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Chapter 55

===055 Report===

The next morning, Su Hao went to town to inquire about the news.

Sure enough, several people disappeared last night, their whereabouts unknown, but they were all near the Warrior Academy. Among the missing, one of them was a student who stayed at the school. It seems like they were poisoned when they went out.

People also talked about the smashed face on the campus, saying that it was the work of a “killer.”

This confirmed Su Hao’s suspicion that the missing individuals were definitely related to the attack yesterday.

With his speculation confirmed, Su Hao didn’t pay any attention to it for now and went to the library to look through some books.

In the evening, he started wandering outside the academy, with his radar set to the maximum, searching for another possible attacker.

After nearly a month of adaptation, his qi had been fully replenished, and his radar perception range had reached 400 meters, stabilizing without rapid increase.

With his qi running at full force, the radar’s perception range could reach over 1,500 meters. If it went beyond that range, the perception direction would become vague, greatly reducing its effectiveness.

Although setting the radar to the maximum would consume qi at a faster rate, with his abundant qi reserves, Su Hao could basically ignore such consumption.

Su Hao didn’t know if the attacker would strike again tonight, perhaps after last night’s setback, they would change their “hunting” location and not dare to come again.

So all he could do was give it a try.

However, looking at it from a different perspective, Su Hao believed that the academy or its surroundings were excellent “hunting grounds.”

The academy was quiet, and there weren’t many students, mostly young warriors around the age of twelve or thirteen with abundant physical energy. No matter the purpose of capturing people, these young warriors were excellent materials. Moreover, it was currently during the vacation period, without any teachers staying behind, only an elderly man who always stayed in one place, posing a low danger level.

Where else could be as good as this place?

Half an hour later, within Su Hao’s radar range, there appeared that strange qi feedback.

“It’s here!” Su Hao immediately set off, running towards the direction of the strange qi, carefully observing the surroundings.

Due to the killer’s presence, very few people would wander outside at night now; they were all hiding in fear.

Approaching quickly, Su Hao sensed another strange qi, similar to the feeling of the first one. He furrowed his brows.”Two? Maybe more than two! Did last night’s incident prompt them to send reinforcement?”

Su Hao cautiously approached within a hundred meters radius and hid in the darkness to observe.

He had no intention of immediately appearing and taking out the other party. It would be meaningless. He needed to figure out what the other party wanted to do.

Su Hao suspected that the other party was a runemaster, and he might be able to learn something from this runemaster. Of course, it would be in the form of studying after getting rid of the other party and seizing their belongings.

When it came to research and human experimentation, Su Hao couldn’t say whether it was right or wrong because it involved various ethical considerations. But he just couldn’t stand it. It went against his sense of justice. As long as his strength matched his sense of justice, he would carry it out. Anything that bothered him could be swept away from his sight.

Su Hao remembered the “Three Strictnesses, Four Diligences, and Five Don’ts” taught to him by his father, Wu Yuntian.

One of them was “Don’t argue without reason; Don’t speak too much.”

His understanding was very simple: there was no need to argue with people or say too much. If someone broke his principles and bottom line, he would take action. If he could defeat them, then his sense of justice was right. If he couldn’t, then his sense of justice was wrong.

Countless deaths in the past made him understand that no matter how correct his values were and how full of justice he was, when accidents happened, one had to die if it was meant to be. No one would understand his inner self, and nobody cared.

Su Hao saw the source of two peculiar blood auras, one from a young woman and the other from a bearded man. Both of them had blank expressions, lifeless eyes, and slightly opened mouths, as if they were unconscious and being manipulated. However, their actions were very agile and well-coordinated, completely reaching the level of an elite high-level warrior.

Moreover, the objectives of the two manipulated individuals were very clear: they were carefully lurking outside the academy and hunting down isolated students.

It turned out that, although there were rumors and panic in the city, there were still people fearless of death.

So, not long afterwards, one of the manipulated individuals carried a unconscious teenager and silently moved away from the academy.

