influence of ‘Xiangwu’, creating his own presence.

He Qingqing was puzzled and asked, “Where are you going, Xiangwu?”

As soon as she heard that Su Hao was temporarily leaving the academy, a sense of insecurity emerged from the depths of her heart.

Su Hao replied, “Just going around, no specific purpose.”

He Qingqing asked again, “How long will you be gone?”

Su Hao shook his head and said, “I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone. Qingqing, don’t worry, Fatty will protect you.” Fatty immediately patted his chest with a thud.

Regardless, everyone needs to grow, and everyone needs to face their own lives. Su Hao cannot protect them forever.

People from different worlds will eventually drift apart as they walk.

Su Hao sighed. He genuinely hopes that this girl, who he has watched grow up, and Fatty, can find their true partners in the future.

After packing his everyday items, Su Hao went directly to the market to buy some daily necessities.

The most important items were various knives and tools – pliers, tweezers, burners, bottles and cans of various sizes, special liquids, desiccants, etc.

After making all the necessary preparations, he left the city, chose a direction, and drove while using a 1,000-meter detection radar.

Wherever he goes, Little Light will record the positions at all times, so there is no need to worry about getting lost.

The 1,000-meter detection range was determined by Su Hao after careful calculation to be the most cost-effective range. A 1,000-meter detection range is already quite far, and it is sufficient for him to react to any situation.

Moreover, the 1,000-meter detection radar puts very little strain on his blood qi, so he can keep it on at all times.

When Su Hao was still near Lingyun Town, he would occasionally come across people, but he would avoid them while using the radar.

After two days of travel, Su Hao rarely encountered other people, mostly just encountering wild beasts.

Suddenly, Su Hao stopped in his tracks and looked into the distance. At the edge of his radar’s perception, he sensed a special blood qi. It had a tendency towards violence and chaos, but its intensity was not high, only at the level of an intermediate elite.

“Could it be a ferocious beast?” This piqued Su Hao’s curiosity.

He approached slowly, hiding behind a tree trunk and looking towards the location of the blood qi.

It was a large centipede.

About 13 meters long, with a body as thick as a bucket, its red and black shell reflected a peculiar luster. At this moment, the huge pincers at the head of the centipede were firmly gripping a black-haired wild boar, and the densely packed insect legs beneath its body were coiling around the prey. The black-haired wild boar quickly stopped moving.

This scene made Su Hao’s scalp tingle.

He was very hesitant about whether or not to draw his sword against this thing.

After killing it, he would still have to dissect it to find the beast pattern…

Just thinking about it was uncomfortable.

“Forget it, forget it. Opening it is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if it looks ugly. As long as there is a beast pattern.” A huge package fell behind Su Hao, and he drew his long sword, instantly appearing beside the centipede, beheading it with a single strike.

The centipede’s head rolled off, but its pincers were still tightly biting the black boar.

Su Hao had learned from books that centipedes could grow to become Grandmaster level, and the one in front of him was still in its undeveloped juvenile stage. However, the books did not mention where the beast pattern of the centipede was.

There was no choice. Su Hao endured his nausea and used tools to pry open the centipede’s shell piece by piece. Finally, in the fifth segment of its shell, he discovered a complex and beautiful pattern.

This was the beast pattern.

“What the f*ck is this?”

In addition to the pattern, Su Hao also saw a long, thin golden thread wriggling in the flesh.

Could this be a parasite?He quickly recorded the patterns inside the pinball space and hastily left.

It was challenging for his senses.

The foul smell was unbearable, and if he couldn’t find the beast pattern, he planned to give up.

With just a glance, he knew that the pattern was not a complete beast pattern, so it was basically useless, and its attributes were unknown. He could only record it straightforwardly and in the future, after killing more centipede insects, he would be able to determine what a complete beast pattern looked like by comparison.

After another five days, Su Hao encountered more fierce beasts, all of them being elite level. None of them could escape from Su Hao’s clutches, as he dissected their bodies and recorded the beast patterns.

Su Hao’s attitude towards these fierce beasts was the same as any human in this world: blood feud, a death feud where it’s either you or me.

Putting aside the fact that his birth mother was killed protecting him from the sudden attack of a fierce beast at the Chashan Outpost, from the standpoint of being a human, he had the responsibility of exterminating any fierce beast he encountered.

Fierce beasts were the greatest enemy of humans in this world. Only by completely exterminating fierce beasts could humans truly become the protagonists of this world. Otherwise, human cities were at constant risk of destruction.

Su Hao walked further and gradually delved deeper into the wilderness.

Powerful master-level fierce beasts would occasionally appear, while there were countless elite fierce beasts. Just by walking a short distance, his radar would detect several of them.

Half a month later.

Su Hao found a cave, killed a ghost-pattern giant spider that had taken refuge inside, cleaned it up, and claimed it for himself.

“Next, using this as a base, I will start collecting beast patterns in large quantities.”


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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