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Chapter 57

It goes without saying that Ivan is a reasonable man. In other words, he’s not a mindless, bombastic person who throws axes just because ranged projection magic is questionable.

It was a shame because Ivan could have brought the axe down on Aleksander’s head five more times before he took a single breath.

“…Is my answer to a necessary question?” (Ivan)

So, Ivan chose to continue the conversation.

Maybe it would fit into that lunatic’s rhythm. He might willingly spill where he is and what he’s doing right now.

No, that possibility is unlikely.

At least, for Ivan… as an agent of Elizaveta, he had the duty to remember this conversation, report it, and carry on.


Yes, only that. Let’s think only about that.

Anger later, mourning for the departed ones later.

After paying respects at the grave in the surveillance headquarters for the Crown Prince.

So, let’s think only about duty for now.

Ivan released his grip on the axe and awaited the Crown Prince’s words.

“Was the question strange? Haven’t you met the Hero yourself?” (Alexander)

“Why him?” (Ivan)

“Was the Hero… human?” (Alexander (

“More than anyone else.” (Ivan)

Ivan replied dryly with cold eyes.

In response, Alexander laughed brightly at his words.

“Yes, that’s right. More humane than anyone else. He was undeniably human. In a dark world, amid a brutal war, he appeared, saved humanity just before the genocide, and then departed.” (Alexander)

It was a beacon shining in the darkest night.

Ivan, who had watched the hero closely, knew. The hero had no religious beliefs.

However, the hero clearly knew how to use divine spells. Both magic and swordsmanship. Masterful in both.

He was like the embodiment of all possibilities that humans possessed. Even his character.

“His presence felt like the tangible manifestation of divinity. Who dares say otherwise? The Lord, in His love for us, bestowed His son upon us in the rough and dark night.” (Alexander)

Ivan came from a world without gods, or at least a world where gods remained silent. Therefore, he was highly skeptical of the existence of gods.

But not in this world. Here, the gods existed, revealing their presence as miracles to their devotees.

From that perspective, the existence of the hero alone was like a miracle. A creation brought forth directly to save the world on the brink of apocalypse.

While his soul belonged to the same Earth, his magnificent physique and talents could be seen as blessings from the gods.

Therefore, all humans in this world willingly praised the hero. The Lord, in His love for us, sent His representative.

Undeniably, Ivan felt something bittersweet about it.

“The hero referred to himself as nothing more than a representative who stepped forward on behalf of all, saying, ‘Anyone could be me, I am merely a representative for everyone.’” (Alexander)

Contrary to public praise, he wanted to remain wholly an ‘individual.’

“As the elders of the church say, if we are created in the image of the heavens, and if the heavens love us, answer me this. Why has our world fallen into such corruption? Why must we live a life of greed, envy, strife, and plunder?” (Alexander)

When looked at without the label of the human species, the attitude and cycle of life are no different from beasts.

On Earth, the question has long been settled. Although Ivan, despite not having any particular religious beliefs or graduating from theological studies on Earth, found it easy to answer.

However, in this world, let’s reconsider the fact that a personality deity directly reveals its existence.

Ivan didn’t answer Alexander’s question. In truth, Alexander hadn’t asked expecting an answer.

“Did a world without gods still have religions?” (Alexander)

“…!” (Ivan)

“There probably was. The essential element of religion is not a god but a human. The object of faith is not important. The existence of humans willingly following divine orders is the foundation of religion.” (Alexander)

He knew about it as well.

He even knew about the possession aspect.

But that… that.

As Ivan furrowed his eyebrows, Alexander smirked.

“So, this is what I think. Because it is true that the heavens love humans, the reason humans are not virtuous is that our ‘heavenly being’ is not virtuous. I delved into ancient documents, searching through prohibited records that the church designated… so-called ‘sacred’ ancient records. Ivan Petrovich.” (Alexander)

“So, did you get upset that your god wasn’t actually virtuous?” (Ivan)

“Haha, no. I envied you. All of you! How beautiful would the religion of a world without gods be? How pure would the faith created by those who have not directly encountered the existence of gods be! In a world where such faith becomes commonplace, how beautiful is the fact that humans perform good deeds. Isn’t it evidence that human nature is virtuous?” (Alexander)

“…Makes me want to show you our world.” (Ivan)

If possible, he’d like to drop him in the Middle East.

Ivan could too easily conjure scenes of Islamist extremists committing suicide bombings and Jewish fundamentalists launching rockets at civilians.

A trivial intellectual contemplation that didn’t warrant discussion in the first place. A concern at the level of adolescence, shocking only to those children who spent their lives safely in the imperial palace.