Su Hao used radar and hung back at a distance of 200 meters.

Soon, he arrived at the eastern part of the small town.

Lingyun Town was built against the mountain, and this place was already on the outskirts of Lingyun Town, conveniently close to the connection between the city wall and the mountainside.

The terrain here was complicated, the location was remote, and few people lived here. Ordinary people wouldn’t come to this place at all.

It seemed that people who did malicious things liked these secluded places.

After arriving here, Su Hao sensed three more peculiar blood auras. Each of the three had a weaker blood aura reaction next to them, indicating that each manipulated individual had brought back a target.

In addition, the radar also sensed a powerful blood aura reaction.

“High-level Grandmaster!” The intensity of the blood aura was similar to that of the instructor in the academy, slightly weaker. The blood aura had a mysterious trait and could be confirmed to have originated from the same source as the blood aura on the manipulated individuals, but it was more condensed and powerful.

“It seems like I’ve found the target. This is a Grandmaster warrior, and the other identity is a runemaster.”

Next, Su Hao seemed a bit hesitant.

It wouldn’t work to just charge in like that. The other party was also a Grandmaster, not to be underestimated. Besides, he had never fought against a Grandmaster before, so he didn’t know what a real battle between Grandmasters would be like..

The key point is that the other party has another identity, that is, a runemaster, he is not sure whether the other party has other mysterious means.

“Should I report to the guard team?”

Su Hao began to analyze the pros and cons. If he were to rush in directly, he would certainly gain all the benefits, but the risk was too high. The journey in this world could end here.

If he reported, the safety would greatly increase, but he might not be able to get what he wanted.

“I need to calculate carefully.” Su Hao narrowed his eyes, watching the controlled people each carrying prey, moving a stone to reveal a dark hole, then entering one by one and sealing the entrance.

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao quietly stood up and surveyed the surroundings before quickly retreating.

“I should report! If I handle it well, I might be able to get what I want and maybe even save the kidnapped person.”

Su Hao quickly summarized three basic objectives: the most important first objective is to obtain information or materials from the other party, the second is to find an opportunity to test the opponent’s strength through confrontation, and the third is, if possible, to eliminate the opponent.

As for rescuing people, isn’t there still the guard team?

Su Hao quickly drafted an action plan.

First, he determined the location of the guard team headquarters, then wrote about ten notes that read “Shocking! A master-level killer appears in Lingyun Town, and has done such incredible things,” accompanied by a simple map and location description.

Then he wrapped each note with a small stone, found a hidden location, and threw them towards the guard team headquarters. After that, without looking back, he slipped away about five hundred meters and used the radar to monitor the guard team’s reaction.

At the guard team headquarters, an elite team member holding a paper-wrapped stone knocked on the door of the captain’s patrol post.

“Captain Luo, these notes were thrown in from the outside just now. The contents are the same. Take a look!”

Captain Luo was tall and sturdy, wearing shining armor and having a square face. He exuded a heroic and righteous aura.

He was a high-ranking member of the guard team, and his combat power was among the top of the guard team, second only to the chief captain who was at the marshal level. His position was captain of the second squadron of the guard team, reporting only to the chief captain.

Captain Luo took a piece of paper, unfolded it, and frowned after reading it.

At this moment, a cautious elite soldier asked, “Captain Luo, could it be someone playing a joke?”

Captain Luo glanced at the elite soldier, immediately took off his helmet, and walked out while saying, “Immediately gather the second platoon in the front hall.”

The elite soldier straightened his body immediately and said, “Yes, Captain.”

After saying that, he ran out directly.

Su Hao waited in the distance for a moment and noticed that over twenty people from the guard team headquarters began to gather, including 20 elite warriors and 5 master warriors. One of the master warriors had a vigorous and solid temperament far surpassing the “killer” who was hiding in the cave. Su Hao knew the plan had begun.

He immediately headed towards the eastern entrance of the city, but he didn’t walk too fast. Instead, he maintained a position five hundred meters in front of the guard team.

He planned to create a time difference!

My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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