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Chapter 62

Ivan may not discriminate people based on occupation, gender, age, or race when building friendships, but he isn’t close to magicians. There are rational reasons for this. Magicians generally have inherent personality flaws.

“That’s… Are serious about that?”

“It’s true.”

Ivan calmly explained the facts to Oswald, who looked at him in bewilderment.

“Magicians typically confine themselves to their chambers, spending time manipulating magic or reading books.”

“Is that so?”

“Compare that to other professions.”

A warrior needs a combination of real combat and training to become stronger.

A warrior hitting only dummies in a training ground won’t become stronger. There must be an opponent.

Finding a skilled sparring partner and sweating together naturally improves sociability. Warriors without this often end up with shattered heads.

Thieves need to understand the target’s hideout, hiding place, warehouse, or vault. Since this is insider information, thieves naturally build friendships or ‘persuade’ the target’s acquaintances to gather such information.

Being a thief is a job that only those with excellent sociability can do. In fact, despite being a vampire, Enrique has many friends.

There’s no need to mention bards. The art of music is a genre that only those born extroverts can dare to attempt. This is proven by the super-extrovert Mozart and Salieri, who envied such extroverts. (Salieri was also an incredibly extroverted individual.)

And one more decisive evidence.

“Almost all elves are magicians.”


“And almost all elves have congenital personality disorders.”


Successfully convincing Oswald with a perfect syllogism (All elves are crazy. All elves are magicians. Therefore, magicians are crazy.), Ivan nodded warmly at him.

Once again, Ivan doesn’t discriminate against people based on race and gender. He is a 21st-century modern individual.

So, this is merely a calm exposition of facts, not racial discrimination.

Unfortunately, all races in this primitive world inherently suffer from congenital personality disorders.

Dwarves invented averagism and despise everyone taller than themselves, demons who considered humans just slightly creative food materials, and elves.

When something strange happens in history, pointing the finger at elves as the culprits is usually correct.

Strange, isn’t it?

Further explanation is not cool. Ivan looked at Oswald.

Oswald, who gazed at Ivan with vacant eyes, sadly smiled.

He seemed to have realized that he was both a magician and an elf.

“Why are you saying this to me…?”

Oswald glanced around with a troubled look.

Many students passed by, casting glances at them. This place was the Department of Magic.

About half of the students in the Department of Magic were elves. In other words, this place had the densest concentration of elf-magicians in Frechenkaya.

Saying such things right in the middle of such a place.

My school life is ruined. Oswald chuckled humbly.

If it were Earth, he might have enlisted to neatly wash away the past, but in this unfortunate world, enlistment is at will, but discharge is not, so… Oswald had no choice.

“We need a magician.”

“Ah, so that’s why you were discussing the lack of character development in magicians and elves in front of the corridor of the main building of the Department of Magic for first-year students. It means you want to hire a magician!”

Ivan looked at Oswald with newfound eyes.

He’s good at summarizing. I didn’t need to explain it like this from the beginning.

“…I really consider it a great relief that Ivan hasn’t possessed a king or high-ranking noble.”

The country ruled by this man would undoubtedly become an empire armed with efficiency and pragmatism, perhaps a Lucky Nazi or Lucky Soviet.

Oswald sighed deeply and spoke.

“And if you needed a magician, you could have just told me separately. I can use magic too.”

“Magic Interpretation C, Classic Spell Analysis C-.”

“Oh, no! How can my grades be…??”

“You’re useless.”


Mind Sorcery is war magic. It’s incredibly useful in espionage activities, but its primary purpose is specialized for warfare.

Destruction spells, despite their loud appearance, have mediocre effects. Casting a fireball on the front lines might take down at most a dozen people.

That level of firepower can be replaced with firearms. If it’s just an efficiency gained from utilizing mana, it’s nothing more than a waste of resources.

On the other hand, Mind Sorcery can influence the minds of an entire platoon with that level of mana. It can dispel fear, boost courage, and instill a terrifying hatred for the enemy.

In general, the tide of war depends on the morale of the soldiers. A frontline with a magician proficient in Mind Sorcery could perform overwhelmingly better in prolonged combat compared to a frontline without.

In those times, the frontline’s purpose was ‘to endure,’ making this effect extremely powerful. It was the sole victory goal of the war until the adventuring party decapitated the enemy command.


Mind Sorcery is war magic. And what Ivan needed was a traditional magician proficient in ‘Ancient Magic Interpretation’ and ‘Protective Spells.’

“So, you’re looking for a magician who is not an elf, proficient in protective spells, skilled in ancient magic interpretation, and good at keeping secrets?”


“Finding a dragon or a unicorn might be quicker.”

“It seems difficult after all.”

“It’s not difficult; it’s impossible! If you give up on the elf and the secrecy part, there might be a way…”

Oswald scanned the surroundings with a puzzled look and whispered, lowering his voice.