Ivan shook his head. Just my subordinates, of all things.

“The ‘heavens’ the old dogs in the church talk about supposedly symbolize ‘light.’ The heavens bring light to humans, driving away darkness. So, what is darkness? Why does the great heavens have to live locked in darkness for half a day?” (Alexander)

That’s a natural phenomenon due to the planet’s rotation, kiddo.

Ivan didn’t bother to say it. He waited.

Expecting the typical self-absorbed villain to make a mistake about his identity and position.

“If there’s sanctity in light, isn’t it self-evident that there’s also sanctity in the night? What if the demons in the Bible were allies of certain beings in the past? And… you. If there was a connection with the ‘summoned ones’?” (Alexander)

“What…?” (Ivan)

“We don’t know the name of the heavens. The sole existence doesn’t need a personal pronoun. But what if, at some point, there was a being also referred to by a name as a god? If there were giants with divinity walking the earth. If we, after the struggles of that era, called the victorious one ‘heavens’ and forgot the ancient myths, religions, and legends.” (Alexander)

– Qualified to turn the last page of truth, qualified to gaze upon the claws on this game board.

Veolgrin’s words came to his mind. The gods on the game board… giants of ancient religions…? This.

“It was a cardinal…!”

Ivan sighed.

“If the summoned ones, those associated with the possessors from the past, are related to the incarnates.” (Alexander)

Ah, isn’t it obvious? This damn speculation.

The cause of possession would likely be ancient malevolent spirits or something like that. After all, who other than a god could transcend worlds and do such things?

Even the saint had mentioned it. Incarnates could easily be found in the church’s ancient records.

Ivan shook his complicated thoughts.

Now he finally knew the cause. The damn cause of these 30 years… someone went back, someone disappeared, someone died. Enrique had said something like that.

So, it meant that those who had turned the last page of the story could return.

Ivan didn’t know his own story, but still, he felt relieved. He could go back. That was enough.

“Enough.” (Ivan)

“…What?” (Alexander)

“I understand.” (Ivan)

Ivan raised the axe, looking at Alexander.

A long-range ethereal projection couldn’t be directly attacked. However, attacking the mechanism generating the magic was possible.

Given that interaction with the ethereal was possible, this spell was dangerous. After completely nullifying the spell, they would need to attempt analysis.

Entering the Counterintelligence Headquarters posed a risk of leaking classified information, so caution was essential.

“Typical. Seeking wisdom from ancient malevolent spirits, proclaiming to have realized the truth of the world, establishing an evil organization, and scheming from behind… I’ve seen enough.” (Ivan)

“Hey, I…” (Alexander)

“I told you to stop.” (Ivan)

Ivan, being a rational person, had neither the inclination nor the time for further nonsense.

Having heard all the verbose talk, he had obtained the necessary information, and the judgment that it seemed impossible to determine this guy’s location in the unfolding of the episode was already concluded.

Perhaps this ‘hidden room Easter egg’ was not a character variation episode where the protagonist accidentally finds it and turns corrupt. It might be some kind of character variation episode where the protagonist corrupts after finding it.

We can’t know who the idiot is that hears such a story and turns corrupt, but well, in this uncivilized pre-modern world, there are plenty of troublemakers like that. So, this Crown Prince probably formed an ‘organization.’

Reinforcing the protagonist character through the theme of corruption is a very common episode. Venom isn’t popular for nothing. Painting something black makes it cool; that’s the truth of the world.

However, Ivan is not a middle schooler going through puberty. He doesn’t find charm in things that are dark and twisted. What he finds charming is a quiet office, a soft sofa, and kimchi stew.

“I have only one thing to say to you.” (Ivan)

“…What is it?” (Alexander)

“Stay alive, don’t die.” (Ivan)

Ivan growled at Alexander, staring at him straight.

“Stay alive until I come to find you.” (Ivan)

“Ivan Petrovich. You’re just a puppet. The claws above the game board…!” (Alexander)


Ivan crushed the small magical device emitting projection magic and brushed his hand.

A predictable story to the end.

Ivan placed the axe in his belt and turned away, leaving.



-Just kill me!! Aaargh!!

-Grrrr… Gulp….

“Wow… What in the world… Um. What in the world is happening…?” (Ecdysis)

Ecdysis looked at Isabelle and Oscar while swallowing saliva.

They were pale, tensed to the extreme.

Screams, screams, and more screams echoed throughout the building, accompanied by the deafening noise of things breaking and shattering.

And soon.

-Thud, thud.

The sound of heavy footsteps.