“I heard that Mr. Ivan is close with an adventuring party, right?”


“Well, there’s one. A magician who scored A+ in all theoretical subjects, including Ancient Magic Interpretation and non-major magic like Protective Spells. She’s an elf, but since she’s a friend of Mr. Ivan, keeping secrets should be possible too.”

Among the children of the adventuring party, there is only one magician.


“Yes, Elpheira Grykencos. She’s kind and quiet.”

A genius who inherited her father’s magical talent. She recorded the highest score in history on the entrance exam to Jansc University…


He also knew about her.

Twelve years ago, just before the adventuring party set out.

He had seen her for only three days.

At that time, she was a very elf-like little guy.


“What’s this smell? Human, did you forget how to bathe? Where’s your master? I’ll teach him how to wash a pet personally.”


Ivan turned his head, hearing the tiny kid squeaking like a doll.

A child, small enough to barely reach his chest, was visible. Pointed ears protruded distinctively between the shining golden hair.

Ah, an elf indeed. One of the members of the adventuring party, as expected.

But… I heard that Veolgrin Grykencos is over 400 years old. Can someone look this young?

Long-lived races are truly remarkable.

Ivan quickly organized his thoughts and nodded.

“Are you Grykencos?”

“Huh? Yeah, that’s right! I’m Grykencos! Recognizing me, a clever human despite my appearance!”

The kid proudly declared, chest puffed out. The sensed magical power was nothing special, but is this the charm of a veteran in counterintelligence?

Ivan was amazed.

The oldest person he knew was Enrique. Even she couldn’t maintain such a young appearance.

In this world, there might not be such a concept, but Ivan, who had evenly recited 5,700 characters in martial arts novels, was familiar with words like ‘immortal,’ ‘reincarnation,’ and ‘reverse aging.’

(TN: Ivan initially believed the girl to be a member of the Hero party, Veolgrin, but, of course, she is his daughter.)

Encountering a character from such a novel in reality, Ivan couldn’t help but feel wonder.

“So, human, where is your master? I’m quite hungry. Humans seem to not know how to treat guests, so I must find your elf master.”

“What… Was there no provision for meals at the military camp? I need to have a conversation with the quartermaster…”

“No, not that kind of food. I mean ‘food,’ not fodder.”


In Ivan’s mind, the image of elves started to warp slightly.

“Grykencos, I apologize, but this is the front line. What was provided to your party were high-quality items beyond what soldiers could even dream of.”

“Human language is mysterious. The word ‘high-quality’ means ‘made by elves.’ Which of the rations I received today was an elven meal?”

Now, the elves in his mind were no longer mysterious long-lived beings or fairies.

If a mage had lived for over 400 years, well, he could understand that their personalities might be a bit eccentric. Ivan had to manage his expression carefully.

Surely not all elves are like these lunatics.

Ivan’s complacent thoughts were shattered by the appearance of a man who showed up next.

“Elpheira. What’s with that habit of yours?”


As a tall young man walked over, the little one who had just been chattering ran happily into his arms.

The young man smiled warmly and tousled the little one’s hair.

“Food, huh? That was the best feast humans can offer. Unfortunately, humans call such things a ‘feast’ and enjoy them. Calling it ‘food’ is a great disrespect.”

“Father, but it wasn’t something edible!”

“Elpheira. Humans feel deeply disappointed when their authentic offering is rejected. Haven’t I told you countless times how important it is to take care of the lower races?”

“Yes, Father…”

It was the most surprising scene Ivan had ever witnessed in all his education about families.

Ivan could only stare blankly at the two elven women.

“Oh, human. My daughter was rude. I apologize.”

He extended his hand with a kind smile. Was he offering a handshake? The hand position seemed a bit strange for that. The back of his hand was raised and spread out as if to…

“I am Veolgrin Grykencos, Acting Director of the Covert Operations of the Kalion Military Academy. According to human etiquette, when meeting nobility, you align your lips with the back of the hand, right? Hoho, it’s a primitive but cute tradition. I willingly permit it.”

These kids, or rather, isn’t it better to exterminate them for the sake of world peace and the future?

Ivan stared coldly at Veolgrin, deciding to seriously bring this matter to the attention of the Grand King.

That was 12 years ago.

Ivan’s 18th year in possession, 8th year of military service. It was a memory from the time when he had just joined the Royal Guard.

The first impression of the elves was terrible. Considering that it hadn’t improved since then, it seemed that elves were originally such beings.


Awakening from his thoughts, Ivan looked at the elf in front of him.

The elven woman, who quietly placed her hand on her chest and gracefully bowed her head, looked like a literal painting.

After hearing Oswald’s explanation, she shyly smiled and introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Elpheira Grykencos.”

Ivan was perplexed.


30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

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I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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