“Gul… Gasp….”

Except for the sound of swallowing dry saliva, the three couldn’t make any noise.

They stared at the door with eyes full of tension.

After a moment, footsteps were heard again. Approaching the door, they gripped the doorknob.


The locked doorknob made a few turns.


The axe blade split the door.

A long silhouette extended between the dimly lit, dark interior.

A horrific scent of blood wafted through the air.


“Stay still.”

The shadow approached Ecdysis. Eek, Ecdysis huddled, wrapping herself up.

However, Creak. With a short sound, her hands were soon free. The metal chain in the middle of her tied hands was broken.

“Can you stand?” (Ivan)

“Yes, ye… no. My legs are, legs are loosened.” (Ecdysis)

“Wait.” (Ivan)

The man turned away. Soon, Creak, Creak. With the sound of metal splitting, the two were also freed from the chains.

Isabelle’s excited voice echoed in Ecdysis’s tense ears.

“Ah, uncle, right?! Oh my goodness! Uncle! You came to rescue us!” (Isabelle)

“Uh.” (Ivan)

“How did you know I was here… Oh, did you, were you watching me?” (Isabelle)

Isabelle’s ‘uncle.’ In other words, he was a stalker!

Ecdysis looked at Isabelle in astonishment. Would it be okay to ask a stalker if he was currently stalking?

Especially a stalker with an axe covered in blood…?

“No, I followed Mord.” (Ivan)

As soon as Ecdysis heard those words, she crumbled.

Ah, it was me. Right, I was also stalking.

The insatiable desire of this sinister mark made her fearful….

“Get up.” (Ivan)

“I can’t… No, I… Ugh, I’m okay….” (Ecdysis)

“It’s a waste of time.” (Ivan)

Ivan lifted the trembling Ecdysis onto his back without hesitation.

He walked back the way they came, silently carrying her.


Blood, flesh, pieces of dead bodies.

Half-broken outer walls, shattered windows, smashed and torn doors.

Such corridors continued. The corridor that was once white until they were dragged here was now so stained that finding a space untouched by red was difficult.

It was frightening.

Ecdysis trembled. The things this man could do, and the things he had done, were too terrifying.

“It’s okay.” (Ivan)

“Ah…!” (Ecdysis)

“It’s okay, Ecdysis. It’s over now.” (Ivan)


Ecdysis, who had tightly closed her eyes and trembled, cautiously opened her eyes as she felt a hand gently patting her back.

Short hair, exposed sturdy nape, broad back covered in muscles.

A calm voice continued, seamlessly.


-It’s okay, Ecdysis. It’s over now.

She had heard those words before.

This voice, come to think of it… I’ve heard it before?

Ecdysis, staring blankly at Ivan’s back for a while, closed her eyes tightly. She recalled the scene when he saved her earlier, contemplating the view in her mind.

Thinking about the recent encounter at the correctional facility, remembering his face as he covered his beard with his hand, and vaguely reflecting on the person from the distant past…

“Uhh… Uhh…? Un, Un, Uncle…?!!” (Ecdysis)

“Hmm?” (Ivan)

“Ivan… Uncle…???”

“Uh-huh.” (Ivan)

“Uh… Ah… Huh? Why…?”

Ecdysis, stumbling with a heavily overloaded mind, collapsed and fainted.

Ivan quietly nodded, supporting Ecdysis’s limp body.

Well, after being betrayed by the trusted Oscar and being confined all day, it’s natural to feel exhausted. When tension is released, one might faint. Ivan wasn’t surprised; he had seen many soldiers faint after the tension subsided.

“Hmm.” (Ivan)

He carried Ecdysis without saying a word, moving forward.

Since he runs an orphanage, Ivan has a lot of experience taking care of tired children and bringing them back.


“Why.” (Isabelle)

“What’s wrong, Miss Isabelle?” (Ecdysis)

“Why… I.. I was kidnapped first, and I found out first….” (Isabelle)

Isabelle, biting her nails, glared at Ivan, who was carrying Ecdysis for a long time.

The woman she thought was her friend suddenly, without warning, clung tightly to his nape, sharing friendly conversations. She even touched Ivan’s back, quite deliberately! She freed her legs, whispered sweet nothings in his ear…!!

“I was first. You imitated me.” (Isabelle)

“Um, Miss Isabelle. I find you a bit scary.” (Ecdysis)

“Traitor….” (Isabelle)

Squelch, blood oozed from the tip of Isabelle’s thumb.

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

프롤로그에서 30년이 흘렀다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before. I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it. I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely. But it turns out, it was an academy story?


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